Sai Baba Gives Darshan In Dream – Experience Of Satish

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Shirdi Sai Baba Devotee Satish from India says: Yesterday I had discussion with some of my friends about belief in God. This is not a new topic for us but to be true I did not have complete answer to it till the day when i was blessed with God himself with the divine incidence.

It was the time after I completed my training at Mysore in 2008 and was posted to Bangalore. During my training days only I came under the divine grace of Sai Baba. Baba made the impossible training possible for me. So after I got posting, I was very desperate and anxious to visit the holy land of Shirdi. But somehow the planning was not working out. One Friday, 18th July I had a long talk with my friend Sahil about going to Shirdi. He told me to wait for some time as his parents were coming to Bangalore. I reluctantly agreed as he was also very interested to go to Shirdi.

Same night when I was asleep I saw one temple (I can’t make out where this temple is in reality). It was very peaceful and soothing. The idol of Sai Baba was placed at the centre. With folded hand I was praying to Baba. I had a locket in my neck (although I never bear it). I was praying to Baba with folded hands. Suddenly a very feeble sound come to my ear. Somebody was saying ‘Why are you getting worried, I am always with you”. In dream only I asked if this is true. Then a sound came “Don’t you believe Me”. Suddenly a huge light emerged from the idol of Baba. The light got into right hand of mine and the left hand of other person who was praying besides me (I can’t recall the person since I could not see the face). I was totally astonished by the miracle of Baba. The light was so intense that my eyes got opened. Somehow I managed to sleep again.

Next morning I got up early and as usual I opened the door to collect the newspaper. That time also I was thinking of the dream but as soon as I saw the front page of the newspaper, I was taken aback. On the right side of the page, a column was there about the visit of Sai Baba to Bangalore to bless devotees by opening left eye on Guru Purnima. Even the picture of Sai Baba with His eye opened was there. The devotee couple “Babu and Lakhmi” had brought that idol from Shirdi a year ago. And on Friday their house had turned into a pilgrimage centre. Crowd was unmanageable there. I was totally unaware of the incidence and tears came into my eyes. Same night I was blessed by the Omnipresent Sai Baba. I was totally moved by the mercy and love of Baba for me and other devotees. Then one famous saying of Baba came to my mind “If you take a step towards Baba, Baba will take thousand steps for you”. Kahan mein baba ke darshan ko leke preshan tha aur baba ne khud aake darshan de diya – meaning I was desperate for glimpse of Baba and Lo He came Himself!!! Such is the kindness and greatness of Baba. Baba taught me the lesson of faith and patience.

Sai Baba is constantly and simultaneously proving that He is alive in spirit and responds to our sincere prayers. Always remember if Baba brings you to something, He will bring you through it. All those who sincerely take to a life of inner development, Sai Baba lifts him to a higher level. Every one derives benefit according to the ripeness of his soul and in accordance with his inner learning. Baba assured His devotees by His saying “I am at Shirdi and everywhere. Whatever you do, wherever you may be, ever bear this in mind, that I am always aware of everything”. Sai Baba does not belong to any single tradition but to all mankind on the path of goodness, love and understanding.

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