Give One & Receive Hundred Folds From Sai Baba – Experience Of Sachin

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Shirdi Sai Baba Devotee Sachin from India says: Jai Sai Ram sis. Here is one more experience that Baba ji gave me on celebrating Ramnavami. I have been experiencing Baba ji’s divine presence every time around me. May Baba ji keep all of us under His loving shadow. Jai Sairam.

I remember my experience of Baba when I first celebrated Ramnavami under His grace and blessings. I feel fortunate enough to share this experience with all of you.

SAI, this word has become inseparable from our lives. The power in this word has the capability of vanishing our tensions and miseries by its mere utterance. Everything that happens around us is all by Baba ji’s grace. I have experienced Baba ji’s leela many a times. I am fortunate enough to share one more experience that I underwent on Ram Navami in 2007.

I was in the same temple (Amritsar) that I mentioned in my previous posts. It was Ramnavami and we were arranging for decoration of the temple. Baba ji’s idol was radiating energy, an energy that can send a person to high levels of ecstasy and he starts feeling oneness with Baba ji .On the very same day my brother went for an interview for HDFC bank.

I was in temple since morning, decorating Baba ji’s place with flowers, when a thought came in my mind that I should myself purchase some flowers, garlands and some fruits for Baba ji. I was just having Rs 147 in my pocket. I thought that if I will spend the whole money on Baba ji then I will be left with no money at all (this was my selfishness, may my merciful Lord Sai Baba ji, forgive me for that). Then I thought that it doesn’t matter whether I am left with any money or not, I will surely bring flowers and fruits for Baba ji. I went to market and purchased them for Rs 145 and came back to temple and again started decorating the temple.

Each one of us know that Baba ji used to say that if I take anything from My devotee, then I have to give him back its 10 times or 100 times. Now see how Baba ji kept his promise. The Aarti was about to begin when I got a call from my brother. His voice was full of joy. He told me that he has got the job in HDFC bank. I asked him about the salary package and I was stunned to receive the reply as the answer came was Rs. 14,500. He told me that his total salary was 16,000 but excluding everything he will be getting Rs. 14,500 net. It was hard to speak even a word after hearing this. A chill was running down my spine. I prostrated before Baba ji and thanked Him for being with us always. This leela of Baba ji will always remain fresh in my memories forever that how I gave Baba ji Rs 145 and how He gave me back its 100 times.

A humble request to all of you – Whenever, wherever you see a person who ask you for money or food or clothes, do help them if you can. We never know in which form Baba ji will appear in front of us. If we help poor people, its not going to affect us financially because due to Baba ji’s grace we are capable enough to atleast give them few pennies. Doing this you will feel that you have come more close to Baba ji. We should feed animals whenever we can. Baba ji is in every living being. We should not say foul words to anybody. Remember, wherever we go, whatever we do, Baba ji is aware of everything. Om Sairam

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