Sai Baba Listened To My Heart’s Desire – Experience Of Kavitha

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Shirdi Sai Baba Devotee Kavitha from India says: Dear Hetal, Om Sai Ram! You are doing a wonderful service to mankind through your blog. With each posting you are helping us all to move one step closer towards our beloved Baba. May He bless you always and allow you to continue spreading His fame and glory across the world. Jai Sai Ram.

I have myself personally experienced many leelas of Baba and have been wanting to write to you since a long time. But it looks like Baba wanted me to write today and with His blessings I am posting one of my experiences.

I have been visiting Shirdi Sai Baba temple near my house since the last few years mostly on Saturdays, sometimes on Thursdays. Sometime in 2007, I came to know that they conduct Abhishek pooja and allow devotees to themselves perform Abhishek to a small silver idol of Baba, under the guidance of the temple priest. This made me and happy and I desired to get the same performed by all my family members on their respective birthdays. Accordingly on my husband’s birthday last November, we requested priest to be allowed to perform the Abhishek pooja, and had made the booking in advance. We were delayed in the morning due to some reasons and had to really hurry to be in the temple at 10.00 am, as informed by the priest. In my mind I was little sad as I had wanted to purchase some mithai to offer to Baba but as it was already late, I kept quiet. My parents and sister had also accompanied us for Abhishek pooja and my sister had stepped out to complete some work at the bank after taking Baba’s darshan. We then sat down for pooja. Normally the priest arranges all the Naivedya also, i.e.fruits, milk etc. and keeps them ready. Now see Baba’s leela – on that day, in the middle of the pooja, the priest asked me whether I have brought any sweet. When I replied in negative, he said its okay and proceeded with the rest of the pooja. I now felt very sad and did not know what to do. My mother understood my predicament and immediately took my mobile and called my sister and told her to bring some sweet. Then she told me dont worry, your sister will bring something. At once a thought flashed in my mind that I wish she brings Kaju Katli, because it is my favorite sweet and I wanted to offer that to Baba. I typed an sms to my sister but deleted it. I had full faith in Baba and knew that He would get things done the way HE wanted them, so I relaxed a bit.

Within few minutes my sister arrived with a box in her hand. The packing was very attractive and different from the normal sweet shops in that area and I was wondering from where and what she had bought. I was at peace that Baba would have made her bring what HE wanted, and eagerly waited for the priest to open the box. Lo and Behold…it was a box of Kaju Katlis! I was so overwhelmed with joy, that my eyes filled with tears and I thanked Baba for making my wish come true. For some it may seem as a coincidence, but for us it was the sheer leela and blessings of our beloved Baba. It is so true that Baba forever keeps his word of always fulfilling his devotees wishes, and as rightly mentioned in Sai Satcharitra, he gently reminds us when we forget what we intended to give. I pray to Him to always keep us devoted to His Holy Feet and be with us always!!

Om Sai Ram


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  1. reading the experiences of baba's devotees really increases the faith and love for baba and tears of joy roll down with the feeling of babas presence with us

  2. .
    OM Sai Ram
    Dear Devotees,
    My husband is a staunch BABA devotee. He always prays to HIM & BABA appears to him in some form or other. I want to share few of our experiences with you all.
    We have one daughter & one son. Our daughter got married in 1999 & after five years she conceived & everything was ok till 7 months. At the seventh month one morning the baby was born & stayed for few minutes only. We all were in great sorrow. Our daughter & son in law were much depressed. My husband started praying BABA very earnestly with great faith. I am a devotee of Guru Sri Raghavendra. When I pray to BABA, I see him as Sri Raghavendra only. So I also started praying with great faith. Our son’s marriage was fixed in 2008 Jan & the marriage date was Sep14th 2008. Our daughter with her husband made all plans to attend the marriage, booked her ticket from US to Chennai. Suddenly in First week of Sep our daughter got positive results of pregnancy. Doctors advised her not to travel as she had previous case history. Even though we wanted her presence for the wedding, we also advised her to be in US taking rest as getting a baby is more than anything else for them.
    The wedding was celebrated nicely on 14th Sep & as soon as the muhurtham was over , our daughter in law’s grand parents presented a big BABA statue to my husband on the stage. We are all wonder stuck. Our joy knew no bounds. BABA came for the wedding to bless the couple & all others.As BABA used to say “ I will come to my devotee if he prays faithfully”, HE came for the wedding. Our daughter in law’s uncle went to Shirdhi in June 2008 & bought the statue. As he knew that my husband is a great BABA devotee, he wanted to present the statue during wedding. He couldn’t come for the wedding from Kalkata due to some reason & he sent it through his parents.we didn’t know all these things . But when the presented after muhurtham we were much pleased..
    After the marriage we both went to US for our daughter’s help. She was at complete bed rest from the second month of her pregnancy. Her in laws were with her till we reached.On 8th month one fine morning, water broke & our daughter was admitted in the hospital. The next day early morning my husband in his dream heard the cry of an infant child. When he woke up he told me that BABA is with our daughter .Next day ie 2nd Feb 2009 early morning a girl baby was born & she was a premature baby.The baby was in the hospital for eight weeks & then sent home. Now she is very active & from 10months she started saying “BABA” by looking at the picture of she is 14 month old & very active . She is the miracle of BABA only. When my husband sits with Satcharitha book to read, our grand daughter will come crawling to see the picture of BABA & will ask to open the book.
    We took her to Sunnyvale Baba temple on 31st Dec 2009 & got HIS blessings, By HISgrace we are Happy now
    oM SAI RAM
    Meena Ananth

  3. Sai Ram,

    My Name is Arun Prasad. I work in Singapore currently and Sai Devotee. I want to share my experience on how sai came in my life. I dont know anything about Sai till 2001 when i came to Chennai and stayed at a Rented house near Alwar thiru nagar. I studied Diploma only and i was not getting any jobs. I got a Job for Rs. 800 by which i cannot survive my family as i m the only son. My father left us with some other women and my mother is a nervous patient. When i was told to Pray Sai baba with whole heart, I kneel down and cried infront of sai baba's photo which was sticked in the wall. I prayed with whole heart. Next day i got job for Rs. 2000 by which i could able to survive my family. It was really amazing as i got job in NEXT day itself. From that day, I started believing on Baba and i pray him. Till now i have visited 3 times to Shirdi. I am currently in Singapore and earning good salary. Very well surviving with my mother, wife and a female Kid. All becoz of Sai Baba. I now realized and stop asking to baba to take care of me and my family. I am following baba and saying to take care the world, me and my family is also in your world. We have a Sai baba temple at Little India in Singapore and i go there whenever i find time. But however, Baba is everywhere, temple is just an identity. He is always in our heart.

    Sai Baba ki Jai….

    Arun Prasad
    Headstrong Consulting Singapore
    0065 83116301

  4. baba ji please bless my family with good health… you will ve to cure my appa's wound on his shoulder…… we are suffering financially too… you will ve to help ma family …. i do not want anything for me… please keep my parents with good health and peace….

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