Sai Baba Asks For Rs.2 Dakshina – Experience of Sachin

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Shirdi Sai Baba devotee Sachin from India says: Sai Ram sis. I am sending you my personal experience of Sai Baba ji and how I came under the grace of our Guru. Hope that it will reach you. I will keep on sending my personal experiences to you. Thanks for doing such a great work for Baba ji and His devotees. May Baba ji be with you always. Jai Sai Ram

I know Baba ji since December 2006. Before that, I just heard Baba’s name in the famous song “Shirdi Wale Sai Baba”. That is because I live in Punjab and people in this part of India didn’t know much about Baba. But now a days, Baba’s divinity has reached in every corner of even Punjab. The credit for this goes to Ramanand Sagar, who, through his serial SAI BABA on Star Plus has sent Baba ji’s divine message in each and every house of our country. May Baba bless his soul and give him refuge in His Lotus Feet, which is the ultimate destiny of every Sai devotee.

It was December 2006, when I first stepped in Baba ji’s temple in Amritsar. It was Dhoop Aarti time and pujari ji was making preparations for Aarti. Then came the moment, when my life took a turn, a turn that brought me to the world of Baba’s grace and His divinity. With the very first word of Aarti, I started feeling vibrations in my body. With every second passed listening Aarti, a chill was running down my body. Closing my eyes, I kept standing there until the Aarti was over. In between I opened my eyes many times to have a look at graceful idol of Baba ji. Beneath the idol was placed Baba’s Dwarkamai portrait, made by Jaykar (May Baba give him place in His Holy Feet). That portrait is so alive that one cannot take off his eyes easily from it, as it gives us a feeling that Baba is looking in our eyes directly and for a while we feel as we are cut from this world. I was in the same stage. Bells were ringing in the temple and it was like Sai Maharaj is standing in front of us. As the Aarti was over, I was overwhelmed by what I saw and felt. I asked pujari ji for the timings of all the Aartis of Baba ji and after prostrating before Baba ji I left the temple and went home. Then I came at night for Shej Aarti which added to the bliss and it was like I have found the real joy of my life. After Baba went to sleep, I left for home.

Same night when I was asleep, I saw an old temple (a temple that I used to visit at my mother’s native place, which is near Shimla) in my dreams. I saw a fakir standing outside that temple who wore same dress as it is worn by Baba (including kafni, satka) and He was carrying a bag (jholi). He asked me for two rupees. I immediately gave Him two rupees and he went away. This was my dream. When I woke up, I could clearly recall my dream but no thought came in my mind that it could be Baba. I did not even think of it. Then as usual I went to temple in the morning for Kakad> Aarti. At that time only pujari ji and one more devotee was there. Three of us did Aarti. Then both of them asked me to join them for cleaning temple and Baba ji’s Mangal Snaan and His Shingar. I don’t have words to explain the feeling that was arising to do this job. It was totally divine. Then after Naivedya was given to Baba ji, that devotee gave me Sai Satcharitra. I randomly opened that holy book and to my surprise, the first page that I opened was the heading “Importance of Rs 2 as Dakshina”. Suddenly, my dream stroked in my mind and I started reading that chapter which tells that Baba in His time used to ask His devotees for two Rupee as dakshina. These Two rupees do not mean materialistic as they appear to be. It was Baba ji’s way of asking the devotee to give Him his two things: Shraddha (faith) and Saburi (Patience). Thus Baba gave me His first and foremost message through such a wonderful experience. Baba ji’s way of teaching us is unique. He always use the best way to cultivate something in His devotees which lasts forever. In my case, He came and gave me darshan through my dream and gave me the divine message that do not be anxious for your prayers to be answered, believe in your guru and have some patience, rest He will do well.

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  1. Jai Sai Ram, Your experience touched my heart. I shall post my experience very soon describing – How Baba accepted me as his devotee.
    Om Sai Nath Maharaj ki Jai!!

  2. Sai Ramji Swetha ji,
    I will be waiting for your experience.
    May Baba ji Bless usa all
    Jai Sai Ramji

  3. jai sai ram. you are very lucky to see baba in your dreams. may baba be with you and all his devotees and bless us with joy, peace & satisfaction.

    sai ram.

  4. Om sai ram. Nice to hear your experience. Its very nice he came in your dream. I hope he will come in my dream very soon. May sai baba bless all of us. Thanks a lot for sharing this experience with us. Om sai ram.

  5. Months back when I went to my area Sai temple here in Hosur(Near Bangalore),
    I cried praying for something to Baba, as I was blamed for a thing which I didnt commit. I was asking me to give justice saying only you know my heart. You won’t believe within 5 Mins, I came out of shrine was about to purchase dhoop sticks and coconut to offer in dhuni, the temple s oldest founder ( I didn’t know before that), he came very fast and addressed me as oh papa!( translates to oh child) before praying to God daily, give 2 rupees to me Baba!.
    Minutes later when I was about to speak to him. He left the place. I strongly feel it is baba himself. Om sai ram.

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