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Shirdi Sai Baba Devotee Natasha from India says: Dear Hetalji, My name is Natasha and I have been believing in Baba since my early teens. I have often read Sai Satcharita and one day set out to see if there are any Babaji miracles that people have recently experienced. Thus from google, I landed on your blog which showed me that Baba is still very active even though He may not be physically present. After seeking solitude in all the experiences of the bhaktas, I have decided to share my own where Baba has unexpectedly bailed me out. These may be really small but Sai’s grandeaur can be felt. I will write more as they come to mind. Please post them if you see it fit. Thank you for this wonderful blog. It is always nice to read the graces of my Baba.

Experience Date: March 2000

I have been introduced to Baba in the year 1997 by my maternal grandfather. He used to visit Baba’s temple on every Thurday and had prayed that I should do well in my tenth std boards. By Baba’s blessing all went well and I began to enter His grace. In my first year degree, I was very naughty and got caught bunking by the principal. After this my reputation was that of someone who was not too interested in studying. Now comes the final exams. My course was split where the college gives the student marks out of 25 and the university has papers per subject on 75 marks that makes a total of 100 per subject. With my great reputation my teachers thought I am no good and actually awarded me marks below my aptitude. This upset me a little but the university papers were still to be written. One day while studying I looked at Baba’s picture and with all my heart say, “It is not fare. Now this will bring my average down unnecessarily and it is not true. My reputation was so bad now how to repair it” and I really felt depressed. Suddenly I hear this voice I do not know if it was from within me or outside and it said, “Do you want to come first or second” I laughed and said no chance! Then the same question was asked again. I said, “First…no no…second…I don not know you only decide” and left it at that and forgot about it.

I wrote my papers and after holidays went for the second year bachelors. When I entered on the first day after holidays, I saw all the girls looking at me and whispering. I felt some thing was odd and then my best buddy Kiran came and told me that I had come second by one mark in the entire college when the marks were added from school and university grading. At that point I felt frozen. I remembered the voice asking me what I wanted “First or second?” and I left it to Him. Then I realized that it was Baba and He actually responded to me. Things were never the same. He repaired my reputation in college and I really won the respect of my teachers and college mates. It may sound small to many but to me it was one instance when my Baba responded to my deepest desire.

Experience Date: August 2008

I live in the Boston area and when Autumn comes (Aug-Oct) there are lot of dry leaves to collect. My husband normally does this but he was on tour out of the country for five weeks. For those of you that do not know, people in US are really particular that the houses look nice on the street they live in. Given this, it became my task to collect the dry leaves and bag them to be thrown out for garbage. This task would have taken me very long to do myself may be two days – three days and I would have to bag the leaves by carrying them in my hands and putting them in brown paper bags. After much procrastination, I started the job on a Saturday afternoon. I worked relentlessly for one hour collected all the leaves and started bagging them. After that my back began to give way and I started grumbling in my mind. In that week, I had read the Satcharita chapter where Baba says, “When a Bhakta gives up his Ahamkara (pride) I come and serve Him in his house in numerous ways” I thought of this phrase and said to Baba with all my heart (and aching back), “here I have given up my ego, You say You will come and help me at home where are You now? I am left to bag this myself”. My tone was one with discontent and doubt. Suddenly a neighbour lady about 65 years or more came with a instrument and she had to collect leaves and bag them. She said, “Why do you take so much of trouble let me help you”. She helped me and in the next hour we were done with bagging the leaves and the work was finished. To tell you the truth, we were living in this house for a while and I am not so outgoing with the neighbors. No one really know me and hardly sees me since I used to travel all the work week and come back on the weekend. They know my husband but nobody volunteers to help around here.

What strikes me in this case is that the moment I finished my thought this lady came marching towards me with the leaf carrier and also helped me bag them. My husband was shocked when I told him this later that someone helped me since people have their own houses to take care of. My doubt on the words said by Baba was cleared. Baba stands by his word and clears the doubts when they arise.

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  1. Sai Ramji Natashaji,

    No complications yet so touching. Babaji is with you always and blessing you.

    Jai Sai Ramji,
    Sai Lover
    Rana Gill

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