Sai Baba’s Help In Grabbing Admission In MCA – Experience of Maha Laxmi

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I received the following long detailed mail with subject “MY BABA GAVE ME MCA DEGREE & JOB AT ARICENT – A TRUE EXPRIENCE” from Sai Daughter Maha Laxmi. It is not my practice to write Sai Daughter or Sai Son to any devotee, but this case is really exceptional. I never took that pride to name anyone as Baba’s daughter or son, as I think it is only depends on Baba, but after reading this experience I was touched from the bottom of my heart. This incident signifies clearly that Baba takes care of His devotees as His own children as a loving father does.

I received this mail few weeks ago but could not post it as it was attached in a word file. The version of Microsoft Word document was different from the one which I am using. Before few days while searching my mail box for some other mail, I noticed this mail and realised that it was not posted. With some technical help from my brother I succeeded in installing another version of Microsoft word and got chance to read it. It laid a deep impression on my heart and mind and I am sure you will also have the same effect. Tears were in my eyes and when I shared it with my parents they also bowed down to Baba.

Laxmi ji I apologise for not posting your experience as soon as I received.

Shirdi Sai Baba Laxmi ji says: Today taking my Baba’s blessings I would like to share with you people how my Sai showed His miracles in my life, I want to write this wonderful miracle experienced in my life with my beloved Sai.

It was in year 2006 i finished my B.Sc degree and i had one back up paper of 1st year B.Sc (maths) and i had given my supple paper also along with my 3rd year B.Sc annual exams. After B.Sc due to financial problems, at home i thought of joining some job to support my family and started searching job in IT field as programmer. But there were no openings for B.Sc graduates only engineering & masters degree were in demand. So I searched for a job of technical support in BPO. I never ever thought in dream also i will do master’s degree. While searching for job Baba’s miracle took place. I just wrote my PGCET entrance exam on July 1st 2006, for which my best friend gave me full support, as such I did not even think of doing MCA, she told me the procedure and along with her support and my Baba’s blessings i wrote PGCET entrance exam. Still it was not so certain that I will join MCA because of financial condition at home. I went on searching job, but was not successful anywhere.

While my job search was on, once i was able to clear almost 4 rounds of interview at Accenture tech support. It is my practice that I always carry my Baba’s photo in my purse. In each & every round i was praying to my Baba to get me this job. I was so happy when i reached the last round. I kept was praying to Baba with tears to help me & was eager to share the happiness of getting job with my mom. But I was rejected in last round. I came out with tears in my eyes. I looked at Baba’s photo in my purse and seeing at him i cried. I was not able to decide what to do and was asking help from Baba.

I came home in the evening but did not lose my hope and had strong faith in my Sai Baba. I decided to try for job again after few days.

I was praying to my Baba to help me to get job to look after my family. I had completely forgotten about my PGCET entrance exam, because studying masters was out of my reach due to financial problems. When i wrote my entrance i prayed my Baba and wrote, as i always do while writing any exams.

In July on auspicious day of Baba, Gurupoornima I visited Saibaba temple. I had carried my PGCET entrance exam hall ticket, B.Sc exam hall ticket & resume along with me. The temple authorities had kept Baba’s Padukas and Satka & all were allowed to touch it & pray. I kept all things on Baba’s Padukas and Satka and prayed whole heartedly for good job & results. I felt so happy to visit temple that day. I did not know much about Gurupoornima significance. I visited Baba temple as it was some sacred day. My Baba heard my prayers. After some days in July my B.Sc degree results had come out and I secured 2nd class. But my supple result of maths was not yet announced. At the same time I was searching for job.

Karnataka PGCET entrance exam results were announced and i was at home sitting after doing arti in the evening to my Baba. My friend gave a call and told congrats i asked why?? She was surprised at my question and put forward a question whether I was really now aware of anything. I told yes really i dont know. Baba showed me miracle and i had secured merit rank 230th rank among thousands of candidates who appeared for exams. It was really a miracle because, i never expected and i topped from my College. This merit rank was to help me in getting admission in almost all top ranking A Grade colleges. Tears rolled my eyes and I quickly shared the good news with my mother. This was a miracle that my Baba showed me and my family as I had never thought of doing MCA after topping in entrance exam. There was much scope in the market for a programmer/developer but all that was dream to me. Even though I tried in BPO which i was not interested. As i was supposed to appear for seat selections counseling on 9th august just 10 days were left but Bangalore University did not announce all supple subject results. For MCA admission procedure and seat selection i was supposed to carry all marks records and provisional degree certificates. But my situation was really was terrible. I had hope that i will surely pass in supple paper, as I had put every thing on my Baba.

My Saibaba knew all these feelings and He showered miracles in my life.

Due to financial problem my family did not think of going further for admissions. I had to appear for seat selection process counseling on 9th August 2006 and it was on 1st day only as i secured merit rank. I thanked my Baba my Sai for giving me much more than I deserve. My faith in Him grew stronger and I put all burden on Baba. I did not know how my admission will happen we did not even have Rs. 1000 at home.

After PGCET entrance exam results were announced i was very much interested to do MCA as wish of my Baba. Every moment i kept on praying to my Saibaba to show me the way and help me, and pleaded Him not to leave my hands money problem for admission, supple results had to be announced. I dint know anything except praying Saibaba all the time. My Baba listened my prayers. I went to Bangalore University keeping Baba’s photo in my hand only approached university registrar and explained him and told him about seat selection process. So i need to know my supple results of 1st yr B.Sc maths. He refused saying results can’t be announced unofficially like that. I was praying Baba all the time. I kept Baba’s photo in my hands and was roaming here & there asking officials over there to help me out everybody listened, felt pity but no one helped to let me know results and to get attested copy of marks.

I came home disappointed & crying all the way asking Baba to help me and talking to Him mentally, “You have only given me the rank now You can only help me to get admission in MCA. On the other hand my mother and brother were trying for admission money. They also had firm faith that Baba will show us some way out.

Days passed by and only 4 days left for seat selection, no money and no results too!!! Still my faith and devotion towards Baba did not tremble instead it grew stronger day by day. I was trying for results in university daily with no productive results. Finally Baba showed me a way and He came in the form of my best friend. On her advice I reached the center where exam paper valuation was going on. I approached valuation unit head over there and explained him my difficult situation and problem & was remembering Baba mentally through out. Valuation unit head by my Baba’s blessings made effort to see my marks and it was again Baba’s miracle that he spoke well with me and agreed to send marks. But he did not divulge me the results as it was against the university rules.

I asked in-charge over there how can i get officially my results attested, he told he will send my marks in confidential letter along with lady constable who will be guarding all exams papers at the center. So along with in-charge person, me and my friend we went to university. While traveling i was praying Baba continuously and every second were so so important for me. I felt as if all the time Baba’s blessings were with me. He was showing His miracles and showering His blessing in every step. I don’t know how to thank Him. There are no words to thank Him. The lady in-charge handed over the confidential letter to registrar; my heart was beating fast, crying & praying to Baba within. Registrar saw my marks and informed me to my surprise that i secured 78. Tears rolled down my eyes. I expected that I will pass but not with so good marks. But He refused to hand over to me results attested by him and tore it saying he had not right to hand over the results in this before they were announced officially.

I cried Baba and said to Baba that it was like something is snatched from my hand. You have brought me till here now please don’t leave my hand. Baba i just remember and prayed you. Only Baba was with me. He was listening all my prayers and because I felt His presence every second I did not loose hope. Now only 3 days were left.

For next 2 days I met officials in university with Baba’s photo in my hand and waiting for results, but all was in vain. My Baba was giving me strength and my belief in Him was growing stronger and in all those moments only Baba and I were there.

Now only one day was left and I had no results in my hand and next day I was supposed to attend seat selection counseling. I went to university again. At noon 3 they allowed visitors to meet officials. I again met registrar but he refused. I requested him a number of times but he said he was bound by rules even if I had passed and next day she had to go for masters admission.

I went outside and cried a lot with Baba’s photo in my hand. I repeatedly prayed Him to help His daughter. Meanwhile the evaluation unit head whom I met at center by Baba’s blessings and gave my results through confidential letter to registrar earlier was present at university. I saw him and thought that Baba had only sent him. I ran towards him and started crying and told everything.

That person (evaluation head) asked me to come and meet at the center & he went off. I was happy that Baba was with me. I went to evaluation center. The evaluation person asked me to give contact number of any lecturers of my college so that he/she can take official in-charge of my results. He decided to do this because announcement of results would be extended to few months although papers were examined. But I dint had any lecturer’s contact number and it was already 4:30 pm. If i got contact number from my friend and call any lecturer, it was not possible for them to come because most of them had been to different places for evaluation and few others if it was possible its was already 5:00 pm. I was praying Baba only one word Saibaba & there was not single rupee at home. My mother & brother trying much to arrange but all in vain as admission fees for a reputed university seat selection was Rs. 50,000 and too DD was required tat too. We cant think of paying Rs. 50,000 since we did not have Rs. 500 at home, because my mother was only support to my family, my father expired when I was too young, Saibaba is only my father.

Everything was dependent on His blessings. Now I prayed Baba to do some miracle. Ah to my surprise & Baba’s blessings I saw a temple Shree Krishna – Baba’s form in front of that evaluation room outside the balcony where I was standing. My eyes were wet. I prayed from there only that if Baba grants me admission I will go to temple. Again Baba showered miracles in my life. It was already 5:45 pm. A lecturer from our college was present at the centre on evaluation duty. But he was not related to our dept i.e computer science, neither had I seen him nor he had seen me before as his duty was in another department. Also the department was situated on different floor.

Evaluation head himself had called him and he came with our college lecturer. The head asked lecturer of my college whether he know me or not. With Baba’s grace he replied affirmatively. The evaluation head explained him my problem & told our college lecturer that he will give him a confidential letter containing my supple marks and 1st yr clearance certificate record addressing to registrar of that college in which I wished to take up admission and added that he himself had to hand over the letter to registrar the next day. The college lecturer agreed and letter stating I had passed my BSc deg was handed over to him.

It was 6:30pm in the evening. Again tears rolled down my eyes and I don’t know what to say. I was not getting any words to describe my happiness and degree of my emotions, but just look at Baba’s photo in my hands. Finally my college lecturer came to me and consoled. He also gave me his phone number & told me to call next morning before leaving for the selection venue. I was most surprised whin he said that he had nto seen me any day but since I was a student to the same college he will help me as much as he could. I called up my mother to share good news but she informed me there was no way out to arrange money for fees but assured me that they were trying their level best and Baba is there with us and for us. While returning home on the way I could see so many Saibaba photos on shops boards, behind vehicle every where I could see only Baba. All these things encouraged me a lot and proved that only Baba can make possible those things which seem to be impossible. I was prepared for seat selection counseling and was firm that Baba will make all arrangements. I directly went to Saibaba temple and prayed to Baba.

After reaching home I arranged all required documents for the next day, but the most important thing for that time i.e Rs. 50,000 were remaining. My mother and brother both were trying all possible sources, but we were not possible to arrange even Rs. 1000, then how could such a big amount be arranged overnight. I started crying with questions in my mind. Since I had passed out entrance exam with good ranking the timing for counseling was 9:45-10:00. I was getting nervous but I was praying all the time. Inspite of lot of efforts my mother and brother was not able to arrange money as such we did not have security also, no property nothing, she told it’s not our reach. We can’t think of admission further. I was so much in pain that I cried continuously. But then a miracle happened it was Saibaba who sent one of my old friend who gave us Rs. 5000. A ray of hope was seen again and then series of miracles of Baba followed.

My family had tried for money before from a person. That person, because of my Baba’s blessings called up & told that he is ready to give Rs. 20,000 next day morning. my Baba did not leave our hand still. Another person who was also called up and approached called us & told to collect Rs. 25,000 in morning and my best friend’s mother also got ready to give Rs. 10,000. I have no words to write how my Saibaba takes care and protects His devotees. I rejoiced in happiness, I felt like jumping in that happiness. 9th morning I went to selection venue & was waiting for my mother & brother to come along with DD & meanwhile I called up our lecturer Mr. Panduranga Acharya Sir, I cant forget him for his timely help. At night we had only Rs. 5000 and in the morning now we had Rs. 10,000 extra in hand. My mother and brother collected money from all those kind souls and went to bank to make DD. Finally my mother & brother came with DD. We all went inside hall. My college lecturer handed over the letter and when my name was called I went along with my mother and Baba was with me and He helped me to choose good college. I got selected in BMSCE college one of top colleges in Bangalore. It was my Saibaba who joined me to MCA. He held my family’s hand when we were in trouble and helped me to do MCA.

Moreover we got a educational loan by Baba’s blessings only from the bank where my mother had her account without any security. From the amount thus obtained I brought computer and also bank sanctioned a loan three years for university fees of Rs. 50,000 for each year till MCA course was completed. My Saibaba has shown so much of care for me and my family and completed my mca degree. Today with His blessings I m doing 6th semester live project at Aricent and as per my Baba’s wish. I got placed in Aricent Company as developer on august 21st 2008, Thursday on Saibaba’s day. Really no no no words to explain His miracles, I experienced and always his blessings are there with us.

How I got this job is also a miracle which I will post in next post.

My loving Saibaba if I have written anything without my knowledge in pride please forgive Your daughter. I m too small to put Your miracles in my life in words, thank u Baba for Your blessings and giving me and my family Your darshan of heaven on this earth “Shirdi”. Thanks for Your blessings and each and everything You have given me in this life. Always be with us. Today I m so so so so happy to write about my Sai’s miracles in my life.

Baba bless us all

Om Sai Shree Sai Jay Jay Sai

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  1. Dear Sai devotee,
    Really I don’t have words to express my feelings. Sai is always with us, our ego only is not letting us to feel the almighty.

  2. very touching experience… good to know that ur faith stood you in stead.

    would love to hear how you landed the job at aricent. god bless u
    om sai ram

  3. OMG!! What a touching experience. I could not control my tears after reading this. You are truly blessed. This strengthens my faith more in Saibaba. Om Sairam…

  4. om sai sri sai jai jai sai…

    i coulndt control my tears….what a wonderful expreience… this made me close to baba.. n made me learn soo many things…you are blessed….

    sai ram…

  5. Om Sai Ram !

    Wonderful experience ! Reading about Baba's Leelas gives us confidence that he is listening our prayers and will help us out in the right time.

    Baba Bless us all. Amen !

  6. Most touching experience dear friend, hats off to ur faith in Sai, because till end moment u dint loose faith in baba and our merciful sai kept up ur faith by showin u a great miracle jus a day before ur seat selection

    Sainath maharak ki jai

  7. dear maha lakshmi
    really happy to read your heart touching experience.really i am writing this with tears in my eyes..really you are blessed child of baba..may our beloved father shower his blessings upon his children always.thanks again for sharing with all of us and even many more thanks to hetalji..

  8. i am feeling short of superlatives to appreciate ur faith and patience. what a wonderful sort of belief u have and what a fantastic patience u got!!!! if i were in ur position i would have got fedup and started blaming baba. never in my dreams would i have behaved so balancedly as u did…..u r blessed sister….

  9. OM SAI RAM Mahalaxmi ji

    Your situation and my situation are somewhat similar…i dont know why i got your experience today….Although we dont have any financial problem …i am also Postgraduated MCA 2011 batch..seeking for a job from last 1 year.m tired of failures…but let sai maa decides whatever she wants to give me..You are really blessed….I just want to give happiness to my mother n father….May sai nath give u everythng…


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