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Today I am again forwarding an experience sent by Bhushanji. Earlier we had read few of his experiences which made us miss one of our heart beats. Really he is blessed child of Sai Baba, this is what I feel. Many of us are aware that Baba took care of His devotees enroute to Shirdi and also after leaving Shirdi till they reach their respective destination. Even today we have ourselves witnessed this when we go to Shirdi. Sai Baba has said, “Be wherever you like, do whatever you like, but remember that I am always with you, even if you are far across seven seas”. Baba has proved the truthfulness of these words in the following incident.

True Sai devotees are such that they see Him in every God. This is my personal experience that no matter which temple I go or I am standing in front of which God, only one voice comes from my heart “Jai Sai Nath”. To put in nutshell, Baba is present everywhere and due to this fact, our hearts feels His presence every now and then. Many a times we all are filled with anxiety and discomfort, which somehow makes us feel that Baba is not with us. This is our thinking, but Baba’s thinking is far beyond this. He is taking care of us in all times. There is no need of any special occasion or say any difficult situation, where His need must be felt. If we remember Him in our happy moments, He is present to take ‘silent care’ of us. Baba does not want anything from us in turn, just constant remembrance of His name with love is enough. I dont think there is any other simpler method of devotion other than this!!! To achieve Baba’s love and care, only one step forward is to be taken and He is there to take us high up. If we start believing that whatever happens in our lives is Baba’s wish and everything is done by Baba, then there is no room for anxiety, fear, worry or tension. There is no end to Baba’s grace and Leelas, but now I stop here and proceed with the incident.

The following incident does not describe any calamity or any tough time which Bhushanji had to go through, instead it was message of Baba to him (and of course all of us) that why fear when I am with you.


After Long time, I’m coming to you again with one more experience. Plz give your views & feedback… SAI Bless U..

Jay SaiRam to All Sai Devotees.

Earlier I had sent 2-3 experiences thru’ Blog of Hetalji. Today I’m sending you very latest incidence. It was a period of great Tension & Pressure for me. I had called Baba for help from tremendous situation of dilemma & confusions. He helped me like anything…!!!!!!

It was due for LTC this year from my company. I was very anxious to go some where with my whole family in this Diwali vacation. I was mainly interested to take my parent with me. I’m never going out without them for a long period of time, as they are patient of Heart, BP & Diabetes. And they always need me. So, I had planned to take them for some refreshment & change.

One fine evening, I went to travel agency, which is well known in Baroda, to book the tickets. By taking name of SaiNath, I had completed all formalities including payment and booked the tickets for Kullu-Manali-Simla-Delhi-Jaipur-Shreenathji (a Package tour). But somehow, after that booking mind was disturbed and bad thoughts of different problems were coming. I could not judge why it is so….? I could not sleep up to late night. Very next day, I had decided not to go on this route and I went to that travel office and cancelled the tickets.

SaiBaba is always protecting their kids. Method or ways may be different….

After few days, again I had a thought “Why I’m fearing & worrying, while Baba is always with me?????” My LTC time period (2years) was also going to complete in this December. So it was on the edge of Lefts. I must go out for my parent. On other side, the Health of parent was the most considerable criteria for me.

Again one fine evening, I went to same traveler office and asked for some another tour, which must be suitable for parent. He had suggested me 2-3 routes of tour Programme. I had finalized the tour for Uttar-Bharat which includes –

Shreenathji – Shri Krishna Bhagwan Darshan
Delhi – Akshardham – Shri. Akshar-Purushottam Swaminarayan Darshan
Haridwar + Rushikesh – Gangaji Aarti Darshan – Ganga Snan
Ayodhya – Shri Ram Janma Bhoomi Darshan
Varanasi (Kashi) – Shri. Kashi Vishwanath Mahadevji Darshan
Allahabad – Triveni Sangam-Prayagraj Darshan
Agra – World Famous TajMahal & Shri. Radha-Swami Temple Darshan
Gokul-Mathura-Vrindawan – Shri Krishna Janma+Leela Bhaoomi Darshan
Pushakar – Shri Brahmaji’s Temple Darshan
Return to Baroda (12 days Programme)

Perhaps He was calling us on their Places…. Aneko Ruup hai Unke !!!

I passed this information to my all relatives, friends & colleagues. I had completed all the formalities in my company, regarding my LTC tour. Thus the matter was finalized and we all were happy. We had started our planning for everything.

My father is Heart patient and already got heart 2 attacks. We have to go for routine check-up and being in touch with doctor. Few day back, we had a talk with doctor that we are interested in tour for couple of week and we are going to plan for that. Perhaps at that time, he took lightly and told us “Yes, you can do so, but take care…”

On that basis I was proceed further.

Again it was a time for periodic checking just front day of our journey 6th Nov, 2008. We had a visit and routine check up there. As usual checking and tests were carried out. And heath was satisfactory. After payment and all formalities, I told Doctor about our next day onwards tour Programme. He listed everything and told “It seems VERY difficult for him. I don’t think further strain is advisable for him !!! It may TOTALLY deteriorate his health!!!!!! ” Then I told him “what to do sir?” He replied “Ideally he should not go!!!”

Now see condition is critical for me,

Booking, Luggage & Mood, everything was ready, and just few hours’ back the situation just became uncertain!!!

I’ll not take them then if anything unfortunate may happen in future, then it will become a great pinching & sorrowful for me, life long, that I cannot take them on their wishes….
If I’ll take them, then advice of doctor & doubt of further deterioration was blasting my mind!! If anything happened on way then it’ll become a great difficulty for us.

Moreover, People of whole society may get chance to say that “It is his foolishness, There is no need to take them. Is it a way???” Duniya kya kahegi? Log kya sochenge??

No one will try to understand my feelings towards my parent.

Now What to do ? What to do ?? What to do ??? What to do ???? What to do ?????

It was really a heart falling & mind blowing condition for me.


I need to feel your presence around me every second of my life BABA…BABA please show me the right path to attain this

And at last I cried with call to my Beloved Shri. SAINATH.

Jab Koe Nahi Aata, Mere Sai Aate Hai…Mere Dukh ke Dino me Bade Kaam Aate hai…Jaye to kuchh bura hona ka pura chance…!!!!


Nahi jaye to jeevan bhar ka afsos rahene ka chance…!!!!

Jaye to Jaye Kahan!!!!???!!!

Kuchh to karna hi padega na ???

Just imagine, If your one side is well & on other side it is valley!!!! What will you do ??

I had taken the decision. And I had done the same after long thinking & discussion with family members.


Mind was peaceful & released….

Again It was temporary.

When we went for journey at around 8:45am on 7th Nov, 2008, the new difficulties raised. After reaching there we came to know that 2×2 sitter deluxe bus is cancelled and instead of that 3×2 sitter will go !!! “Ooh God !!! Further testing conditions??!!!”

But there was no way out for us except taking Baba’s Name for protection & safety.

(2×2 bus is most preferable in long journey rather than 3×2 for comfort & relaxation )

With prayer of Baba in Heart & Mind,

I was feeling every time that Baba was with me !!! Everything was maintained very smoothly and nicely…

We had visited all places nicely, done Darshan &prayers, enjoyed everything…..!!!

After 12 Days…..

I’m very glad to tell you all that we returned successfully. Except some tiring conditions due to journey, there was nothing to worry!!!

We came back to Baroda (18th late night) with Tears in eyes and thoughts in mind… that Why we were worrying?? When Baba is Hearing!!!!

Hum ye kyu bhul gaye ki –
Unke hi to darshan Kiye the hamne har jagah, phir kaise koe mushibat aa sakti hai????

Kashi-Mathura-Kaba Tujme
Sab kuchh SAIBABA Tujme

Saiji ne Meri Laaj Rakhli!!!
Koti Koti Pranam Mere Maalik!!!

Sai tera haath sada mere sar pe rahe
Baki jeevan me kuchh saath rahe na rahe !!!

After reading this whole matter, you may think that what is in that? It’s not a big thing!! But for me, it was a Miracle…. It was a great Deal done by Saiji Maharaj. B’coz I knew the high degree of risk and chances of abnormalities.

May the Merciful Sri Sai Baba always shower His grace on us and our families and remove our problems and anxieties by giving us all – strength , goodluck, success and happiness with peace of mind.

May SAINATH Bless all.

Bow To Shri Sai……..
Peace Be To All
Bhushan Dholakia

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  1. Really wonderful experience.. a perfect example of shraddha on our deva..totally surrendered…. baba i too want to surrender myself at your lotus feet, accept me baba…bless me deva …aap ke charno ki dhul bana do maa..

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