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Shirdi Sai Baba Devotee Chirag from Canada says: Sai Ram Hetal Ji, my name is Chirag and I live in Vancouver (Canada). I love your website and I am a regular visitor. I just love your website. I would like you to share my experiences here and fulfill my promise that I had given to Baba that I will share and post my experiences on your website. First of all I need to say sorry to Sai Baba for delaying in emailing you my recent experience. Please ask Baba to accept my sincere apology.

. A little bit about myself before I start my experience. I am quite new devotee that Baba decided to take me in His shelter and give place in His Charan. I had heard about Sai Baba a lot when I was young, had His picture in our mandir at home, but didn’t actually read anything about Him. I was just regularly praying to all Gods in my mandir.

The Way (Leela) Baba Called Me To Him

There are things that really took a bad turn in my life in October 2007 and I was totally devastated and broken. Then one night I had a dream in which Sai Baba is standing in front of me and telling me that, “Everything will be alright and not to worry”. In morning when I woke up all I remember is that Sai Baba came in my dream. I was very happy but that time I didn’t really understand the meaning. I tried to remember if He told me anything else but I just cannot remember till date. I was very much depressed and sad about things that were happening and were bad. Then once we all friends went out for dinner and this friend (who is a firm devotee of Baba) of mine called me and told me that he needed to tell me something. He told me that today in the morning while doing his pooja, he got a bliss kind of feeling and heard a voice that Baba is telling him to call Chirag and ask him to do My pooja. He said this happened with him twice. First he thought that, someone must be talking about me, but he had no one around him that time. I was really surprised to hear this from him. So then I also told him about my dream. Then he advised me to start doing Baba’s pooja and gave me Sai Vrat book and also Shri Sai Sat Charitra. Once I started doing Baba’s pooja, I started getting positive vibes in me about my problems and thought that Baba will get back what I want and set everything back to normal. I started the Sai 9 Thursday’s vrat in November 2007 and I completed them on 10th January 2008. Soon after I completed my vrat and also all during these months I continuously read Sai Sat Charitra too. I got a call for what I had asked for. I just could not believe myself. I felt so happy that at that time I could actually just go out on the streets dancing. And again during all this time, I start getting so much faith and patience in Baba that I just felt His presence everywhere I go, like He is there holding my hand and taking care of me.

Coming back to the call that I receive, it was from my ex-fiancée saying sorry and everything for whatever happened. Actually one fine day before October 2007 she told me that she did want to get married to me, want to leave India and come to Canada, and started fighting with me and blaming me for all the reasons. So I was totally shattered and just didn’t know what to do. I tried everything possible in my hand to save my relationship but it just wasn’t working out. But after her call in 2008, she cried and asked me if I could wait for her for a year or year and a half, she added that she will see if things work out again then we would get married. That time I was really happy and thought that to be fine. She realized her mistakes and wanted to come back to me, but then again things went on for a toss and I was like asking Baba what is going on. I kept all the patience and why You are doing this with me now. But I guess it was all for my well being and to save me from ruining my life with her. But somewhere in my heart for the whole year till Nov 2008, I had some sort of feeling that once I should go to India in December 08, things will patch up and everything will be fine. But she just didn’t listen to me. I used to cry like anything all the time. Be it work, in bus, home or anywhere. I kept doing my pooja and reading Sai Sat Charitra all the time, and by the grace of Baba, He taught me so much on life and humanity and charity and every possible thing that I needed to know from Him and for which I will always through out my life be thankful and grateful to Sai Baba. I can never repay His blessings, no matter how much ever I thank Baba all my life.

Also I had never been to Shirdi in my life and I was so desperately looking forward going to Shirdi whenever I plan for my trip to India. And I guess Baba was already making plans for me. I was really getting tensed about what will happen when I go to India, and will things work out or not. And all this time I always kept reading your website and miracles that Baba has been showering on everyone and it used to bring tears in my eyes all the time, thinking will Baba ever shower His miracles on me? I planned my trip to India and Dubai (my parents are in Dubai), so they called me and asked me if I could go for my birthday and celebrate with them in January 2009. This was again Baba’s way. I said I will come and started booking my tickets for India and Dubai.

Start of my Trip (Mumbai) & Miracles By Baba

I also asked Baba to show me and make me experience all the possible miracles and make this trip of mine a success and the best ever. Before starting my trip, since I was reading so many miracles on many websites, and since it was going to be my first ever trip to Shirdi, I told Baba that I don’t care who comes to the airport to receive me, but I want You (Baba) to come at the airport, be it in any form, picture on taxi or rickshaw, a photo frame somewhere in the airport, a beggar, any animal, I said Baba that I really want You to come to receive me. And when I reach the Mumbai airport and I was about to leave for outside gate after my baggage clearance, what I saw was just unbelievable. As I was walking towards the exit, there were shop windows on my right side (exchange, taxi, hotels etc.) and in one of the window, I just see Baba’s photo frame there to receive me, and that frame was not even inside that counter, but it is well outside the counter, as if Baba was very much waiting for me there!! I was just spell bound there itself and I just stood there looking at Him and just smiling away. This was my first miracle for me in my trip.

My Shirdi Experience

I planned to leave for Shirdi on a Wednesday afternoon bus from Mumbai and reach there the same night, because I wanted to be there on Thursday and be there till Friday evening and Baba helped me in doing this. Now before going to Shirdi there were so many small miracles that happened with me, that just kept bringing smile on my face and knowing for the fact that Baba is just there besides me and making all the arrangements for me.

Wednesday morning when I was about to leave for Shirdi, I just went to my balcony and there was another surprise for me by Baba. I see a truck passing by on which was written “Sai Darshan”. I was so very happy to see that. Then while leaving for the bus stop from where I had to board the bus was hardly like 3-4 kms from my house, I had bags in my hand and I could not walk with so much luggage too. And because of the short distance no rickshaw was ready to drop me. I asked like around 7-8 rickshaws and all said no, I was praying in my mind, Baba I don’t want to miss the bus at all. Then again Lo! A rickshaw came and I asked him if he would go and he said yes. When I sat in the rickshaw, I see Baba’s picture there. I was again so happy that He came right on time to pick up me and made the arrangement for me.

I reached Shirdi by 9 pm and I was looking for a suitable room where I could stay. It took me some time to figure out where to stay, and I wanted to be near the mandir itself so that I could be in time for the Aartis all the days. I stayed just behind Chavadi, so that was very comfortable for me, again by Baba’s grace. I was so tired that day due to journey and I didn’t even eat on my way, so I was hungry by that time. I asked a few people, by what time would everyone start going in the mandir for the morning aarti and they told me by 11pm. It was already 10pm , I thought that by the time I get fresh and eat it will be late. And I just didn’t want to miss the first aarti (Thursday’s Kakad Aarti)and wanted to be in the Samadhi mandir.

After finishing my dinner, I was walking towards the mandir and I saw an old man (Faqir), dressed just like Baba coming towards me and asking for dakshina. I did not remember how much I gave him, but after He got dakshina, He raised both His hands and blessed me and gave me a smile, again just like Baba. As I was excited and in hurry to go inside, I started walking and just turned back again to see Him but I just didn’t see that old man anywhere. After a while only I realized that it was definitely Baba and no one else, Who came and blessed me!! I am feeling every moment of it right now too as I am writing this mail. Words just cannot express the feeling here.

In queue I was very happy to be in the second row itself, so now I had like four hours till the door to open and I was very sleepy, so I took some rest on the bench there inside the hall. Went in at 4 am and I was just spell bound and so excited to be there inside and see my Baba finally. Experienced the aarti and went back to my room and took rest for a while and again got ready by 11.30 am to be there for the noon aarti.

I went inside and stood in the queue right in time and again by Baba’s grace I was present for His noon aarti. I just could not take my eyes off Him. Since it was Thursday, no one was allowed to touch Baba’s Samadhi or Padukas and I didn’t come to know of this till evening. I was upset about it because I really wanted to touch His Samadhi and Padukas.

I went outside Samadhi Mandir after His darshan and I had to shop many things from there. So I started my shopping after having my lunch and also I had decided to feed the poor people there. I had got a lady’s number and I called her and asked her to prepare khichadi and I told her to make four full big buckets of it. So in the evening I went to her and she told me to start feeding the poor. I was feeling so happy and satisfied by doing this. I also had taken many of my clothes that I don’t wear any more to give them to poor there. I started giving those clothes too and I felt happier, I guess words are just not enough to say. Later I asked that lady about not being able to touch Baba’s Samadhi and Padukas, so then she told me that as its Thursday they close both sides since it gets too crowded. So I requested her that I really want the best darshan of Baba without any pushing or anything. So she told me to come next day (Friday morning) and she will help me in getting the darshan. Then it was time for Baba’s procession to be started in sometime and people were starting to gather near Chavadi and Dwarkamai. As I came to know about this I just felt like being on the top of the world since I will actually be seeing Baba’s procession. Before that I again went to the Samadhi mandir, as it was just not enough for me to have His darshan. I stood in queue and got inside and there was one more miracle/experience by Baba for me!! The Pujari’s had just finished with the pooja that they do before the procession starts and Baba’s actual Padukas and Satka were there on His Samadhi. As soon as I reached near Samadhi, I had a few envelopes that my friends had given me to put at Baba’s feet. So I requested the pujari there if he could keep them there and he took them all and went to keep at Baba’s feet, since again there was so much of rush, I was being pushed by the security to move on. I moved and somehow I got a chance to get in the line again from between. So when I come back to front, that same pujari smiled at me and pointed at those letters that they are at Baba’s feet. I felt really happy. Then he called me and gave me the Coconut that was used by them for the procession pooja, smiled and said me that, “You are very lucky” and “Khush raho” and hands over that coconut in my hand. I just could not believe myself there. I thanked that pujari and Baba so many times. After coming outside, I was just on the top of the world, and I just kept smiling all the time. Baba did make all the arrangements for me. Then I witnessed Baba’s procession standing near Chavadi. It was so beautiful. Whatever I had read till now in His Sai Sat Charitra, I was actually seeing all that in real.

I was excited for Friday morning and so I was ready by 8 am and called that lady and she told me to meet her just opposite Chavadi. I got there and she called a phool wala (flower guy) to me and told me that he will take me in Samadhi mandir, Dwarkamai and also Chavadi. I start asked him if he wass sure he can get me the best darshan and all, so he told me that he was not doing anything here, its all Baba’s leela. Then he handed me over a gajre ka haar (garland of mogra flowers) and told me to go to Dwarkamai. There was long queue and I asked him how would I go, he just told me to go inside from the exit and he gave gesture to the security there. I went inside from there and he told me to go straight in where Baba’s picture was. I followed him and went inside and the pujari saw me and called me inside where no one is actually allowed. So he opened the lock and took me in and opened Baba’s picture frame and asked me to hang my haar (garland) with my own hands!! Can you believe that, and all the people there were just watching all this. Then that pujari took me still inside where Baba actually sat near that wall and asked me “Matha Teko”, I was just thrilled to experience this. Right now too while I am writing this, I am just feeling everything all over again. (I am having goose bumps right now.) Then I moved and took darshan of Baba’s portrait which is outside and then moved out of Dwarkamai. That person was standing there for me with two more garlands and told me that now he will take me to Chavadi.

I entered the right side of Chavadi and again the pujari there opened the glass protection on Baba’s portrait and asks me to hang garland there. Then he took me to the left of the Chavadi and there also I got chance to put garland on Baba’s big portrait. After completing my darshan in the Chavadi, I was taken to Samadhi Mandir. There again he handed me two garlands for Samadhi and also one for Baba’s murti. I joined queue inside and was waiting to go ahead, and enjoying my Baba’s darshan every moment. There was a lot of rush as usual, so I was thinking how will I get proper darshan of Baba and will I get a chance to touch His Samadhi and His Padukas. I was on the right side lane, while facing Baba. And the Padukas are on the other side. By the time my turn came, I give one garland for the Samadhi to the pujari, and at the same time I took the darshan of His Samadhi. Then the security guard told me to move out, I asked for just two minutess and I give the other haar to the pujari for Baba’s murti, again the security guard asked me to move. I just looked at him and I asked him to permit me to wait for two more minutes. I actually saw the pujari putting my garland on Baba’s Samadhi very nicely and the second garland, he put on Baba’s feet, circling around his feet. I felt so happy seeing all this, as I got the best darshan. Now again one more leela of Baba, it seemed like Baba knew I wanted to be there for some more time. As I am moving outside, the same security person, tapped on my back and told me to stand just next to him for sometime (Idhar khade raho!!). I just couldn’t believe it, Baba read my mind. So I was standing there just next to Him and just staring at Him. Now since I was on the other side of Baba’s Padukas, I again asked the security that I wanted to touch the Padukas. He told me to go out and just move towards other side. I took my way to exit door and turned the other side and went inside near the Padukas, actually through that exit, and no one is asked me move out or pushed me. Then I was vey nicely allowed to take darshan of Baba’s Padukas. Then I moved out, saw that security and thanked him so much. He simply gave me smile and said it’s ok. I felt as if it was Baba again who smiled at that time. I had all kinds of emotions going through me. I could never have been so much happier. I feel that I really got the most VIP darshan. Before starting my Shirdi trip I had prayed to Baba, and asked Him to give me the best darshan ever and He fulfilled my wish. I never felt so good ever. I just don’t know what state I was at that time. I just cannot express my feelings.

I thank Baba for everything and accepting me and giving me a place in His Charan. I just want to be His devotee all through out my life. I am nothing without my Baba, and my thanking Him everyday will still not cover for what He has done for me.

I pray and wish that He showers His blessings like this always and forever.

May Baba Bless All of Us

Thank You, Om Sai Ram, Shri Sai Nathaya Namah


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  1. Jai Sai Ram…
    Really…Amazing Experience… Tears has rolled out frm my eyes while reading… Baba bless u…
    Jai Sai Ram…

  2. Jai Sai Ramji Chiragji,

    Your experience of Shirdi is really wonderful and amazing. All the way Babaji has blessed u.

    I was surprised to read about Baba coming in the form of Fakir to you. I also had similar type of experience when I came to Shirdi in 2006. I wish to share this incident with you and fellow readers of this post. Here is the link

    By the way I also reside in Vancouver, Canada

    Jai Sai Ramji
    Sai Lover — Rana Gill

  3. Wonderful experience Chirag..I was imagining while reading your post..You are really blessed…I am waiting for my call to Shiridi..I have never been to Shiridi till now..

    Jai Sai Baba…

  4. Dear Chiragji,
    Wonderful experience i jus felt that i am in shirdi because the way u expressed ur shirdi trip is so effective,chirag ji my life eperience is very very similar to your life exp,Baba came into my life when every one had left me and miracles u experienced are also similar,now baba is calling me to shirdi probabaly this weekend by reading ur exp my faith has increased sooo much i cant express… May baba bless u with happy life 🙂


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