Devotee Experience – Bhushan (Part – 2)

Another heart touching experience by Bhushanji,

I’m again with 1 more Miraculous experience….
Please post it in your blog for all my Sai Devotees…
My Baba is doing so many Leelas & many of them are beyond our capacity to understand. So it’s © Shirdi Sai Baba Life Teachings and Storiesbetter to go in HIS Sharan by leaving all our ego.

~~~~~~~~~ One of the experiences —
I’m settled with IOCL, (which is one of the best companies of India and maintaining its place in fortune 500 companies of the world…..) ONLY due to Grace & Blessings of Sadguru Shri. SaiNath. Though I’m financially & educationally fulfilled, I was doing one of the Degree Course in Computer & Software field from IGNOU.

It was that time, when my schedule was very hectic… My Plant was shutdown (For Information & Knowledge please – In this condition of plant, running process/production gets stopped and maintenance jobs are carried out as it is not possible to perform in continuous running situation…) maintenance work was going on and I was performing 16 hours job a day…!!! I was under tension as I could not prepare for my forthcoming exam. Just 4-5 days were remaining for my exam & its preparations. But there was not a single chance to do so… I was not able to cope-up due to my official jobs and other liabilities….

At one stage I was thinking that “Will I be able to appear in exam or not??” and if it is then “what will I do, without any preparation or practice?? Moreover, it was very difficult to ask for leave on those days!! So it was one more problem for me. What to do? What to do?? and Ultimately, I decided to drop exam and to concentrate on job only…

Par Hota Wohi Hai Jo UNHE Manzoor Hota Hai …
Man Proposes SAI Disposes….. Unho ne kuchh aur hi soch rakha tha !!!!

Time passed like sea-sand from palm…. I could just read & prepared few topics only and with full work load & tension!!!

The Day, I still remember, it was 11th June, 2008, finally came. I used to go to office at 5:30am in Morning shift. I wake up early in the morning, at 4:45am and saw Baba’s face first *it is my habit since last 10 years… After Darshan, I got ready for my duty…. I came out of house and draw bike out side the compound, and saw that it was punctured!!! I took another two-wheeler but it did not start even after kicking it 30-40 times…!! I was getting late… But who will carry me in early in the morning??? Waah what a creation of task you have performed my SaiNath!!!

I was very much angry on my condition and ill luck at that time!!! But He must be smiling on my limitations and foolishness!!!

That is the problem with us… We don’t keep that much Faith, Trust, strong belief and confidence on Almighty!!! While we are under HIS Divine Shelter, then why should worry??? But though we are doing ….

In time of difficulties, don’t ever say, ‘Hey god i have a big problem. Instead say ‘hey problem , i have a big god and everything is gonna be okay’.

I had decided to go for my work in Company Bus at 8:00am. Now my tension was multiplied number of times…. As I was late comer and now explanation was required to be given to my Boss!!!

I went back into home, cooled down, and slowly settled with the situation. Then I again tried to study something further but could not concentrate!! I went to my office at 8:00am and got very busy with all my routine jobs.

My exam schedule was 2:00pm to 5:00pm, and it was for sure that I will not be able to appear for exam!!!

Now see how the situation is changing in life…. I’ll say How Babaji change the situation of life!!!!

Every coming event caste has their shadows before!!!

But sometimes we could not get it properly…

All of sudden, one of my senior manager came to me (generally he did not talk much with all and have powerful personality) and asked: “Bhushan, Are you doing some further study of computer, what is your progress??” I slowly replied (as it was my paining vain that time): “Yes sir….” By catching my lusterless & feeble behavior, he immediately asked me: “Are you ok?? Any Problem??” I told him all details briefly…. He quietly listened everything. After few seconds, he took deep breath and orderly told me: “You go home and appear in your exam..…” I just ran away for my home by avoiding wastage of time… It was 11:45am when I reached home. I had only 1 hour for reading!!! After praying GOD SaiNath, I left home at 1:30pm. Took place in exam hall with tension, fear & with less confidence….

Sometimes, GOD Pushes us to our Limits. He Tests us Beyond our Endurance because He has Greater Faith in us than we have in ourselves!

At last test paper came at sharp 2:00pm… I was praying SaiBaba for best of my fortune… How can I ask for those things which are not deserved by me?? So just asked for betterment…. I was vibrated and thrilled, as it was very tough one. No preparation and though paper… just imagine!!! Though, I had tried for my level best.

I could try for only 42 out of 100 marks!!! Passing level was 50%. So it was not enough for passing …. I was quite confident for my negative result according to my attempt and performance….

After 75 days….

The result was declared after 2 & 1/2 months, and that day was THURSDAY. On that fine morning, I opened site and search for my number with throbbing heart!!!

And then????

My result was 58 marks and I got passed …… Wow …… How ???? ….!!!!!!!!!!!!

That was miracle for me….. Really!!! So, I firmly believed that it was definitely done by my Baba….

I had inquired for result (rechecking of answer sheet) and one more heart blasting & mind blowing awesome thing came out….. They replied that checking was proper and result is also ok. Your attempt was of 67 marks approximately and you are getting 58 from it…….!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now the question arises who had written for 67 marks while my attempt was not more than 42 marks?? Who did write-up of that 25 marks?? I was mentally ready for my failure but who gave me respectable marks?? How did it happen? Who made it ok??

Questions are many BUT Answer of all questions is one

SAB KA MAALIK EK – The real Creator!!!

The shortest distance between our problem & its solution is the distance between our knees & floor! Those who knee down to SAINATH can stand up to anything!!
Sai is Almighty.

Million of salutes to Lord Sai…
Sakshat Dandwat Pranam … Sadguru SaiNath “God SAI Gave Me Nothing I Wanted. He Gave Me Everything I Needed.”

May Sai Nath Bless us All.


Photo Courtsey : Sai Devotee Kouwshik

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  1. Thanks for posting such a wonderful experience. Very well written with beautiful analogies.
    You have abundant Sai Blessings.

  2. Dear Sai Devotee Sir,
    Om Sai Ram
    Tears were rolling down when reading your blessings of Sai. You had written very well. Sai is with those who do their duty sincerely. Sai has shown you as a example for me.
    Thank you Sai.
    Love You Sai. Live you All.

  3. Same as my experience i given high court exam without prepration but with babas blessings i got 2 rank in 24k candidates paper was very tough with babas blessings i got job when i needed the most

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