Another Experience of Sai Baba as Twin Rainbow

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Every act of Sai Baba is unique. His way of playing Leelas is beyond our logical thinking. But here I came across an incident which is similar to the one which we had read before few days. Readers may be remembering a post related to Sai Baba appearing as Twin Rainbows. Following is another incident of the same kind by Prashantji of Pune.


Sai Ram!!

Madam, I wish you a Happy & prosperous New Year.

I also had the same experience while coming from Shirdi to Pune.

On 2nd June 2008, I & my Parents visited Shirdi. We stayed there for two days. On 3rd June, at 2pm we boarded the bus for Pune. On the way,the sky was covered partially with dark clouds signalling heavy rain. Some areas were covered with dark clouds while the other were receiving sunlight. This was the beautiful scene depicting greenary & bringing close to mother Earth.

Meanwhile, I was lost in my lovely memories of Baba’s Darshan & murmuring Bhajan which I heard in the Evening Arti of Baba in Samadhi Mandir.

At that time I was looking for my SaiBaba in sky & suddenly I saw two rainbows.One was very Faint in colour & the other was clearly visible with its complete pattern. They both were present one above the other as it is shown in photo taken by you.

Looking at this, I realised that Baba is with me. As I was desperately searching for him in sky, Baba granted my wish with this twin rainbow showing his presence.

Afterwards we faced Thunderstorm in our way. Everywhere there was lightning and trees were uprooted by strong winds. Everyone in bus was afraid, praying Sainath Maharaj to stop this thunderstorm. As it is truly said that “Jako Rakhein Sai, Mar sake na Koi”, we all reached Pune safely at night.

This is written by Devotee’s father who many a times send thanks giving mails for the bhajans uploaded by me. We reached our home safely with Baba’s great grace. No electricity was there in the area. But with His grace we got local bus to our residence. Thanks to Baba & thanks to you for sending this experience.

Thanking you.
from Prashant Jain (Pune, India).

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