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Day by day devotees of Shirdi Sai Baba are increasing. There faith in increasing due to His Leela’s in this age of science and technology. After reading the experiences of devotees, be it from Sai Leela Magazine or which devotees mail me, I feel that Baba makes all of us feel His presence. It shows that He is with us as before. I am reminded of Baba’s relation of 72 generations with Shama. I strongly feel that we all also have © Shirdi Sai Baba Life Teachings and Storiessome relation with Baba and that’s why we stand united in some or the other way. Here is post another small yet heart trobbing incident sent by Sai Devotee Pinky.

Hetal ji

I’m writing my experience of BABA’s leelas for the first time. Kindly pass it on to all the SAI bhakts.

This is the first time I’m writing my experiences of BABA’s leelas. Earlier I didn’t believe in Sainath, infact I wasn’t aware of BABA but through one of my Saibhakt friend I came to know of BABA. I always thought that whatever happens in our lives is due to our fate but this thinking of mine is completely changed now. I have a firm belief, now, that whatever happens with us is all BABA’s wish. We may think that whatever we are going through is bad or even the worst we can go through but we forget that everything is being obseverd by HIM, HE is the almighty and SAI is always looking at us. HE ensures our happiness and wellness by taking pain himself. I had been experiencing SAI blessings with me every now and then. BABA has saved my life a lot of times. I’m alive today just because of BABA. Let me share one of my experiences with all the SAI bhaktas.

Once we went to Nainital for an official trip. We were in a Tavera car and while coming back from there, the road was very slippery due to rain and it was around 12:30am at night, there was complete darkness on the road, also the road was in a very bad shape, we were 9 people in the Tavera and all of us were half asleep and suddenly the driver somehow lost balance and the Tavera was about to turn completely, and if it had happened we would have definitely suffered a severe accident. But BABA was there with us and the Tavera just tilted a bit and stopped there only. One by one, all 9 of us came out of the Tavera with the help of other passengers on that road. That day BABA saved my life as well as the life of my friends also. I pray to BABA deep from the bottom of my heart. HE is our saver, our MOTHER. That time I didn’t realise that we were saved by BABA but now I have understood BABA’s love and care for us. Now I have firm faith in HIM. I have slowly realised BABA’s leelas. May BABA bless everyone always.


Pinky Ahlawat

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