Experience of a Lady Devotee of Shirdi Sai Baba

Below is another heart touching and surprising experience of Sai Devotee family. When Sai Baba was in bodily form, he used to cure diseases of many devotees in Shirdi. Still this has not stopped. Today also we come across many incidents which reminds of such incidents which we often read in Sai Satcharitra. The experience presented here is also an addition to it. Only Sai is the great Healer, is proved in this case. The incident proved to be a miracle in medical science.


© Shirdi Sai Baba Life Teachings and StoriesA Miracle in Medical Science…

My daughter suffers from Asthma. In 2006, she suffered from Tuberculosis, which was cured after taking treatment for a year.

Later she went outstation for a job, but the pollution there caused her to fall ill. Investigations revealed severe Pneumonia. Unfortunately it was in the same place attacked by T.B., and hence the cells in that area were dead. Her lungs were ineffective. They were filled with sputum. The doctor said, if there had been any more delay, her life would have been at risk. Hearing this, our hearts skipped a beat and we prayed and begged Sai Maharaj to save her. Though she was admitted into th ehospital and treated immediately, we could not bear to see her suffer.

Every day I visited Sai Temple and took a flower underneath Sai’ feet and kept it under her pillow. Mentally I continued chanting Sai’s name. We also applied Udi to her every day. One night my husband and I prayed to Sai, Once she is well, we will come to Shirdi for your darshan. I took a vow of reading Sai Satcharitra. Slowly after two days her condition improved. The fever subsided and she felt better. She was allowed to go home.

Though her health got better, she had not completely recovered. A part of her lung was permanently damaged. This disheartened her very much. So, we kept reassuring her to have complete faith and trust in Baba Who would save her from this calamity.

Fifteen days later we visited Shirdi. We took Darshan and prayed. My daughter vowed, Cure me completely from this ailment Baba, and I will come for Your darshan on the first Thursday of every month for nine months. Whilst taking Darshan, the priest said, Take some water from the pot ner the Dhuni in Dwarkamai (Baba used to drink from the same pot earlier) and drink a little everyday. You will feel better.

We visited the Masjid. Not many people were around. Suddenly a man came and told my daughter, Take home some water from that pot and drink some everyday. You will feel better. And then he disappeared, nobody knew where. We filled a bottle of water from that pot and returned to Mumbai after taking Baba’s darshan. My daughter drank that water for 7-8 days remembering Sai every time. Even today she applied Udi and drinks it in water. Medicines and exercises prescribed by the doctor continued. There was not much improvement in her condition in spite of all this. She became mentally depressed and lost all hope. One day she prayed to Baba, Baba ! I submit myself to YOu. Whether You want to heal me or not is Your discretion. I shall accept You verdict happily. Later, in December 2007, Baba came in her dreams and said, You will slowly recover in six months. From that day there was a change in her outlook. She ecame more cheerful. She continued praying to Baba and chanting His name.

Medical investigations revealed that the part infected by Pneumonia was permanently damaged and the bronchus in that region was compressed and deformed. An operation was suggested. Otherwise, she would get infected in that area once again. We were saddened, but our faith in Sai was unabated. We continued praying and aministering Udi with water. And we experienced a miracle. Six months later, an X-ray was taken and to everyone’s surprise it was absolutely normal. The compressed and deformed bronchus had opened completely. The damaged part of the lunch was completely functional. Everything was absolutely normal.

Everyone was wonderstruck. The doctor, also a Sai Devotee, could not believe his eyes. He said, This is a miracle in medical science ! It is a great belssing from Sai !

Baba cured my daughter in exactly six months as promised and save my daughter from a major calamity thereby proving the truth of His assurance.

Source : Sai Leela Magazine July-August 2008 Edition (Gurupoornima Special Issue)

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  1. This is truly a miracle 🙂 even though it was a long wait, in the end everything was fine by Baba Ji's grace. HE is the biggest doctor of all!

  2. This is a miracle……I am 23 years old and i am suffering with muscle disease from 12 years. only hope I'm left with is sai baba.Hope he will cure me…Bless me baba

  3. Sai Ram,
    Baba will surely take care of you and cure you. Surrender yourself completely to Him and see the miracles…

  4. Om Sai Ram.I had treatment of TB and had my last test on dec 12/ 2011 which came negative by grace of Saiji. But still I am having cough problem which is making me worried as even I was suffered with Pneumonia when I was infant.
    But I have blind faith on Saiji that he will cure me completely.
    Om Sai Jai Sai.

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