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Devotee Experience - Srinivas

© Devotees Experiences with Shirdi Sai Baba
Following is the mail from Sai devotee Srinivas about describing his experience with Shirdi Sai Babaji.

Dear Hetal Ji,

I am a devotee of Shri Shirdi Sai Baba. In my life so many miracles happened, before also i sent my experiences and our hetal ji distributed through this network. I am very thankful to Hetal ji.

Kindly distribute my experience among our sai family.

Since 3 years i am suffering from High Blood Pressure because i was taking self decision instead of depending on Baba, taking medicines and if stop again BP increased.

I used to read Sri Sai Satcharita read everyday one lesson and completed in 49 days. I could notice small change in my BP Control.

But one big miracle happened in my life.

I was trying to read the Sai Satcharita in 7 days. But i was not able to start reading, some disturbances occured. My habit is pray our Lord Saibaba in morning and evening.

I asked baba if Your will is there i can start the Sai Satcharita and finish it in 7days. One day evening (Wednesday) Baba prepared me in all repects and told me to start next day onwards (12/02/09) and i finished reading by 18/02/09 without any problem.

The second day of reading 13/02/09, morning 5am, out side my window i heard the voice "Om sainathaya namaha" repeatedly. I had never hear this type of voice from my window before. I stay (Singapore) on 5th floor. I woke up and looked outside from window from where the voice was coming. There are trees near my flat, but i did not find from where this voice was coming. The same day onwards my Blood Pressure started decreading. Before the last day of my reading my BP was normal.

After few days i went to hospital for check up. My doctor also surprised that my BP was normal 80/120. I stopped taking madicines and fully depended on my lord Sai.

If we have really Shraddha and Saburi every thing is possible by the grace of our lord Saibaba.

One more experience:

My second daughter's hair cutting ceremony was performed in Shirdi and we returned to my home town Sircilla (A.P).

We arranged a funtion at my house in Sircilla calling friends and relatives for lunch. Nobody can believe that Baba came to attend this function, but i believe. The day i saw our lord Shirdi Sai Baba come to this function and had lunch. He was wearing white lungi and white shirt with combless hair.

Baba called me and asked me to give meat pieces. I gave them to Baba. After launch when Baba left the function we did not see him leaving.

In my life Baba saved me so many times. Finally i can say that please trust in Baba and 100% depend on Baba then see what is the future.

Once again i am very thankful to our dear sister hetal ji.

Jai Sai Ram,

Thanks and Best Regards,
Srinivas Adepu

© Devotees Experiences with Shirdi Sai Baba
  1. Hetal ji i express my scincere thanks to you for this blog, today i was in my worst situation of life and i got answer through one of the posts in your blog, i read exp's daily but since past 3 days i was literally not feelin to read any thin as my faith in Sai deva had started shaking, i dunno how randomly i clicked this expereince n i got ans from Baba......... Tons of thanks Hetal ji i really feel even thanks word ll fall short....



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