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Here is yet another experience of Sai Devotee Meenaji. After reading her experience, I was reminded of following incidence from Sai Satcharitra. “See, to keep My words, I would sacrifice my life, I would never be untrue to My words. I require no conveyance, carriage, tonga, train or aeroplane. I manifest Myself to him, who lovingly call Me” this has been said by Baba when He was invited by Shri B.V.Dev, Mamlatdar of Dahanu for Udyapan ceremony of his mother of feeding 100 – 200 Brahmins. Baba did fulfill His promise and attended the ceremony, but it was Dev’s misfortune that he was not able to recognise Baba in disguise. If Baba is invited with full faith and devotion then, we must not doubt Him. Baba rests there where there is full faith and trust. When the devotees surrender themselves completely to their Sadguru, He sees to it that, the religious functions in their houses are duly executed and complied with all the necessary formalities. Not even this all other wishes are fulfilled even without asking Him. Forwarding the mail from Sai Devotee Meena.

Dearest Hetal


Om Sai Ram.

I appreciate your great efforts managing this wonderful blog. You are very fortunate that Babaji has chosen you for the same.

I want to share with you my experience with Baba.

With Baba’s blessing, my marriage got fixed in January 1999. Me and my hubby went to Baba’s temple to give the first wedding card. I said to him. “Baba you must come to my wedding. I am Your daughter”. On my wedding day, I was very nervous. I was holding Baba’s small picture in my hand. Soon the guests started coming in. I was handing over the gifts and envelops being given by the guest to my cousin. After the Bidai, I reached my in laws house. After three four days, I was opening the gifts and envelops. To my utter surprise, I saw a white envelope with money inside. In the envelope it was written “From Ganga Sai”. I still have that envelope kept in Sai Satchritra book which always reminds me that babaji came to my wedding. Since I was so nervous that day, I could not recollect who gave me that envelope. But it was my Baba only who came that day.

I have experienced Baba’s blessing in my life many times. In 2001, I was expecting my second child. I have a lovely daughter by Baba’s grace. A second daughter was always welcome, but I wished to have a son also. I prayed to Babaji to bless me with a son.

Time passed away and I had faith in my heart that Baba’s will definitely listen to my prayers. On June 20, 2002 , I was admitted in hospital. But till evening the delivery of the child could not happen due to various complication aroused. It was Thursday that day. My husband went out of the nursing home. There was a bhandara of Sai Baba going on. He was hungry since morning. He ate prasad there and prayed silently for me. A soon as he came back from there, I delivered a baby boy. I thanked my Baba for His blessings in form of my son. After 2 years I took my son to Shirdi for his mundan. I do not have words to describe what Baba means to me in my life. I feel His presence everywhere. He is everywhere for everyone.

With best regards.
Om Sai Ram.

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