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Sai Brother Satish had recently been to Shirdi. He took prayers of many devotees which were kept at the lotus feet to Sadguru Sainath. He returned yesterday and dropped in few lines about his experience which he wished to be shared with other members of Sai Community. I was just speechless after reading the whole incident.


Please find below details of MY SHIRDI TRIP and my experience with SAINATH.

I Stared for SHIRDI on Wednesday. My train was at 8pm. I boarded the train and occupied my berth. I was really tensed because this was the first time I was traveling alone to such a distant place. I had been to SHIRDI before couple of times but this time I was alone. I was really tensed but had faith in baba that everything will be fine and I knew that baba is always with me to protect me. When I woke up in the morning I could see some Sai devotees singing baba’s bhajan. They kept singing baba’s Leelas and it was really good to hear those. By around 10:30am I went and told a Sai devotee that we will sing Afternoon Aarthi by 12:00, to which he agreed.

By sharp 12 noon we all stared baba’s Aarthi by placing baba’s photo in front of us. The atmosphere was electric as all of us sang baba’s aarthi in a single tone. After completion of Aarthi we all took baba’s blessings and we all departed. I came back to my berth.

After some time I could see an old man coming towards our coach asking Bhakta, I noticed that no one was giving that old man anything and he was just marching towards me calmly. When he came near me I gave him a brand new DHOTI which I was carrying. I had purchased a new DHOTI before I boarded train on the advice of a Sai devotee.

When I gave that old man Dhoti he was very happy and placed his hand on my head and blessed me saying “baba will bless you son”. After blessing me he placed his JHOLI (bag) in nearby place and started searching for something. After searching for some time, he took 10-15 brand new Sai baba’s photo from his bag.

Everyone present over their were shocked to see brand new photos with that old man because he was very poor looking and no one expected photos of Sai with him in his bag.

He took all the photos outside and after much shuffling gave me 2 photos of Sai baba. In one photo Sai baba is seen inserting his hand in a big bowl of rice. He told me ” see how Sai baba is preparing food for his devotees, can anyone do this”…..

When other persons near me saw that old man was giving photos, they also started asking for photos with that old man. The old man became very angry and told them – ” see he has given me DHOTI so its my responsibility to give him something, so I gave him photos, “those who give me, I give to them” . I could feel Sai baba within him. (Sai Brother Satish has sent the snap of the two photos which were gifted by Sai Baba and I have uploaded it here with the write up. Sorry for the bad quality, but we are fortunate that we can atleast see what Sai Baba has gifted him)

He also told them “you are coming from far places and are spending so much but still there is no use if you do not give anything to poor people.

After telling this he left happily.

After that old man departed. A person in front of me told that he was really surprised because that old man had so many brand photos of Sai. He was looking very poor and no one expected those photos in that dirty bag.

I was very happy that yet again Sai baba blessed me.

I reached Kopergaon by 2 in the afternoon and took an auto and reached Shirdi by 3pm. I took a room and after freshening myself I started towards the temple for baba’s Darshan. It was 4:20pm when I entered the gate for Darshan along with the print out of Sai prayers which I had received from all the devotees. I had a very good Darshan and when I placed the printed papers of Sai prayers in front of Samadhi, the priest did not take it and gave it back to me. I was really dejected because it contained all the prayers and I had promised all the Sai devotees that their prayers will be placed in front of baba’s Samadhi. I did not lose hopes and I entered the main gate again to have baba’s darshan. It was around 5pm then.

I waited till the Aarthi began. Aarthi was awesome. Its really amazing to attend AARTHI in front of Sai Nath. All the Sai devotees sing the AARTHI in a single tone and it was really wonderful being part of AARTHI. After aarthi I moved forward to Sai baba’s Samadhi.

I had heard that those who burn incense sticks on Thursday evening in baba’s temple all their wishes will be fulfilled. I forgot to buy the incense sticks from outside and was also not in a position to go back and get the incense stick. Then I was just thinking what to do and oh…….I could see two incense sticks in front of me. I was really shocked to see that. I picked both the sticks and thanked baba and moved forwards with the print out of Sai prayers which I was carrying. I went ahead and gave the printed papers to the priest and it was duly accepted and was kept in front of Sai baba’s Samadhi. I was very happy.

Please note that Sai baba accepted the prayers only after Aarthi and not before. When I visited him before that prayers were not accepted but after Aarthi it was accepted and placed right in front of him. I took Udhi and went to DWARKAMAYI and took Sai baba;s Darshan.

On every Thursday Sai baba;s photo is taken from DWARKAMAYI to CHAVADI because baba used to go to CHAVDI every alternate day to sleep their. Till now the same practice is followed in Shirdi on every Thursday.

On every Thursday there is a procession which takes place from DWARKAMAYI to CHAVADI.

I enquired about the procession timings and came to know that it will start by 9:15pm. I waited till the procession. By sharp 9:15 procession begun, it was electric, the drum sound and the people gathered and the Sai songs being played are really wonderful to see. I really felt I am blessed to see the procession. I cant express the atmosphere…oh….awesome it was….

After the procession I returned to my room and by 11pm and I kept alarm so that I can get up by 2am to see Kakad aarthi which begins at 4:30am. I was told that one has to go early in the morning to see Kakad aarthi. So I thought of getting up by 2am . I slept off and when I woke up it was already 3am. I was worried that I will not be able to see Kakad aarthi. I left for Mandir by 03:30 am and I joined a queue along with some people. I was really surprised to see only few people in that queue. After long time I came to know that this queue was only for special aarthi ticket holders. I did not have any ticket. The security guy was checking each and everyone’s ticket but when I entered he did not ask me any tickets and let me inside the temple. I was amazed and shocked by this. Without Sai blessings this was not possible. When I entered the Sai temple I was shocked because only me and quite few were allowed to be right in front of Sai baba idol. I was really happy to see baba right in front of me.

By 4:30 am Kakad aarthi began….it was really awesome once again to see the entire crowd singing baba’s aarthi in a single tone. I cant express those feelings.

I also had a fortune to visit for afternoon aarthi which begins by 12noon. After finishing aarthi I just came out of Samadhi temple.

I was just leaving the temple and suddenly I was made reminded of one thing. I had prayed Sai baba that I will put some money if my friend gets a job in my company. With Sai baba;s blessings my friend got the job in my company but I had forgot to put the money in temple as promised.

See how wonderful baba’s Leelas are…he will always remind you if you have forget anything and see that he gets what he should get. This is also written in Sai Satcharitra that baba always reminds devotees of their promises if the devotee forgets. I took out money and I put it in hundi and came out of temple. I went to room and took my bag and left for railway station to catch train which was at 4pm.

See how WONDERFUL are the Leelas of Sai Nath.

I boarded train and reached BANGALORE in the afternoon.

Please believe in Sai Nath and I am sure he will bless all of us and will always guide us in correct path.


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  1. Amazing Experience.. I'm also from Bangalore settled in Sydney.. Reading your experience feel like going to Shridi..

    Om Sai Ram.

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