This is another article from Sai Leela Magazine wherein Shirdi Sai Baba helped His devotee to get back his bag with costly articles while going to Shirdi Sai Baba Life Teachings and StoriesShirdi to celebrate Guru Poornima

We live in Songald, District Tapi, Gujarat. We have been visiting Shirdi on every Guru Pournima for the last ten years. On 1st July 2004 we left for Shirdi by bus at night, as 2nd July was Guru Poornima. The bus was overcrowded.

My wife and daughter were accompanying me. Since my daughter was recently married and her new home was in Nasik, we decided to take her there after visiting Shirdi. Since we were travelling by night, she had put all her jewellery and precious sarees in a bag. The total worth of goods was Rs. 75,000/-. Since we did not get a place to sit, our bags were kept near my feet. Later my wife and daughter got seats, but I remained standing and the bags remained with me. Around 3.30 a.m., at Manmad I finally got a seat and I immediately fell asleep.

An hour later, at Yevla, 4-5 passengers got down. They had 3 bags with them which were also kept on the floor near mine. By mistake they took my daughter’s bag. I was unaware of this as I was fast asleep. Sometime later, Baba came in my dream and said, “Son you are sleeping and your daughter’s bag has been off loaded.” I woke up with a start and looked for the bag. But, it was dark as there were no lights in the bus and I could not see anything. A few kilometres later, at Kopargaon, the lights came on. The bag was not there. Since I suffer from blood pressure, I broke out into a sweat. I was speechless. Everybody said, we would never get our bag again; but I had full faith in Sai and so we got down at Kopargaon and took a bus to Yevla. I constantly chant “Om Shri Sainathaya Namah” and shutting my eyes, continued doing so while in the bus at Yevla. A little while later Baba said, “Son, do not be afraid. You will find that bag”… and vanished.

It was dawn-break when we reached Yevla. I made inquiries about the 4-5 passengers who had alighted at Yevla around 4:30 a.m. with the auto-drivers. One of them called the night auto-driver who could perhaps help us. He told us that he had taken them to a farm at A,be-Vadgaon village, about 8-10 k.m. away. We requested him to take us there. When we reached the farm, hearing the sound of the auto, the opeople came out of the house and before we even asked, said, they had brought a bag by mistake. When we told them of the costly contents of the bag, they told my daughter to check thoroughly. Everything was intact. they aplologised profusely for the trouble they had cuased us and also served tea.

Later we reached Shirdi. We got our bag with the grace of Baba, whose words “Shraddha” and “Saburi” rang true. We had bene in deep trouble, but with sai’s grace we were saved. As thanks giving, I later went to Shirdi for Baba’s darshan every full moon day for the next 11 months and all my visits were completed without any trouble with the grace of Baba.

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  1. Baba your leelas are great and unique.These days who will return the valuable articles? The depths of Sai sea is unfathomable.Sairam!

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