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Sometimes we take our small deeds or seva as small ones, but then Baba makes us realise that He has fully blessed that deed of ours and make us feel that whatever we have done was not a small deed! Same thing happened in my case too. The service or say responsibility or duty, by whatever name it be called, of taking prayers to Shirdi was started casually and many devotees have volunteered this service since it has been started.

But the flip side of this service was very emotional, totally unseen, which burst out more love for Baba. For those devotees who live abroad or are not fortunate to receive the Divine call from Shirdi, feel satisfied that at least they are not able to be present in front of Baba in person, their prayers reach physically (in the form of print outs) and also they are answered. I received many thanks giving mails confirming this fact. A small incident signifies this. Few months back, a devotee had volunteered to take prayers to Shirdi. A lady Sai Devotee, living in US had sent her prayer to Baba, pleading for a child. After few months she informed that devotee that she was expecting a child and thus Baba has fulfilled her wish even though she had not prayed Him while standing in Samadhi Mandir.

In reply to an earlier post, I received the following mail. Again a lady devotee of Shirdi Sai Baba experienced whose plan of going to Shirdi was cancelled but Baba gave her darshan.

Aum Sri Sai Ram

I would like to share the wonderful experience in line with the subject name “Prayers reached shirdi on January 17 2009”.

I keep reading these Sai mails almost alternatively now ,reading and sharing the devotees experiences have become a part of an evening ritual (after office hours).

I was thinking about an incident, one of our Sai sisters had written 3 days ago that she suddenly felt an urge to see ‘Sai Ma’ while doing shopping in a market and Lo ! she saw Shirdi Sai Baba photo in the shop. I was travelling to meet my aunty (whose daughter has just returned from Youth Yatra) and we had a lot of Sai stories sharing to catch up! So I was excited to see her and was waiting at the bus stop at Kurla.

I remembered the girl who prayed to Sai and similarly I was also praying that if Sai can appear if I thought of Him where would He appear and then suddenly my bus did not stop so I had to run behind it and got into it. When I got a seat it was 3 seats opposite the drivers seat so I suddenly saw up there was a shirdi sai photo half tattered but definitely our great Sai Ma’s face and everything was quite clear!!

I started to cry to myself and closed my eyes and suddenly some feeling overtook me…Just to share something before I explain my experience : Our Shirdi trip was cancelled twice as mentioned below (once due to the petrol strike & same time my grandmother got admitted to the hospital and second time i.e. this Saturday my husband had to go to Chennai on an urgent official trip) so I was crying that at least if I couldnt visit Shirdi I saw Him in the bus.

If we had been to Shirdi I would be standing in the line …and Lo ! in my mind I could clearly hear the chanting “Aum Sri Sai Babaya Namaha” the same recorded chanting they keep in the line. Then I imagined that I am waiting in the line for long (and so coincidentally the bus was waiting for 30 mins in Ghatkopar marg) didnt move due to huge traffic jam I felt as though am not going to reach my aunty’s home. Then I slowly imagined that I have reached the mandir and in my mind only Sai was allowing me to put flowers on His Holy feet, one by one I was repeating the chanting still “Aum Sri Sai Babaya Namaha” and then I am doing abhishek for Him wth rose water, with chandan, then with nectar, honey and then rose water again and then finally am putting the purple ‘saari’ robe for Him, placing His mukut (crown), putting the red & golden colored shawl and then doing aarti of Satya sai baba because I didnt know the Shirdi Sai Baba aarti…I, this time saw even Satya Sai Baba in my imagination and all the while tears were just flowing from my eyes. I was wondering no one in the bus should wonder why this girl is going on wiping her tears.but luckily i was wearing a chunni around my face due to pollution and then what happened…the darshan in my mind suddenly got over! I thought what is this baba I reached Shirdi and didnt pray at all…!!! and its time to leave already?? So then I heard my inner voice saying come to Mulund I will give you darshan there…I didnt give it importance because in the evening I had plans to go to Lord Murugan (Lord Kaarthikeya) and not remembering any Sai baba temple around.

When I reached my aunt’s place and we got ready suddenly I remembered Shirdi Sai temple next to her house (it is same as Shirdi statue !) made of marble and very pleasant and same vibrations! Sai Ram I told her to hurry up and we reached at 7 pm and to see what! Right at aarti time we reached and to my surprise there was no single person except the 2 seva dals who takes care of the temple and just my aunt and me! I again cried because the statue was adorned in ‘purple and green’ colored saree and also chandan tikka on Sai’s forehead ! Only kumkum was not there which I had imagined, again I started crying with tears of love for my Baba that He not only gave me inner experience but also brought that experience outwards. Only my aunty knew what I went through that evening. She was so thrilled. It seems she staying was there for so many years had not visited the temple, so she thanked me for taking her and that too at a wonderful time of aarti. We prayed to our hearts fullest extent took prasad and then left towards Lord Muruga temple! Good great darshan there too…

So this was my humble and fulfilling experience and now you will understand when I saw the subject “Prayers reached Shirdi” once again re-assure me from our Sai that even though some of us couldnt visit him , everyone’s prayers reached Shirdi mentally & physically through our sisterHetal Patil ! Another thing to note the photograph attached is the replica of Mulund Sai temple except there is no Baba’s samadhi there. So I was again thrilled

Jai Sai Ram!

Bow to the Lotus Feet of Sri Sai, Peace with all!!!


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  1. A.Venkataraman of Chennai, God SaiRam, please respond to my prayer .
    Due since 1986-87. with your blessings i have to get the required benefits, deprived by the company

  2. I want to buy Baba's statue. Can any1 tell rme if there is any restriction on the size that can be bought. I heard that it should not exceed the size of our palm. Is that true?

    • Saibaba my husband should get job in lansing….even I should get job over there… Please saibaba fulfill our wishes…

    • I believe shirdi sai baba .he helped me favour in times of crisis. I believe baba to help me in clearing all debts against home and Factory.

      I believe shirdi sai baba .he helped me favour in times of crisis. I believe baba to help me in clearing all debts against home and Factory.

      Help me baba to clear all debts of me to get job to my son sharan and business to my son shashank
      Give me health care to my family as a whole.
      Sai ram shivaram

  3. Baba please meri Lakshita ki aatma ko shanti dena, mere Bachhe ko hamesha apne Charan_Kamlo ke paas hi rakhna, par main Aapse bohhhht gussa hu Baba, Aapne kaise chheen liya mere chhote se Bachhe ko mujhse ??? Us 5 saal ki Bachhi ne kya bure karm kiye the Baba jinki saza Usko marr ke chukani padi ??? Poora 1 saal hone chala hai, par Aapne aaj tak mujhe shaanti nahi di. Kam se kam mere Bachhe ko shaanti dena. Kal Maa ki Biopsy ki reports bhi aane wali hai, please kuchh bura mat hone dena. Mujhe pata hai main kitna bhi kyun na roothh Aapse, Aap kabhi mujhe ya mere parivaar ko majhdhar mein nahi chhodne wale. AAp hi paar lagao Baba. Please, mere maleen mann ko saaf aur shaant kar ke, mere bhi Hriday mein Vaas karo Baba. Ab aur bardasht nahi hota mujhse Aapki yeh chuppi. Kuchh to bolo Baba, hamesha saath diya hai is baar bhi koi chamatkar dikhao na Baba. Mujhe maaf karke Apne Charan-Kamlo mein laga ke mere vichlit mann shaant kar do na Baba. Bheekh maang rahi hu AApse, daya karo Apni Kuputri par ;(… I love You a lot Baba Jaan…

  4. Hey baba ji please give me a right and nice job.please bless me and my sister with good life partner as we both crossed 30yrs of life but havn't found match for us and my dad's business is not going well please help him also.again my brother is loosing interest in studies and becoming weak and argumentative day by day ….babaji please give him good health and career and change his nature.
    Nothing is at right place….we are suffering alot.Please bless us all with health,wealth and happiness.


  5. Hey baba ji please give me a right and nice job.please bless me and my sister with good life partner as we both crossed 30yrs of life but havn't found match for us and my dad's business is not going well please help him also.again my brother is loosing interest in studies and becoming weak and argumentative day by day ….babaji please give him good health and career and change his nature.
    Nothing is at right place….we are suffering alot.Please bless us all with health,wealth and happiness.


  6. Hey baba ji please give me a right and nice job.please bless me and my sister with good life partner as we both crossed 30yrs of life but havn't found match for us and my dad's business is not going well please help him also.again my brother is loosing interest in studies and becoming weak and argumentative day by day ….babaji please give him good health and career and change his nature.
    Nothing is at right place….we are suffering alot.Please bless us all with health,wealth and happiness.


  7. Four months back, i had got pains in head and above ear, Daily i prayed 10 days Shri Shrdi Sai Baba for blessings. After 10 days i visit Doctor, he write Scan and X-Ray after seeing the reports, Doctor said nothing was there. This was happened with the blessings of Shri Sai Baba. We visited Shirdi on 30th Nov 2013 for the their blessings. Sai Baba, please give your blessings for my family with health and wealth.

  8. OM sai nath babaji nothing going all right in my family,keep ur blessing on us.ur son.aur sai baba aap kaisa hai.

  9. Sai Baba, you are not a God for me but you are my dad, we always feel the power of you around us as you have been with us through all thick and thins. We are totally blessed Baba to have you bless our lives and family. You know we desperately want another child in our house, all in the family has been praying for the same,Baba, please listen to your children's prayer and bless us with another child. As you know my husband will be going away shortly on his new job, this time is very crucial for us, you have always listened to us, pardon us for our mistakes and give your blessing and fulfill our wish of another child soon. Love you sai baba love you soo much.

  10. Sai Baba , please help my mom , she is a wonderful lady and always thinks good of everyone and helps everyone. She needs your help , she is in hospital after an accidnet, help her get well soon, she is going for a surgery tomorrow morning, please give her power , strength to deal with the situation and make her like before.

  11. Om Sai Ram,

    baba ji meri job lagwa do main bhot pareshaan hu. main janti hu aap sab dekh rahe hai,aap sab ki sunte hai,
    babaji shayad ye mere bure karam hai jo mere samne aa rahe hai… meri shaadi tut gayi mera divorce ho gaya.. meri job chhin gayi.. mera pyar mujhse door ho gaya..
    ek ek karke sab kuch to le liya aapne..zindagi bachi hai usse bhi le lo, apne hi maa baap par bojh ban gayi hu kam se kam ek naukri to de de te taki unka bojh kam kar saku..
    pata nahi aap ho bhi ya nahi, ab to vishwaas krne ka bhi mann nahi krta.
    kitna bura karoge aap.. itna to kar chuke ho.
    babaji jo 1% aap par vishwaas bacha hai usse mat tutne dena..warna fir kbhi vishwas nahi kr paungi

    please baba ji please ek achhi si job dilwa do..

  12. dear sai baba
    aap apne bhakto ki sabhi manokamna poori karte hain. aaj main aapse maangti hu k mujko maar do . main marna nhi chahti par main in problems ko aur nhi face karna chahti hu . mujko aisa rog de do k main bas khatam ho jau . mujko shanti chahiye . aur koi problems nahi. aur jab tak jinda hu tab tak ye musibatein mera peecha nhi chorengi. main jaanti hu k ye musibatein meri hi failai hui hain . par ab mujko mauka nhi chahiye . please mujko maar do aur meri mommy papa aur behen ka khayal rakho.

  13. sai baba please meri sarkari job lagva do aur muje in mansik pidha se mukti dila do……………………………..

  14. Hey Sai Ram,

    Samajh nahi aa raha kya lokhoon..apko toh sab pata hi hai…Shayad apki marzi se hi ye sab ho raha hai.Mere pichhhle karmo ka phal mil raha hai jo meine anjane me ki thi. Lekin baba mere sath meri family bhi suffer kar rahi hai.Ab bahut ho gaya ab aur dard sehen nahi ho payega. Mere kashton ka anth kar do baba.Meine jo paap kiye they un sab ke liye mein apse maafi mangti hoon aur aage se aisa na karne ki kasam khati hoon. Apka diya jo kuch bhi mujhy milega mein usey sweekar karungi.Lekin baba aap aisa kuch mat hone dena jisse mein bardasht na kar saku. Janti hoon bardasht karne ki bahut chhamta di hai apne mujhy lekin ab aur kasht nahi jhel paungi.Bachpan se dukh dekhe hai kam se kam ab meri zindagi me khushiya hi khushiya aaye aisi meri kamna hai. Janti hu khushiya pane ke liye bahut kuch jhelna hoga abhi..mein sabke liye tayyar hoon aur apse prarthna karti hoon ki aap kam se kam kasht me sab paar kara de.Aur jis wajah se meine ye sab kuch jhelne ka nirnay liya hai ussey aap safal karenge.Baba mujhy yani apni beti ko ashirwad dijiye ki mein apne karya mein safal ho jau aur apni family ko khushiyan de sakun.Thank you baba ..I love you 🙂

  15. sai nath
    sab kehte hai aap jagat maata pita ho…mujhpe ek nazar daal lo prabhu…agar sab aap hi ke bachche hai to mai kyu apko pyaari nahi….is baar mera saath dw do sai nath…mai haath jodti hu….bheekh mangti hu apse….mujhse ye do cheeze mat chheeno…aap sab jante ho…aap jante ho mai kya mang rahi hu….is dard se nikal hu jaungi…magar is dard se dobara guzarne ki himmat nahi hai sainath….darr lag raha hai…..apke charno pe samarpit….ek nazat dekh lo sainath….bacha lo is baar…is baar meri pukar sun lo baba…..haath jodti hu….om sai ram…..har cheez me do insaan galat to aap itni aasani se saza sirf meri jholi me aur khushiya dusro ki jholi me kyu de dete ho…mujhe mat todo sainath…jeena chahti hu….khush rehna chahti hu…mat chheeno mujhse wo insaan aur meri job….bheekh mangti hu…..mujhe bahut dard hai baba….kisi ko kuch nahi bata sakti….sar me dard hai….ro nahi sakti family ke samne…. rehem nazar baba…reham nazar… baar bacha lo….bheekh mangti hu….om sai ram.

  16. Sai baba bda preshan hu m
    Apko sab pta hi h plz koi solution dedo
    Ya mujhe apne pas bula lo
    Jyoti ka bhi dhyan rkho
    Om sai ram ji

  17. OM SAI RAM Husband ka USA mein job Jaldi hi final karka dijiye. Sab kaam visa expire hone se pehley Ho jaye binary kisi mushkil ke. Dono bachon ko bhi tarrakki do.OM SAI RAM

  18. Baba
    Thank you for all your blessings.You have showered us with so much love.You know everything…
    Baba i have my faith..pls bless my family.Remove the entity from our lives,bless her and protect me and my family.Heal my marriage..give us another chance.Please protect our child.Baba bring him to his right senses,pls bring him home for good.Put my family togetherforever.
    Thank you grateful for your love and blessings

  19. Om Sai Ram
    Baba its becoming unbearable.
    Please give me the strength..I know you are with me,please Baba protect us.
    End this test now.Bless us Sai.
    Love you

  20. Baba I missed manything in my life. Im failed in my life. Im tottally vex. Please baba please save me I want success in my life. Please baba I beg you please save me..

  21. Om sainathaye namah:
    Baba bless me!!
    Need your presence as always,eradicate all my misfortune and bless a miraculous fortunate life baba..awaiting ur hand a of blessing on my head.

  22. Om sainathaye namah:
    Bless me baba….eradicate oll the misfortune of my life…bless me fortunate life,bus ek baar apna ashirwaad dedo baba.needs u deaperately baba.kripa karo mere baba!!ab toh naath akee basaro…dont ever ever leave me baba…om sai ram

  23. Please baba mujhe meri maa wapas de do please koi chamatkaar kar do main apni maa ke bina nahi reh sakti please baba aapko meri maa ki jarurat nahi hai but hume humaari maa ki bahut jarurat hai please baba meri maa ko wapas bhej do bhale hi meri umar me se kuch hissa meri maa ko de do sai bahut vishwaash karti hun aap par mera vishwaash mat todna meri maa ko wapas kar do.. baba

  24. Baba, My Brother and me are suffering with to much of bad luck. we both don't having jobs. my brother is not having good health suffering with depression and lack of money. Please save us and bless us with good health and good Job and good life. Please help me BABA.

  25. Baba please cure my friends daughter's problem. Nothing should happen to her. I left it to you. You take care of the problem. Om sai ram

  26. Please help me! For my desires to come true at the earliest. My desire and dream from childhood.A miracle!

  27. Om Sai Ram
    From the day you come in my life,I was change totally and i was so glad you accepted me your devotee. Baba you always stand near to me and all my wishes come true after struggling so hard . Baba please help me to get child in our life.Babe please Bless me soon.

  28. Om SriSainathaya Namah.
    Baba, you are antaryami, you know everything.Pl bless my daughter to get a seat in MBBS this year,pl bless the hard work she is doing.Pl bless her to have good health .l seek your blessings Sai for my son to be settled in his job successfully.I love you Sai.Om Sai Ram

  29. babaji please save my family from tearing apart. I am alone with a 12 month old baby my husband is leaving us for another woman dont know what life holds ahead for me. I dont want to be alone im just torn apart badly only you are my hope.Happiness is nowhere near me please help me.please save my marriage.

  30. Baba please help me for my job, marriage and mainly my mother kindly save us and show me a right way and tell me what to do… iam surrendering everything in my life at your lotus feet kindly bless us

  31. my name is vasugi, 7 and half years i loved premkumar, he also loved me sincerely, last jluy 14th premkumar family come and meet my family and me, then premkumar's family on that day accepted my love exchaged flowers for marriage confirmation, suddenly july 30th my father was passed out by accident, after 2weeks going premkumar father called to my brother he said not matching horoscope to me and premkumar, premkumar also not said anything me, he mobile was notreachable, premkumar not talk with me fast 2months, i want premkumar, i want to marry premkumar,i dont wont to live in the world without premkumar, please pray for me change to premkumar mind, i want to marry premkumar please pray for my marriage

    • Dear Vasugi,

      I am sorry that your situation did not work out although have faith that things do happen for a reason and that we are all temporary beings made of flesh on this temporary planet. Just try to have faith and find the love that you have with yourself within. Human love is not forever and it is important to be complete within yourself. I pray that you have found peace as I know what it is like to be disappointed in love. I am sure that Baba is already protecting you.

      Om Sai Ram

  32. Baba please bless me a job you know very well how long I am waiting for this….baba I am going mad day by day..if I have done any wrong please forgive me…

  33. BABA
    YOU ate the Omnicient & Omnipresent & knows every thing of your devotees. Pls be kind enough to be with me . My life is full of frustration , dissapointment loaded with all types of disturbance from all sides. By your grace I am trying to face the hurdeles . In spite of my hard work my suffering is continuing & there is no end to it. Pls BABA help me

  34. om sai ram.. baba i need your bless .. my result is coming in 2 or 3 days and i am in depression baba i need this job bcz i have last Chance plzz baba bless me .. this is not for me it very important to my entire family and our reputation .. i believe u baba..अनहोनी को भी आप ही होनी कर सकते हो बाबा, ।।ॐ साई राम।।

  35. Sai baba i am hurt a lot baba
    he said i am fit for nothing sai
    i dont want him baba
    please help me, please remove him baba
    please help me sai, i dont know what to do i am unable to to any thing
    very much disturbed
    i need money i cannot leave this job
    i am not getting proper job out
    please help me sai baba
    i am very much disappointed
    dont know what to do baba
    help me sai

  36. sai Baba please help me
    i am very much hurt today
    he said i am fit for nothing infront of them
    i am very much disappointed
    i dont want him sai
    please change him remove him baba
    he has lot of money so he is arrogant
    sai please help me
    i cant bare this
    i dont know what to do
    i am not getting any good job out
    i have to stick to this job
    please give me strenght
    i almost cried today

  37. i messed up and made people really upset. I regret it. I feel lonely and sad. I love him a lot baba. I need one more chance with him to make everything right and then I will stop with all of this and be a loving human being. Please baba please. I just need one more chance with him and then I will improve myself as a girlfriend,friend,daughter,sister, and human being. Please forgive me for all the mistakes I have made, and give me another chance to make things right. I am so thankful for everything you have done and are continuing to do. I love you.

  38. He param pita he parmeshwar. so nahi pa raha hu apne bacche k chakkar mein. sai sare sapne toot jayenge baba mere, kuch nahi kar paunga mein . jeete jee mar jaunga sai. rakh lo meri laaz. aaj tak aapse jo bhi manga aapne diya sai. pata nahi kya hoga,baccha hai wo use kya pata , kaise aatega apni life wo. kitna pyara hai wo dekha aapne, massom sa hai bechara nahi pata use kisi cheez ka .

    symtum sare usi k hai he bhagwan laaz rakho he parwardigar. aapk siwa kaun hai mera is duniya mein batao zara, babu bhi nahi hai jinse kuch share kar sakhu. aap hi ho bhagwan aur koi nahi hai. mein kisi k bare mein galat nahi sochunga na hi karunga he sai. na hi maine kiya hia aaj tak .

    aisi saza mat dena bhagwan

  39. Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram

    Durbal ho gaya hu sai bacha lo muje please

  40. Om Sai Ram, Baba you are so kind and loving. Please pull me out of these difficult situations and make my wishes come true. Pls give my son power of concentration and the power to focus on his studies so that he can reach his highest potential and achieve success. Thank you for being there with me and my family always. Please take care of my brother and help him to sail through his difficult situation. Sai Baba ki Jai.

  41. Om sai ram
    Sai baba jaisa ki aap jante ho ki 14 may (sunday ) ko mera CLAT ka exam h or sirf mere passs 45-46 days hi baccha h taiyari krne k liye
    Pichle saal bhi hm exam diye the par hm ni nikal paid shayd hm kuch paaap kiye honge issliye aaisa hua
    Par iss sal hm aapko vinti krte h ki please Sai baba iss bar mera CLAT ka rank 1500 aana chahiye
    Please sai baba hm bhot pareshan h
    Hm aapne mammy papa k ek hi bacche h or khandan me aakeli ladki aagr hm unnlog ka naam ni roshan krenge to kon krega h na
    To please sai baba 14 may (Sunday ) ko 3:00pm -5:00 pm aap mere sath rehna or exam me mera madad krna please
    Aapke charno me kotti kotti parnam
    Mera purr parivar ko aapna aashirvaf dijia
    Or July me hm or mera mammy – papa aapse Milne shirdi aarhe h
    Please Sai baba CLAT nikl via dijia

  42. Om sai ram
    Sai baba hm CLAT ka taiyari kr rhe h aap please mere pe kripa kigia ki hm issbar CLAT nikal le or 1500 rank LA kar aapne papa ko khus kr de
    Please aap much kigia

  43. श्री सदगुरू साईं नाथ महाराज की जय। बाबा के चरणों में कोटिशः प्रणाम। मैं बाबा का अनन्य भक्त हूँ। मैं होशियारपुर में रहता हूँ और बैंक में कार्यरत हूँ। मुझे यह जॉब भी बाबा की कृपा से मिली। मैं बाबा का भक्त सन् 2011 से हूँ। बाबा की कृपा मुझपर सदैव बनी रही है। सन् 2015 में मेरे गले में परेशानी हुई। बाबा की कृपा से मैं ठीक हो गया। फिर 2015 के मई महीने में मैं और मेरा भाई मन्नत के अनुसार शिरडी दर्शन को गए। बाबा की समाधी और मंगलमूर्ति को देख अलौकिक अनुभूति हुई। अभी मुझे फिर स्वास्थ्य संबंधी कुछ परेशानी हुई। बाबा की कृपा से मैं अब स्वस्थ महसूस कर रहा हूँ। और मैं 21 गुरुवार का व्रत कर रहा हूँ। बाबा !सद्गुरु से प्रार्थना है कि मुझपर, मेरे परिवार, मेरे रिस्तेदार और संपूर्ण विश्व पर अपनी कृपादृष्टि बनाये रखें। परमपिता को बार बार नमस्कार है।

  44. om sai sree sai jaya jaya sai…

    baba please baba na bartha na dagariki pampivu baba , adapillalu police station ki vellodu baba , please baba na bartha mari na dagariki pampinchu ,i will never forget bowing on your feet , i love you so much baba ,what am now is bcoz of you, you are helping me in each of my way ,protecting me day and night, baba please shower your blessings on me my husband has to come back, i need to give birth to a child and i will keep your name to my child ,bless me baba please

  45. Please baba please help. My husband is saying he wants divorce. Where will me and my child go. Feeling so sad sai maa please bless my family to be united and always filled with peace and love. Sai ram

  46. Saiii….I believed only you……but today I am left with only tears…..every Thursday I use to took fast…..aapke Mandir ja k…diya jalana…..Harrr chiz jo aapne hukum ki…..HDD aapke ek hi chiz harr Barr mangii Maine……ek hi chiz…..4saal fast…..aur ek hi chiz..

    .Parr fir b aapne mera data ni diya….aajj in aankhon main basss tears hi hai…..vo b is liye…k harr chiz aapke vshwash per ki…..PTA ni mere bagti main koun c kami rehhh gyi

  47. Saiii…….today m left with only tears….just bcoz I trust you…..4years fast…..harr Thursday diya jalana….Jo aapne bola vo kiya…..but fir b aapne mera data ni diya…..main ni hari mera vshwash Harrr gya……aapne mere ko harra diya……sir ek chiz hi mangii aapne…4saal….ek hi chiz…..kya vo itni kimatti thi k merii bagti kmmm pdf gyi

  48. Abbb main aapka Nam TB hi Lu hi…..jbbb aap mere hath hue galat ka hisaab lo ge………..bass mere ko nawab do…aapne mera data kyu nahi diya

  49. Jinn bagaton ki baat….saiii g sunte hai…..plz mere liye b dua Krna……aaye bola…..plz iss beti ki b sunn lo…..iskii halat bdi khrab hai..

  50. Baba, you are omnipresent. You know what is going on in my life. Take me home baba,give me my love. I can't bear my life anymore, if you don't help me,kill me.Life is become very hard to carry on,I wish to die everyday. You help everyone Baba..Solve my miserable life.

  51. Sai baba
    Plzz help mee.. I don't what happening baba.completing 7yrs of marriage..but still I am unable to conceive..plzz bless me baba..I am crying everyday baba..forgive me and my husband for all our sins.. plzz bless me.everyday I am dying with this pain baba…plzz bless me

  52. Om Sai Ram..
    Baba apki kripa see mere pass aaj sabkuch Hai..ek pyari beti jisko pakar me bhut khush hun..apse ye prathna Hai ki Meri family complete kar do please..ek beta Meri jholi me dekar.
    Aap to antaryami ho baba..aap kuch bhi chamatkar kar sakte ho..mujh pee bhi apni kripa kar do ek baar aur..koti koti Naman aapko baba..Jai Sai baba

  53. Plz sai..humesha ki tarah apni krupa banae rakhna or plz avi meri ye samasya door kar do sai..ere bachcho ko swasth kar do
    Bahot pareshan h dono…aapki krupa drishti dalo sai .unhe bilkul thik kar do or humesha unki sab prakar se raksha karo..swasth rakho..mere pati ko swasth rakho..unki help karo.or avi main ek problem se guzar rahi hoon jisse mere bachche ko v khatra h to llz wo v solve kar do sai or mere pariwaar ko iss problem door rakho…ap sajnte ho baba…aapke darshan se hi din poora hota h ..bus aap apni krupa banae rakhein…or humari bhool chuk ko kshama karein

    Om sainathay namah…omsairam

  54. Please koi muje bhi bata do mein kaise manau apne baba ko, wo ruthe huwe hai buri tarh se, aaj tak koi bhi kaam aisa nahi that jo unhunune pura nahi kiya mera.ab ek saal ho gaya kuch ho nahi raha hai,karwa do baba kalyan mera

  55. Om sai ram.
    Aapki kripaa hamesha hum sab pe bani rahe.
    sai ji aap tw sab jaante hai sab thik kariye.. please sari samasyao ka samadhan nikaliye sai ji.

    Jai shre sachidanand sadguru sai nath maharaj ki jai..

  56. Hey sai ram
    I want to say something,
    Mera birthday aa raha h 23rd February ko mujhe kuch gift nahi chahiye bas mere papa ko jaldi se thik kar do aur mere pass wapis vej do aur meri mummy ki v problem solve kar do!
    Plz bhagwan mujhe aur kuch ni chahiye bas iske alawa aur kuch v ni chahiye meri mummy papa k tabiyat thik kar do apke alawa aur koi nahi hai ..appki kripya hum sab pe bani rahe

  57. Baba, really I feel low.van never going to change. He always fighting and treating me very badly. Because of my 4 kids, I'm just taking all the problems. I can't. I feel to die. Pls baba help me. I trust u. I don't want to stay with him anymore. Pls I want to go away from him with my kids. Help baba

    • Dear Sister,

      I pray that you have found safety and peace in your life. I am sorry that you are going through such struggles. You do not deserve this mistreatment and my prayers that you will find solace and your husband find his humanity.

      Om Sai Ram

  58. Baba please bless everyone in need. You will be proud Baba. I really want my name on the badge with MBBS 2021. Thank you so much.

  59. Dear Baba,

    You obviously know my innermost thoughts and most severe flaws. Please give me grace and pardon my many transgressions. Allow me to repent in peace and lead me down the path of righteousness. Strip away my ego and ignorance. Replete me with the bliss of your essence and grace me with forgiveness from those who deserve me deepest contrition and allow them them to exhibit compassion for my suffering and troubled soul. Direct my life per Your will and take away my capacity to commit any more errors in this lifetime and the next. My most humble pranams to Sai, Shiva, Ganesh, and Krishna for their eternal blessings and protection. Please protect and help all of those who seek your help and destroy the unintelligent senses that lead so many to a life of misery.

    With my sincerest respects.

    Om Sri Sai Ram

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