Sai Baba Guided Towards Right Job – Experience of Naresh

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Sai Devotee Naresh from India says; Hello, I am K Naresh, I want to share my sweet experience with Shirdi Sai Baba. I completed my B.Tech in year 2005, I was in job search, nothing was working in my favour so i was completely desperate and left with no options. One day I was reading some news paper i read news related to GATE-COACHING Center name as Vani in Bangalore (Its Entrance Test for MTech).

Then i went to Sai temple i prayed to beloved god Shri Shirdi Sainath with full love and dedication. I asked is this the option left for me, i got the feeling on that day why cant write GATE and do M.Tech, then i prepared with full hard work and dedication with the holy blessings of SAI. I got seat in NIT Trichy completed successfully my M.Tech, I got job in ABB (MNC). This is because of Sai Blessings. So lets pray Sai Sathguru with full heart and dedication you will find right solution and decision will be given by Sai to you. Lets leave burden on him and pray for the best.

Jai Shri Sainath Maharajki Jai.

Om Sai Ram

Naresh K

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  1. Please baba please help me find job. I know I am completely useless but still help me. I don't want to cry daily. I want to be happy.I love my family

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