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Shirdi Sai Baba Devotee Sachin from India says: Sometimes I wish that I could go back in time and see Babaji through my eyes. This is a wish, hidden in the heart of every Sai Babaji’s devotee. Whenever I used to read Sai Satcharitra, my mind used to go back in that time. I used to wonder, how the heaven “Dwarkamai” looked at that time. My eyes want to see that people flocking around Babaji to have His one glimpse, a glimpse that ended misfortunes of countless people, a glimpse that turned many sinners to the path of divinity and finally lead to their salvation. No doubt that Babaji is with us every time, but still the urge to see Babaji in body can never die.

Babaji always use to say, that whenever I appear in anybody’s dream, then it is because of some reason or some message which He wants to give to His devotee, otherwise He would never appear in dream. But we are ignorant persons, who don’t take it seriously especially when it is against our will or pleasure. Same thing happened with me. I knew this thing very well that whenever Babaji appears in dream and tell us something, we should follow that. I had been drinking occasionally. Sometimes I used to take beer, sometimes whisky with my friends as this was our so called part of life. I knew very well that Babaji was against drinking. But as it was against my will, I used to think that, “Thodi bahut peene se kuch nahi hota – meaning there is no harm in having some liquor”. Then this occasional habit started becoming regular as we used to live away from home. We used to have one or two beers every alternate days or sometimes for 2-3 consecutive days.

One day when I was watching Babaji’s serial on star plus. There was an episode in which a person used to drink a lot and also forces Tatya (Bayjabai’s son) to drink. Then how Babaji opposed that and how He came in dreams of that person and sat on his chest until he said “No” to drinks. I saw the serial which impacted me, but this was not enough. Again after a week or so, I started drinking with my friends. Weeks passed like that. The habit was becoming a routine.

Then one night when I was sleeping, Babaji appeared in my dream. I could not clearly recall the dream but it was related to my drinking habit and Babaji was giving some instructions. When I woke up, I recalled my dream. Now look at my ignorance, I thought that it was just a dream(against my thinking) and I did not take it seriously. Again I did not leave my drinking habit. After some days, again I had the same dream. This time I could say that, it was a warning from Babaji. He was standing in front of me and was saying some words to me. I could see myself in the dream carrying a bottle of beer!!! Again I woke up and gave a thought to my dream. But still it was not enough for the sinner like me. Few days passed and my brother (gaurav), came to Pune. We had a get together and drank again !!! That night I fell sick. That night became the worst night for me. My fever rose to 102-103 degrees. There was no doctor at that time. It was 3 a.m., I was lying down near Babaji’s photo. I prayed to Him and asked for forgiveness. My condition became pathetic. I was vomiting continuously and the heat from my body was terrifying me. I kept on praying Babaji. I could not sleep that night. Next day we were having a plan to go to Shirdi as my brother came from Punjab and we wanted to have Babaji’s darshan. I took Babaji’s name and started the journey with fever. When we reached Shirdi, I could not concentrate on Babaji because of my fever. We were standing in the queue for Samadhi mandir and I was becoming restless as the time was passing. I prayed to Babaji and asked for forgiveness. But there was no change in my condition.

Finally we came back to Pune the next day. There I saw a doctor, who was also Sai devotee. In his clinic I could see Babaji’s photos. I asked for forgiveness there as well. Finally with the very first dose of medicine, my condition started becoming better and within 2 days I recovered. Then I took a pledge, that I will not drink from now. But still that was not enough for a fool like me.

After a month, I started it again. This time it become a daily routine. Finally Babaji had to take a harsh step. Then one day in the evening, something went so bad in my personal life (Not mentioning here). I was with my friend (Varun) who is also Sai devotee. I started feeling that all has happened because I dis-obeyed Babaji. I told everything to my friend. I was so ashamed to ask for even forgiveness now. But he assured me that Babaji is so merciful and he will surely forgive you but don’t do it again. He asked me to accompany him to Babaji’s mandir. We went to temple. There was nobody in the temple. I fell at Babaji’s feet and asked for the forgiveness again and look at my Din Dayaalu, the most merciful lord, He forgive me. While going home from temple, I got a call from home and everything that went wrong was fine now. That was a lesson that I learnt. I have left drinking and it has been 8 months that I have not even touched it. I know that by Babaji’s grace I will continue to do the same. I pray to Babaji to slowly and slowly remove all the bad things that have put their hold on us. OM SAIRAM

Sai brother Sachin had also copied this incident to some of his friends and collegues. The following has been said by his friend (or probably collegue, I am not sure about it, but he too is Baba’s devotee), “Let us thank Shama (Sachin Shama) for sharing such a personal experience with us. Really, Baba always sends indication to do away with the bad habits. This incidence is an eye-opener for many of us. Thanks a lot for sharing such an experience. Om Sairam!!! Satish Saurav

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Hetal Patil
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  1. Sai Ramji Dear Readers,

    Baba’s ways are inscrutable and inexplanable. As said by Sai brother Satish, this incident is an eye opener for all of us. Everyone of us should try to get rid of negatives from ourselves.

    We all love Baba because He has chosen us and He has made us His. So He will always take steps which are for our welfare and benefit. Still we sometimes curse our situations and ultimately Baba. When end results are in front of us, we realise why all has happened. But a question always arise in my mind, why it is so that we realise Baba’s greatness only when end results are seen? Can we not take our bad days or any bad action of ours as a teaching from Baba to set us on right path?

    Always we become blind in our own problems and our faith trembles at time of crisis. When we commit sins or do something wrong, Baba’s faith in us never trembles!!! In my view, Baba has kept His faith in us for He loves us, then why cant we, if we love Him too?

    Many questions like these come to surface when I read experiences, but always fail to get answers from Baba 🙁

    May Babaji Bless us all

    Jai Sai Ramji
    Sai Ki Deewani
    Hetal Patil

    • Very True Hetalji …I too feel when the problem is big we become very sensitive to handle it and we become very weak and complain on Baba for not taking care of us , though our innerself says finnaly what he does is going to be good only. we will not be able to accept it at that particular point , As we will not have patience Saburi which is very required.
      I observed many a times in myself only when the problem is very small i leave it to book and will not think of it and it goes off smoothly and quickly also .

      But when it comes to big problem we loose all patience to wait till it gets solved .But Baba timing is always perfect .

  2. Please Sai, forgive my mistakes and laziness. I will do things as per your liking. Please give me a suitable job as I need it desperately.
    Om Shri Sacchidananda Satguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai!!!
    Ananta Koti Brhamanda Nayaka Raajadhi Raja Yogi Raja Shri Sacchidananda Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai!!!!

  3. Jai Sai Ramji,

    Babaji sometimes tests us and this makes us feel that He is not with us. But after passing of those bad days, we realise that we have became more stronger than before. Sorrowful days makes our nature more stable and thus we are prepared to face difficulties of much more higher level. So every hurdle which Babaji puts in our way is to make us more strong and independent.

    In this case too Babaji tested Sachinji so many times. He has said that he was fool to act against Babaji’s wishes. But I think Babaji was getting him through all this to make his mind very firm so that he never touches liquor. In the end I feel that he will never drink again since his addiction of drinking has been snatched away by Babaji Himself.

    Sai Lover — Rana Gill

  4. Om Sai Ram i sincerely hope he changes my husband the same way and sends him back to us Baba Love you Baba

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