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Devotee Experience - Rashmi

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When we feel that Baba is acting according to our wish, our love, faith and devotion towards Him increases many folds and words fall short to describe our happiness. Following is such an experience of a lady devotee of Sai Baba.

Hi Hetalji,

I visit your site for bhajans and want to thank you for your great work.

I also want to share my miraculous experience with Baba. I was having some problems at work last week and as usual I prayed to Baba. I also said next day after the meeting I will come to the temple for your darshan. Next day with Baba's grace everthing will be alright and as per my promise and also to get more peace I headed towards Temple and while going I just said, "Baba please show me that You are listening to my prayers".

I reached temple around 6:25 pm and Dhoop arati was about to begin and I had to go to pick up my daugter so I decided to take quick darshan and go. I put my head on his Paduka and then look up at his face. I couldn't believe my eyes and my heart was full of love and tears in my eyes. Baba's 6 feet murthy was dressed in the dress which I offered Baba on 17th nov 2008 on my birthday. I knew right then Baba was with me and He answered my prayers. This was not co-incident as that temple get lots of robes for Baba. He could have wore any other dress but He was wearing mine. Only Sai devotees like you can understand what I felt. So I decided to share my experince with others.

Sai bless all of us. His leelas are amazing and words can not describe it. But I tried to describe to express my love for Baba.

Sai ram,

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  1. Dear Rashmi jee,

    It renewed my faith in Sri Sai after reading your experience. He is always there for us. We have to surrender to his lotus feet and remember that he will take us out of all troubles.

    Jai Sai Ram.

    Sai Pujita


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