Shirdi Trip Arranged By Sai Baba Himself – Experience Of Sachin

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Shirdi Sai Baba Devotee Sachin from India says: Babaji is our Godfather. He looks after us all the time. Without even asking, He provide us with whatever we need. My personal bond with Babaji forced me to realize that Babaji is none other than my family member. Without Him my family is incomplete. Everything that happens in my life is driven towards Babaji finally. I know Babaji from last two years but He is taking care of me right from the time of my birth. He was with me always but I could not see Him. Babaji always gave me whatever I wanted and whatever was best for me. Sometimes I forced Babaji to provide me something and no need to mention that it was provided there and then. Such is the greatness of my Babaji. I still remember how my first ever trip to Shirdi was arranged by Babaji.

It was the time when I used to stay with my parents in Amritsar. I often used to visit nearby Sai temple. Once, one of my friend (also a Sai devotee) asked me if I could join them for Shirdi trip. They were three people. My heart always waited for that moment. But, at that time my parent’s financial condition was not good. I asked my parents but their reply was negative as I required Rs 2000 minimum for the trip and that was too much at that time to be asked from my parents. My parents told me that may be this is not the time when Babaji is calling you to Shirdi. Whenever He wishes you to meet Him, He will surely call you. So with a heavy heart I said “NO” to my friends. But inside I was crying like a baby. They were leaving after a week. Whenever I used to go to temple, they would talk about their arrangement for Shirdi trip. I just use to listen them quietly and watch Babaji’s idol with my heart crying every time, that Babaji why You are not calling me to Shirdi. You call everybody, why not me. As the journey day was approaching, my condition became more worsened. I used to cry in desperation. I asked my brother for money. But he told me that, he has just applied for the saving account in his job, which will take few days for activation and he will get the salary after 10 days or so. Everybody in his company who joined as fresher was getting the salary late. I became more depressed and now the last option of asking my brother was also closed. Finally, it was two days before the journey, I came home from the temple. There was nobody at home. I closed the door of my room and stood near Babaji’s calendar which I used to worship everyday. I started asking Babaji why He is not calling me to Shirdi. Slowly I started shouting with Babaji (May Babaji forgive me for that). I can still remember those words that I said “Aap muje kyu nahi bulate Baba, baki sab ko bulate ho. Yeh koi baat nahi hoti. Main Shirdi aana chahta hun, to aap aane kyu nahi dete muje. Aap to unko bhi apne pass bula lete ho jinhone Shirdi ya apka naam bhi kabi nahi suna. Fir muje kyu nahi bulate – meaning Baba, why dont You call me while so many others are going to Shirdi. This is not fair. Why are you not calling me to Shirdi even though I desperately want to come. You call even those people who dont know about You or Shirdi. Why are You not calling me.” I kept on saying this with desperation in my voice and tears in my eyes. This went on for around half an hour. I kept on shouting and crying simultaneously.

Then I went to the temple in the evening. Not going to Shirdi and not meeting Babaji was becoming unbearable. When I came back home, my brother also came after 10 minutes. The first words he said after entering home sent me to the highest level of joy. He said “Tu shirdi jana chahta hai na, le 2000 rupaye aur ja baba k pass.”(means you want to go to Shirdi, right? Take these Rs. 2000 and go to Babaji). There was no bounds to my thrill after hearing this. I jumped and hugged my brother. Miracle happened again!! My parents also were satisfied after all this as they were feeling bad for me before.

Finally,I booked my ticket and went to Shirdi to meet Babaji. Now there was a strange thing that happened, everybody in my brother’s company were getting their salary late. It was only my brother who got it in time, that too 10 days before his expectation. It was all by Babaji’s grace that when in the evening I was shouting and praying to him, my brother’s account was being credited by his salary. It was from this salary that I got Rs. 2000 for my trip and finally went to Shirdi. Great is my guru and great is His leela with which He keeps His devotees engaged in this divine bond. OM SAI RAM.

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Hetal Patil
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  1. Sairam,
    If we yearn for Baba all things are attained.Same way Sai brother Sachin has yearned and cried for having Baba’s dharshan. True Bhakthi is something is great and surrendering the ego, longing to have dharshan of Baba at Shirdi, Sachinji has cried. Baba has honoured that feeling.All Baba’s leela like a sparrow attached to strings… Sachinji has visited Shirdi……
    Mrs.Sasi Ravi

  2. Sai Ramji Kala di,

    Yes of course, Babaji honoured Sachinji’s feelings and in most cases this happens. I truely agree with his words that even Babaji calls those who are not familiar with Him.

    Always there is some magical effect when we plans for Shirdi trip are going on. Still, till end, I keep my fingers crossed as it is not known when it will get cancelled. In Sai Brother Sachinji’s case it was just opposite!!!

    My heart cried when I read that he wished to go but could not becuase of financial problems and even his parents denied. I can truely feel what feelings he must have gone through at that time. He had to keep quiet when his friends were discussing about the trip. I just kept myself in my position and my heart melted saying “No Babaji, dont do this to me”.

    At last Babaji showed His Leela and once again gave a proof that who so ever is called to Shirdi is sure to go even if there are thousand hurdles in the way. Moreover see how Babaji has changed his days!!! At that time it was hard to go just once and now Babaji has made such an arrangement that he can visit this Holy Land at anytime and “N” number of times. Sai brother Sachinji is really blessed child of Babaji.

    Looking forward for more heart throbbing experiences, Sachinji 🙂

    Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai

    Jai Sai Ramji
    Sai Ki Deewani
    Hetal Patil

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