Sai Baba Entered Into My Life Miraculously – Experience of Bonnie

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We are no longer alien to the fact that Baba is around us, continually taking care of his devotees. Let take a look at another great experience by a fellow devotee of Sai Baba – Bonnie.


Hello Hetal,

I wanted to share how Baba came into my life and changed it for better.

A fine day, while I was having a blissful sleep in the night, I heard in my dream, “Sai Baba of Neem.”

The next day, when I woke up in the morning, the words had stayed rooted in mind. I thought – “Who is this Sai Baba of Neem? I wonder if it is Sai Baba with the big hair.” Then I realized I didn’t really know what Neem meant, and for sure, I didn’t even know how to spell it. So I went to the computer and Googled it the way it sounded. Articles about Shirdi Sai Baba came up in the search results. I started reading about this Sai Baba. I quickly began to realize that I was relating to this Man and His words. His life made so much sense to me on a personal level, bringing such joy and happiness to me.

I found myself reading through the many pages on the internet, and I was strangely attracted to his charisma. I cherished searching about him on Google every time I logged on. I listed up with websites or saved them to favorites if they said something about this amazing person.

The dream connection was made in October 2005. After that, I would find myself casually going to see Baba. Each time I started feeling like something more was happening than that could be put in words. Then on New Year’s day of 2006, I woke up to Baba Bhajan playing on my computer with his image on the full-screen of the computer. This felt very important. I knew it was he who had caused this as there was no other way for this to be happening. So I got up, went, and just sat there looking at him, trying to make a deep connection. There I was trying to ask HIM – What do you want?

As I was gazing at HIM, I remembered a long-forgotten childhood memory. I remembered seeing HIM floating over the bed at night. When I told people about it, they said it was my imagination. So with time, even I brushed it aside and forgot the fullness of HIS face. With this memory restored, I felt that Baba has always been there with me, and now, I am back with him. I found myself in awe and also at peace. It was as if the relationship had come alive again and awakened with him.

As I spent more time sitting there, I realized He was asking me to form a small group to read His Satcharita. Without a moment’s hesitation, I responded. I had been reading online only. So I knew I needed to order the book called the Satcharita and get few other things for this small Sai group. I hadn’t read the Satcharita from cover to cover – I had only heard little references and stories gathered from the internet. I ordered the book and started making a flier to let people know about the group being formed. In the meantime, I kept seeing in the mind’s eye an vision of a red trishool. I was curious about the image but brushed it aside.

Finally, the package from the Shirdi Sai Temple in Chicago arrived with the books and things I had ordered. When I took out the Satcharita, I opened the book and began to read a random page. As I was reading, I realized the chapter was about Mega having a vision about a red Trishool. There I found myself experiencing a thrill. I was as if I were Mega himself, as it mirrored the very image I kept seeing.

Our little Sai group formed quickly, and beautiful miracles started happening all around with the people. I extended the invitation to join our group to a lady. Though she was cordial, she said, “I don’t know.” She fully expected that being part of the group was not for her. Then about 20 or 30 minutes after she left, I got a call from her saying she will be attending. She was all excited to be part of the group. She shared her experience and said, while she was going into her next appointment, she saw a truck that had a sign “Sai Supplies.” This was interesting and curious because when she left the place, the same truck that read “Sai Supplies” pulled in front of her. She had never seen this truck before or since her experience. There have been many more little miracles around the group and many personal ones that I would like to continue sharing.

Very quickly, Baba entered my life and stole my heart, and no longer can I call it mine. It is all HIS. Heart, mind, soul, and possessions all belong to HIM. His words ring true – I always find myself at peace, and happy just to know I am HIS. I feel right at HOME with HIM.



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  1. I somehow missed reading this experience..It is a good experience Bonnie ji..You are blessed..About to read your other experience or cont. one..

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