Sai Devotee Ramkumar wishes to share his experience.

Sairam Dear Hetal Patil,

I wish to share an wonderful experience of mine. I had read your postings in your blog site and I took a cue from one of your prayers (walking 15 kms to Shirdi Sai temple) and myself prayed to Baba for a particular problem to be solved and that I will come by walk to a temple 5.5 miles away from my home here in Virginia, USA (I had three different prayers and wished to walk 3 times© Shirdi Sai Baba Life Teachings and Stories for each of them). Baba showered His grace and I did make a walk the first time. Given the fact that there are no provisions for pedestrians to walk along roadside here in the US except in residential communities, I had to cross a few roads that were highways and one that was dangerous. Nevertheless, I was determined to fulfill my vow putting the burden on Baba and the first walk was successful. My second wish was also fulfilled and I made preparations to walk again to the temple last Saturday. It was cloudy and I was a little hesitant whether to go for it that day because I didn’t want to get sick by soaking in the rain given that we just had our new born daughter in our home and didn’t want to get her ill from me. After about 500 feet, I decided to turn back and later, there was no rain that day and I chided myself for not being so firm. However, I decided again to walk on Sunday (The weather is getting cold here now-a-days and if I miss this warm days, once cold weather sets in, I will have to wait until next April until the weather is warmer). Though there was forecast for thunderstorms on Sunday evening, I made myself bold and started.

After going about 3/4th of the distance, it started to drizzle and I looked up the sky only to find thick black clouds covering the sky with a rainbow indicating it is already raining on the opposite side and it is just a matter of minutes that the rain will move my way. I kept chanting Sairam and mentally said to Baba, “It is all Your sankalpa..So You do what is best” and continued to walk (There wasn’t any shelter where I could rest during rain and I didn’t take my umbrella also). Finally I reached the temple and just when I entered, it started pouring albeit for 5-10 minutes only. I would have completely gotten wet had it started earlier. I was in tears to see Sainath’s Leela. Without an iota of doubt, He is our Maa Baap and our all in all. This might sound silly but each and every Leela of our Lord is marvellous…Later, I will share another wonderful experience of How Baba blessed us with Udi on our marble statue and accepting our prasad.



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