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Two of the experiences of Bhushanji were already posted on the blog before few days. He is a staunch devotee of Shirdi Sai Baba and has marvelous experiences which he wishes to share with all of us. Even he has promised to share experiences of his friends and relatives shortly. The experience quoted below touched my heart greatly and i was taken a back while reading. In the time of critical situation, Baba was with him still his eyes could not recognise him. But his heart felt His presence every moment and he realised it afterwards. His prayers were answered immediately although Baba tested his Shraddha and Saburi…


I’m sending one of the Extreme Experiences of life….

Unbelievable Experience of SAI Kripa !!!

It was a time of rainy season, Aug 2006. I saw HIS HIGHNESS live……..!!!!!

My father is heart patient since 1993. He got by-pass surgery in April 2003 at Ahmedabad. He found new life by grace of SaiNath…. (Those details are quite lengthy, interesting & amazing, but © Shirdi Sai Baba Life Teachings and Storiesit’ll take some time for compilation. Please continue on Hetalji’s Blog) Upto August 2006, his life was comparatively stable with all precautions, care & proper medications.

One evening, I saw him uncomfortable when I returned from office. It was around 6:30pm. I told him for check-up with doctor if needed. But he is unique person & always thinks for others. So he thought why to disturb his son, after spending whole day at work!!! He took some meal, medicines and again sleeps down on the floor… I found the abnormality and mentally got ready for forth-coming hard struggle of survival… (Now that much capacity is coming by grace of SaiBaba).

Till night condition was under control, but then slowly health became worst… he was badly vibrating, not able to take breath even… Condition was just like heart attack. I took immediate decision for admission in hospital after saying that Sai Nath firse Raksha karna. Then we rush to hospital at around 12:15am. The condition was further critical….

The fire fighting starts at hospital. They took brief details of father’s health and about his current medications. Meanwhile, health was going down and down. The BP was too low. Pulses were missing slowly… Condition was very critical… Breathlessness & extreme nervousness were pulling life on ends!!!!!!!!!!!

Doctors were trying their best… But span of life was the matter!!!

Suddenly one hospital person came to me, and asked for some medicines & injections immediately. It was not available with hospital at that time!!! See the exam of HIM!!!! It was around 12:45am, I immediately rushed for it. All medical stores were out of thought. Shop with 24 hours services were closed in my area. I went 6 km away from hospital in rain and bought all of them turn by turn….


One thing was missing everywhere…. One injection was not available anywhere… I took idea of availability and use of it!!! When I heard that it was LIFE Saver injection!!!! The land was sliding from my legs.

Now you please imagine time of midnight 3:15am (I remembered very well.. and of course how can I forget ??!!), rain was on its strength, heavily wetted clothes, wetted papers & bunch of money, dark, silent & sleepy night, most of night stores were closed & one injection was not available anywhere and that was LIFE SAVER !!!


Force against us can “NEVER” be more powerful than the force behind us, trust SAI “completely” He will never give us anything we can not handle! SAIBABA IS THE GREAT….!!!

I was roaming here & there with absent, tensed & blank mind with only prayer in mouth… SAI RAHEM KARO…. SAI MADAD KARO… SAI RAKSHA KARO….

I stopped beside the road to ask the condition of my father. The replied was that “the condition is same…. But bring those medicines and injection at the earliest!!!” At around 3:35am, while I was totally hopeless, disappointed and on the edge of crying, one fellow came to me from platform of closed shop. He had wrapped his face & body with blanket & plastic to protect him from rain… OR FROM Other’s SIGHT???!!!

He asked me “Kya hua? Kuchh pareshan ho bete??” I immidiate spoke him “haa, pitaji bahot bimar hai aur ek injection nahi mil raha hai, jo unki zindagi bacha sakta hai !!! (there was no need to tell him anything as I was not knowing him, though I gave reply b’coz everything is created by Him ONLY) He slowly asked me “Bhailal Hospital gaye? Jao waha mil jayega” (see who will tell us like this?? Who??) (Bhailal Amin Hospital is well-known hospital of Baroda, Gujarat).

I was under tremendous pressure & tension that time, so didn’t asked anything else and rushed towards Bhailal Amin Hospital’s medical store. * Till date I’m beating my head on my mistake and misfortune that I could not recognize the HOLY PRESENCE of HIS HIGHNESS!!!*

I got same thing from there and one more miraculous thing came out later that is it was last piece & it was just returned back from one patient’s room as it was not needed by him. He was ok so he thought why should I kept it (it’s a costly item Rs. 4800 per piece) with me?? And see … The thought was came when he wake up for urinal!!!! He had sent his son to submit that injection to medical store…. AT 3:35am!!! See that was the same time when I was with HIM… WHO WAS HE?? WHO HAS ARRANGED ALL THESE?? HOW??? No answer…………………

I was happy & hopeful with that injection. The reality of all the happenings came out in my mind after 2 days…. Reached hospital and gave it to nurse…. The treatment and observation was on the high level… Tremendous fighting was going on!!!! I was present there with SAINAAM. I applied BHABHOOTI on forehead & chest. Put Baba’s photo under his pillow… He was semi-conscious with oxygen mask & covered with numbers of tubing & wires.
After struggle of whole night, BP & pulses came up. Criticality reduced slowly. Chief Doctor still gave 72 hours to say something…!!! Treatment continued… that black rainy night got over… sunlight with hope & trust came…

Even after 3 days, doctor was not telling him ok!!! He was giving 50-50% chances….

On 4th day’s report, doctors found abnormality in kidney functions. S. Creatinine was slowly going high & high… It should remain between 0.5 to 1.7 for healthy kidney functions. Serum Sodium & serum potassium were also abnormal. While it was 3.7 in last report. So, doctor was worrying… and he was trying to prepare us mentally for every worst!!! According to him, Dialysis was the only option but here it is not preferred due to low BP & poor heart functions. So again after 5 days struggle, darkness raised against eyes….!!!

On 5th day, we consulted one Nephrologist for cure of kidney functions. One Cardio-Vascular Surgeon & Cardiologist were also consulted with him… After their check-up & consultations, they made some changes in medicines… and gave us some hope & best wishes…

I cried a lot against SAI, and prayed HIM a lot.… Requested him to take me instead of father…. And at last, I had promised that “I’ll come with my father to your SAMADHI…. At Great Samadhi Mandir, SHIRDI!!!”

Trusting GOD should be like the feeling that a one year old baby has : when you throw him up in air, he laughs, because he knows you will catch him back…..!

And then the other Miracle occurs….

Next day’s report came. It was showing that S.Creatinine was slowly coming down!! (While it was in increasing trend earlier) After 2-3 reports of 2 more days, it came down up to normal level!!! Doctors were also surprised and agreed with the presence of GOD SAI in life!! Then everything slowly came on normal condition… It was 11 days Mahasangram….

At Last he got new Life by grace of SaiNath’s Blessings & Love….

When task are so heavy and your strngth is no longer enough to carry them, don’t give up! Where your strength ends, Grace of God begins…..Its a proven fact!!!!


Then we went Shirdi on 25th December 2006…. But there also I felt presence of Sadguru SAI and HIS Divinities… There also we found miracles… that will definitely come to you on this Blog of Hetalji… Please read it Regularly… Jay Sainath.

No more word to express all these feelings, although I had tried my level best!!!

Baba ki leela ko koe shabdo me kaise bandh sakta hai !!!

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