Sai Baba Gifted Udi On Birthday – Experience of Khushali

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Shirdi Sai Baba devotee Khushali says; Dear Hetal Ji, Sai Ramm! This is the first time I am writing to you, as I would like you to post my experience in your wonderful Blog, to share my experiences with other devotees.

I live in Dubai. It was my Birthday last week on the 22nd of March. A few days before my Birthday, I got a dream, wherein I saw that my lap is getting filled with lots of Udi. In that dream, I was so excited, that I rushed to call my family members. By the time they arrive to see this, all the Udi on my lap, turns into cotton. When I woke up, I had mixed feelings, as I didn’t know what the dream meant.

Last year on my Birthday, i.e 22nd March 2008, my Dad’s friend had returned from Shirdi and coincidentally on the same day of my Birthday, he sent us Udi/Prasad. I was so happy that year. I wished that this year also, in some way or another, Baba sends me His blessings. My Birthday this year fell on a Sunday and on the same week of my Birthday which is on Thursday (26th March, 09), I received an air mail from Shirdi Sai Baba Sansthan! The envelope contained Udi and on the outside of the envelope it read “With Sri Sai Baba’s blessings”. My joy knew no bounds. It was so strange that I received Udi from the temple itself!!

The envelope also contained the receipt of a small donation that I personally made in December‘08 when I visited Shirdi. This was so strange – because I had already received the receipt in December’08 itself from the Donation Counter. To top it off the receipt was dated 21-Jan-09.

Is it not strange that I received the receipt of a donation 3 months later with UDI, when I had already received the receipt at the donation counter in December’08? Wasn’t this just a means or way of Baba blessing me on my B’day and giving me an indication of His blessing in my dream? I don’t know if it is common of Sri Sai Baba Sansthan to send Udi in this manner, that too 3 months after the donation was made? When I didn’t even need a receipt!!!

Strange are our Baba’s ways. I guess the receipt was just a means, of sending UDI to me 🙂

But, it definitely strengthened my faith in Baba and I was overcome with Joy at this beautiful experience.

Baba is in each one of us. Let’s continue having Shraddha and Saburi in Him.

Sai Ram to All!

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