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Continuing with experience of Sai Brother Sachin, in this post he describes how Baba played His Leela to keep him near Himself. This is the last part of whole Leela experienced by Sai brother Sachin. I request devotees to first read part-1 and part-2 and then continue reading this post.

Shirdi Sai Baba Devotee Sachin says: As I shared in my last part,that how I was assured of passing my training by Baba in my dream. Now I will move to the final phase of this experience. As already shared in the first part that how I read a person’s experience who, by Babaji’s grace, got job in Pune. INFOSYS office is also situated in Pune. I started feeling that I will get my posting in Pune. I told one of my friend (Rajat) regarding this. He is also an ardent Sai devotee. I was quite sure that I will get posting in Pune as the leela which I read was coming true. Finally there was a day when we all got our posting. And to my shock I got posted in BANGALORE!!!!! I was very depressed as I always wanted to be near Shirdi. But instead of Pune I was chosen for Bangalore. I was very shocked and thought that whole of my training has gone in vain as I did not get posting in pune. I again started feeling a separation from Babaji. I went to my room and saw that my room-mate was not present. I closed the door and stood near Babaji’s mandir in my room. Then I literally started shouting at Babaji that I don’t want to be in Bangalore, I just wanna be with Him near Shirdi. This thing went on for 20-25 minutes, I kept on quarreling with Babaji. Then finally I thought that if Babaji has made me clear this training, now also He will do something to give me posting to Pune.

Next morning when I was asleep, I got a call from my friend Sahil. He asked me if I want a transfer to Pune. I was shocked to hear that and immediately went to meet him. He told me that there is one person who wants to be in Bangalore and I can swap with him and get Pune. Now this was really out of my mind, because there were a lot of persons who were trying to get Pune at any cost. They were even ready to pay for it. How come this was possible that I did’nt do anything but still the opportunity was knocking at my door only. Then I recalled my last night when I was quarreling with Babaji and then I got to know that its Babaji’s leela only. Without giving it a second thought I went to that person and asked him if he was really interested. His reply was positive. My joys knew no bounds at that time. It was like a dream come true for me to be near my Babaji near Shirdi and Babaji gave me that. I went to my room and bowed down before Babaji. There were tears in my eyes and I was not able to speak even a single word. I will always be thankful to my Babaji for providing me job near His Holy place Shirdi. This whole experience took for about 6-7 months but at every stage I felt Babaji’s presence near me. Now I often use to visit Shirdi. All this is due to Babaji’s grace.

Now whenever I look back to this experience right from the time when I was about to join merchant navy to the time till I got posted to Pune. I feel that how Babaji arranged everything so well. He was planning to call me near Shirdi. Everything was well planned by my Lord Sai Babaji. He is the wire puller of our lives. Everything that happens is by Babaji’s grace. Surrender your life to Babaji,he will surely look after it. Be patient and have faith in him. All we need is Shraddha and Saburi. OM SAI RAM

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