Presenting here another experience of Sai Devotee who mailed and wished to be posted on the blog.

Jai Sai Ram,

I am usha from Andhra Pradesh, India……I am a true believer of Lord Sai Baba. Last year 11th Dec’07 i fell from second floor with © Shirdi Sai Baba Life Teachings and Storiesany support and my right ankle broke. The operation was almost a failure, he give me assurity of only 30% success. After the operation which was a success the broken bone will set up in 3 months time. That three months i was in bed only. It is very very difficult at the age of 28. After one month, i went to doctor for check up. He told your bone is not set, and we returned home. Then i read Saibaba History Book and i took little Vibhuti and i placed on my leg. I truly prayed to Baba, next time i went to check up and doctors took the x-ray. It was wonder !!! Doctor was surprised, he took up one more operation. This is the first success story. He told me you are very very lucky.

See we trust Baba He will save us ever and ever. After 3 months i started to walk and doctor gave me chapalls and said, dont remove them if you remove then support screws will break, from that day onwards i wore that chapalls. Last month in September i went to Shirdi and asked PRO office to allow me to go with chappals. They simply refused, and we called doctor he told if you will remove chappals, u will be ablte walk only a little distance. Then i came to temple and i removed chappals. I went to Baba’s Samadhi. I had no pain nothing. Really Baba saved me. It is very wonder of my life. I trust baba. Trust Baba He will save.


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