The following is an experience of Sai devotee Praveenji who had a darshan of Sai Baba in twin rainbows which is a rare sight.

The title of the post seems strange, isn’t it? But it’s a true fact. It is rightly said that nature is God and our Sadguru Sai Baba is not an exception to it. He is everywhere and we only need such a loving vision to see Him everywhere.

Seeing two rainbows at the same time is a very uncommon phenomenon but it’s a true fact. I could gather some information regarding this phenomenon through my brother who is a pharmacy student. He said that out of the two rainbows one is called the primary rainbow and the other one is called the secondary rainbow. The secondary rainbow is slightly lighter than the primary one and the sequence of the colours is also opposite. It is based on the principle of ray optics – refraction and internal dispersion. Now forwarding the mail. He has also started narrating his experience with the same question.

Have you ever seen two rainbows together?

This happened the last August in London. Being new in London I did not know where the Sai centres were located and while searching for one on the internet I landed up on a website which showed the location of one centre in the northern part of the city. My friend and I took the tube from west London on a Thursday evening and after around an hour of travelling, we got down at this tube station from where we were to catch a bus to where the centre was supposed to be. It had been raining lightly all along and after 10 minutes of waiting at the tube station, we walked in the slight drizzle to the bus stop to catch a bus to the location. At the bus stop looking at the sky where a pretty and majestic rainbow arched across the horizon, I asked my friend whether she had ever seen two rainbows together in the sky. The reply was of course a “No, was that possible?” Let’s see. I said and prayed to Baba to put two rainbows on us.

The bus came and we boarded it but after we reached the location we found that there was no trace of a Sai centre let alone a board showing directions… The only public building that we found was a school which was closed, the time is 6 pm. No one in the area knew of such a centre. After searching for nearly an hour we had to return back disheartened on not seeing our beloved Baba. As we boarded the bus back to the tube station I asked Baba, silently, why he did not grant us a darshan. Didn’t he want us to be in his presence? No sooner had I thought this and looked out of the window, than my heart leapt- lo and behold. There in the sky were two rainbows!

We believe Baba had manifested himself for us and shown us that he was true to us in spite of us not seeing him in the centre.

After coming back I checked on the probability of seeing such phenomena but it was found that such instances of two rainbows were rare.. we also checked the location of the centre and found that the school used to host bhajan sessions on Sundays only and that’s why we missed seeing any signs of a sai centre that day. Attached is a photo of that day. The second rainbow is faint in the photo but was very visible to us.

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