In this post you will be reading a recent experience of Shirdi Sai Baba which happened with my aunty during last week. Since two months © Shirdi Sai Baba Life Teachings and Storiesshe was having some pain in one of her legs. She did not pay attention thinking it to be exertion from household work. She only consumed Baba’s Udi. But gradually the pain started increasing. Before 10 days it increased to its limits. She was facing difficulty in routine movements too. So my uncle decided to consult doctors.

My aunty had undergone a major operation a year ago. Now her heart beats double on hearing the name of hospital. She was not mentally prepared to go to hospital. Many thoughts croppped up in her mind and she was gathered with strange feelings. She prayed Shirdi Sai Baba to rescue and she was reminded on only one bhajan “Sai Meri Raksha Karna“.

My uncle lives in a village and so they had to go to another city for treatment. All the way Sai Naam was on her lips. After reaching the clinic she had to face various types of tests. She prayed to Baba to save her from any major problem.

After few hours they were called in doctor’s cabin. Still my aunty was gathered with fear and anxiety. But now the situation had started to become worse. The doctor examined the reports and concluded that everything is normal. He said she need just few ointments and drugs, that’s it. My aunty was releaved to a great extent but she was very happy from deep within. The reason for her happiness was not her good condition but she had a good darshan of Baba inside doctor’s cabin.

My aunty came out of the cabin and said to her daughter that she saw Baba. There is a picture of Baba in red clothes at their home. The same picture came in front of her eyes, the only difference was that Baba seemed to be smiling. She felt as if she was assured by Baba that nothing will happen to you, when I am here and the same thing happened!!! That day was Saturday and she called me at night to share this Leela of Baba to be published on this blog…

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