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The following incident is taken from Sai Leela Magazine. I was touched to © Shirdi Sai Baba Life Teachings and Storiesread it how Shirdi Sai Baba saved a lady’s life.

6th Dec. 2007, Thane Railway Station Platform II – Time 9.30 pm…

While waiting for the train to Dombivli, I was listening to a Sai Dhun on my mobile.

Just as the train entered the station, I moved a little forward. All of a sudden someone snatched my mobile, jumped onto the tracks, and ran away. The sudden jold was tremendous and I fell on to the tracks. I saw death staring me in the face. As the headlights of the train came closer I could see the faces of all my family members. I prayed to Sai, “Now do what you wish!” Somehow, perhaps inspired by Sai, I turned to my left and squeezed myself into the tiny bundle.

The motorman braked; but three bogies went over me before the train stopped. People on the platform screamed, “A lady has fallen under the train! She must be dead!! Her body must be in pieces!!!” But, when I crawled out from the space between the two wheels, the people let out a hurrah – “The lady is safe! She is alive!!”

I was carrying a purse and a bag and was in a Salwar Kameez with a Dupatta; but there was not a scratch anywhere! Isn’t this a miracle? All my life I shall never forget tha my Sai saved me and gave a new lease of life.

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Hetal Patil
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  1. How many of us can remember Baba in the instance when death is staring us in face? That takes lot of sadhana, faith. To such devotees aid, Baba comes running.

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