Young Kid Gets His Father back – Sai Baba’s Great Leela

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About 15 – 20 days back, Sai sister Sasikala had forwarded me the following experience of little kid. Due to my exams I was not able to read it as soon as it was received. At leisure I sat to read it and it touched me deep within. Tears filled my eyes while reading. As usual I wished to share it with you all and instantly mailed Sai sister Sasikala to provide me necessary details to post on blog. She replied that she was not aware of the writer but found it on some unknown website of Sai Baba. Due to incomplete details I dropped idea of posting it.

But Baba’s wish was something different. Before few days, I received mail from Sai Sister Swetha and she also shared the same incident with me. This is what she wrote in her mail to me, “Hello Hetalji, Every time I read devotees experience in your site, I feel so much blessed and feel like I have climbed one step more out of millions of steps to reach Sai Baba’s Holy Feet. You are doing a great and wonderful job. May Baba shower His blessings on you always. Below is an devotee experience I came across in other website which touched my heart immensely and thus didn’t think twice to forward it to be published in your site. I had tears in my eyes on reading this experience.” This experience really has a magical effect on anyone who comes across it and thus even it is already available on any other source on internet, it is for sure that it has found place here on this blog too with Baba’s blessings and will!!! Jai Sai Ramji…Sai Ki Deewani — Hetal Patil


I feel so happy while I am posting this. A great leela by Sai Baba.

Few months back i met our family friend who were not in touch for a year or so. We all met and we invited them for lunch. While they came here i came to know that the girl whom i called Vicky didi was staying separately from her husband due to some issues. They have a cute four year old son who happens to be really quite & well mannered.

After hearing her i told her about Baba. She, though was not really interested in trying any other means, was quite prepared to file for a divorce. But i insisted her to expect a miracle. I was telling her about Baba’s sports. Like i enjoy talking about my Baba, His leelas i witnessed n so on. While i spoke her kid was listening attentively, though his mom wasnt.

It was past noon and i wanted to perform noon aarti as it was a Thursday. They stood along during the aarti and little kid saw me doing the whole process, like offering naivaidya (food), applying ashtagandha (sandalwood powder), diyas (lamps). Though quite shy for long he asked me significance of all of them, like “Chiku didi why diya, why incense, why food, will this statue eat…?” All kind of innocent questions. I answered them quite logically because i knew that the curiosity of the kid was really high. I also said him that the lamp will increase our faith and we will see the light of God in our hearts when we light a lamp. When this lamp in on, prayers are heard & God fulfills our wishes. Sai Baba also eats if we give Him food with love. He will surely eat and still plate shall seem to be full.

I also asked his mom to expect answers for her queries from Baba. The same week, Sunday she said that Baba mentioned in a tv serial that Children are God’ss messengers.

Now, look at this leela. I met them last sunday at a Sai temple! People who didnt believe in Baba were here!!! Next the kid was in his fathers arms!!!!!!! The girl saw us and started crying. She said that she planned to come to meet us after visiting the temple. My mom asked her about the twist in her story. She said that when they returned from our place the kid insisted on getting incense and lamps along with Baba’s small staute and every morning after bathing he lit them without anyone’s help and prayed, “Chiku didi ke Saibaba aap wish fulfill karte ho na. Meri wish hai ki papa ko le aao meaning Chiku didi’s Sai Baba, do You fulfill everyone’s wishes? My wish is to please bring my dad back”.

One day (which coincidentally was a Thursday), her husband came home and asked for his son. The son said “Mamma chahiye meaning I was mumma too” and while they all left, he said, “Chiku didi ke Saibaba ko bhi le chalo meaning please take Chiku didi’s Sai Baba with us”. Though for the father, Baba seemed a toy for his kid but the kid knew that its Sai who is doing all the handwork. When he reached his papa’s home the kid was given some maggi which he gladly accepted but very lovingly offered it to Baba first. Seeing his son, father was very impressed and now it was on his request that those people had come to Sai temple.

No wonder this was a leela. Innocence is what Sai Baba loves. But yes one thing is for sure now guess what…Saibaba chiku k hai (Saibaba is Chiku’s) JAI SAINATH

Om Sai Nathaya Namaha


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  1. Sai Ramji,

    Truely a heart touching incident. It is never known how Babaji arranges everything for us and we become mere on lookers. The young boy’s devotion really shook me and its an inspiration for grown ups to worship Babaji.

    Jai Sai Ramji
    Sai Lover
    Rana Gill

  2. OMG!!

    Such a cute incident

    cheeku di ke sai baba 😀

    May baba bless all 😀


  3. Very very innocent and heart touching incident it clearly reflects that Baba loves his children a lot and accept their prayers prayed with innocence

  4. jai sairam!! is the father back to his son permanently?? baba, he alone knows how to make us fly,still being on ground!! my throat is choked and tears welling up my eyes out of joy, not able to share this with my mother. jai sairam!

  5. Amazing Leela..Am really choked. Can't find words to describe my emotions… Fell in love with the kid's faith and devotion. And Sai Baba- thanks a lot for showing us how Bhakti and faith should be. Love you Baba, love you very much.

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