Shirdi Sai Baba Saved From Theft – Experience Of Malathy

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Shirdi Sai Baba Devotee Malathy from India says: Dear Hetal, I am the regular reader of your mails and I am really impressed by your Seva to Baba and His bhaktas. I am really impressed but I need to mend myself and Baba help us to increase our Shraddha and Bhakti, so that He will show His blessing in our family. I am His bhakta for the last 2 years only.

Let me come to the point Hetal I have very good experience of Baba’s miracle whether it is a coincidence or miracle whatever you may think!!! Hetal I am a school teacher and my husband is a Government servant. I usually come back home by 2.15. So in the day time after 10 o clock our house is locked. My daughter is married and my son is in Chennai doing B.Tech. So some one had noticed that our house remains locked between 10.3.0 to 2.15. There are no neighbors even though it is flat. Quaters are not allotted to anyone. we live on second floor. First floor and ground floor are occupied.

That day when I came back from school I saw that my house is closed no lock outside. I thought my husband had come from office for some work so I knocked the door but it opened automatically. Even though I did not scare, removing my footware I said loudly (thinking my husband is there in the room) if you want to do some work why dont you close the door. When I moved I saw the almirah was opened then i saw my jewellery(only limited) but original spread on the bed. I went and saw another room. There too almirah was opened but clothes were as it were. It took some time for me to understand that thief entered our house. Then I called my husband and complained police. All proceedings were on, policeman came and went around the rooms and saw silver diyas kept on the hall table, and knowing that the jewellery were not stolen, he said, “First madam you go to temple and offer prasad to God, because this is the first case in my job that things were kept as it were and only 200 Rs cash were stolen”. Even atm card wth pin was there. On the same day five other houses were robbed and there was heavy loss. But you tell me, is it not Baba Who saved us and made the thief’s mind blank and took cash only. I cried in front of Him. We thanked God. Another main thing I would like to point out is that I used to come home by 2.15 but on that day I was at my home at 2.05, fast driving or Baba’s kripa?! What is it? Is not Baba’s kripa on our family?

With love and Sai Ram
Mrs.Malathy Ravi

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  1. Yes Malathyji is saying is true.It is sole kripa of baba.I have had similar experience last month.Im a software engineer and a bachelor.I have all the house hold things required for a living.Lot of electronic items are there with m in the house.Some one noticed my house being locked from morning 10 am to late evening 8pm.That day my house in second floor was open when a neighbour called me up on phone to find whether i was somehwere nearby.I told him that im still at office.He was shocked.He went inside my house n told me that the suitcases bags etc were down open.I came to my house and checked all the things to find that the lock was broke open and kept aside and all clothese were completely searched.But there was not even a coin lost.My computer peripherals including pen drive which can easily be pocketed were there.My original BTech certificates, my passports and valuables were all there.What i immedietly felt is that BABA was there in my house at that moment and took care of my house.during this time the entire day in office i was reading Babas miracles and realised one more happening to me.The thief had searched probably only for money.The previous day itslef i had rent to be given to owner.Some how i didnot retain the money in the house more than a day.That day specifically, even the coins which i keep i had taken it with me to give those to poor who usually beg near the traffic signals which is usually my habbit.

    This house is in itself a gifted rent house for me from baba.I used to stay long from my office and used to commute to office for 1-1/2 hrs and used to easily get tired. Baba had come in my dreams and asked dakshina which i gave. then the other day itself i found this house by his grace near to office which is very diificult to get.

    This is his leela.I have become his property.He takes care of me entirely.I always remember him and take the first part of my food/drink in hand which i put it in my mouth.I daily read Sai Satchritha and believe strongly and suggest people to read.Jai Sai Ram.

  2. during this time the entire day in office i was reading Babas miracles

    LOL!! 😀 😀

    "Entire day you were reading 😛 .. good u posted ur post as anonymous

    Baba bless all! 😀

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