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Sai Devotee Bhushan has experienced great Leelas of Shirdi Sai Baba in his life. Through the medium of this blog, he will sharing all miracles that he has experienced.

Hetalji, Sai Ram

By Grace of GOD Shri. Sai Nath, I encountered so many Miraculous & Divine Experiences in my life. I am sharing my latest experience, which happened on 18th Sept, 2008, Thursday. I’m writing this only due to HIS grace – In two ways: 1st: Not a Leaf moves except his Grace!!!! Without Permission & Power provided by HIM, We can’t do anything, in fact Nothing!!! 2nd: I’m still Living among HIS Most Beautiful Creations

I’m Working with Indian Oil Corporation Limited at Baroda, Gujarat. It was 18th September, 2008, Thursday. At sharp 8:00am, I start for office. I usually prefer Bike to go to office. It is about 7.5 Km away from my house, so it is takes half an hour to reach, if one has to go smoothly. My driving is always very confident & steady. I’m having very old habit of singing some Bhajans, Dhuns or Prayer while going & coming, whether I’m driving or walking.

The flow of traffic is always very high in these areas due to many Well-known Mighty Industries, Refineries & Multi-national companies Like Reliance, IOCL, IPCL, GSFC etc. are situated in this direction. So, all employees & their transportation are passing through this road only. This road is usually remaining jam packed with Scooter, Bikes, Cars, Jeeps & Buses etc.

On that day, the everything was regular & normal. I was murmuring the beautiful lines of SAIBABA TV Serial of Star Plus — Shirdi Me Reh Kar Bhi Tera, Kan Kan Me Vaas Hai, Koi Paas Ho Ke Dur Ho, Tu Sabke Paas Hai. On the way, there is a beautiful temple of many God-Goddesses and last year, Shri Sai Nath Temple was also developed in the same premises.

When i was standing opposite the crowd against temple (as that was Thursday, so many devotees were there), i saw a cow, trying to eat flowers and other eatable offering items for GOD from the seller who were sitting outside the temple gate.

To protect their goods, a lady started beating that cow (A Pet animal of Lord Krishna!!! Sabko Sammati de Sai Ram !!!) and all of sudden it rushed towards road direction. And the traffic was at its full strength!!! Now you can imagine what will happen?? One rider escaped forward from its direction and other came out very close to divider (center of double track road). This situation was quite alarming & critical for me and i too adjusted myself.

But, it takes only a fraction of second for an accident to happen!!! I badly collided with previous one though it was not my fault. I was with speed of 30-35 Km, so i was very conscious till i fell down. My bike was thrown approx. 10 Feet away from me. At that time there was only word was in my mouth & heart




The panic situation followed when staff bus was ready to crush me under its mighty wheels which were just 1 feet away from my head. Bus managed to apply breaks badly. Oh!! Sai You are really protecting Your devotees from all misfortunes!!! Sai Dayalu Sai Kripa Sindhu!!

There were six temples in a row, however there was temple of Lord Sai Nath where I fell down and HIS Beautiful Ever Smiling face was in front of me till my eyes were closed (I was unconscious for few seconds) saying me “DONT WORRY”

Though it was big impact & hard fall, i didnt get any major injuries like fracture, head injuries or major defect else situation was ready up to the death! My vehicle was badly damaged, but for me ONLY a small skin burning & pain was there due to mild scratches. Jaako Rakhe Saiya Mar Sake Na Koi

Lastly, when I came to conscious, i immediately saw Shri. Sai Nath for conveying THANKS for unbelievable protection & for DARSHAN on my Re-Birth. I saw a WHITE shadow rushing from road side to temple and freezing on BABA’s statue within fraction of a second. I was just SPEECHLESS, STUNNED & DISMAYED on all these happenings. I cannot express everything in words, but still i have tried my best.

May Sai BLESS us ALL.
Sabka Sada Sarvada Mangal Ho !!!

He who comes to my Samadhi, his sorrow and suffering shall cease.

Let us have faith in God our BABA, the Omnipotent, the Eternal, the First and the Last, who grants life and determines the end.

HE bestows bounty, and only HE can restore crushed hopes.

Let us have faith, and not lose hope, wait patiently.

BABA indeed will create a way to free us from our hardships.

May we always step out in faith on the promises of BABA!!!

Shri Satguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai

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