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Now a days, devotees experiences are being published in Sai Leela Magazine under the title “Is Baba Living and Helping Now?” The whole article is compiled by Jyoti Ranjan Raut wherein four-five experiences are given in each issue. I am presenting one of them here as written by Sai Devotee Vishwanath residing in Pune.

Once, while watching a serial based on Sai’s life on T.V., my wife said, “So many people get experiences of Sai. Why don’t we get any?”

The experience we got after that is something we shall never forget, and never again will we say “Sai is not behind us”.

In 1982, I suddenly had a heart ailment. Investigations revealed a small hole in my heart, present since birth. The doctor decided to see if pills would help instead of an operation. I took the pills for few days, but then stopped them without my family’s knowledge, as I got fed up of taking them.

In June 2004, the problem recurred. I consulted a doctor who said, my blood pressure was very high and I should be admitted to the hospital immediately. Angiography revealed a block in an artery carrying blood to the heart. Angioplasty was advised, but I could not do it then due to some problems.

One night, more than a month later, in August, I suffered from a severe stomach ache. I prayed to Sai and put some Udi into my mouth. I slept peacefully. At dawn, I dreamt of a person wearing a Lungi and Kurta prostrating in front of somebody. When I asked him who it was, the person got up, looked at me and smiled. I then recognised Baba. He blessed me and vanished without a word.

Around noon that day (August 6, 2004), suddenly my condition took a turn for the worse and I became unconscious. With God’s grace, my son was at home and a neighbour too had come for a chat. My son got frightened and nobody could think of what to do. He called the hospital Heart Brigade. My body started turning cold and heavy. My wife prayed desperately to the Gods. Our neighbour Dr. Gujarathi was called. He checked my B.P. which was very high. Seeing my serious condition he immediately stated procedures which are followed after a heart attack. He put a tablet under my tongue and started thumping my chest, but to no avail. My heart stopped beating for few seconds. As a last option, the doctor gave an injection straight into my heart. I became slightly conscious, but due to the heaviness in my chest, the injection could not be removed. At that time the ambulance arrived and I was put on oxygen. The doctor could then somehow remove the injection.

When I was taken to the hospital, I saw Baba’s face. My B.P. returned to normal. All test reports came normal. Everyone in my family was surprised, since I had suffered so much at home. But, it was all Baba’s grace.

Dr. Gujarathi feared that the needle of the injection which he gave me might still be embedded in my heart. He conveyed this to the doctors at the hospital, but X-rays revealed no sign of a needle anywhere. Angioplasty was recommended, but the hole in my heart and my weakness due to this trauma worried my family. Other doctors were consulted, but their opinions differed. This put my family in a dilemma. In the end my family decided to trust Baba with my fate and carry out the Angioplasty.

August 17, 2004 was the operation day. My wife and daughter prayed to Baba. I was taken to the operation theatre around 11 a.m. The doctor began the operation, but stopped after half an hour. He rushed out speaking on his mobile. He told my son about detecting a needle in my heart. Another doctor who was called as an emergency said ti would be dangerous to leave the needle in my heart. A by-pass surgery was recommended. My family was again in a quandary. But, the doctor reassured my son saying, “Trust God, and I am sure your father will recover completely”.

Thursday August 19 was decided for the by-pass surgery. Rs. 1,50,000/- was needed prior to it, but my kind relatives pooled in and collected the money without my son’s knowledge. Baba’s grace definitely. I was told that the operation was small and would cure all my ailments. The days prior to the operation I was constantly assured by Baba and Swami Samarth that they were with me. “I am behind you !” These words of Swami Samarth flashed before me. Baba’s Udi was applied and so I was absolutely tension free.

Before the operation the doctor suggested an alternative machine which would reduce the time of the operation and also the trouble caused to me, but it would take two days to arrive from Hyderabad. But, we in our family had already made up our minds that Thursday would be the day of the operation and so my son decided to go ahead on the same day.

Everybody prayed for me as the operation commenced. When at last it was over and the doctor assured my son of its success, everybody heaved a sigh of relied. My youngest daughter immediately visited Sai’s temple and promised to bring me for His Darshan as soon as I was discharged.

I was released on August 26, 2004. Before going home, I visited Sai Baba Mandir at Swar Gate. My son visited our family deity Lord Khandoba at Jejuri and also Sai Baba at Shirdi. He also applied for medical assistance from the Sansthan which gave Rs. 20,000/-, Sister Nivedita Bank also gave Rs. 20,000/-.

Thus, Baba not only helped me spiritually, but also monetarily. Three months later when I recovered my health, we visited Sai Baba Mandir at Swar Gate and lit 108 oil lamps. We also offered Vastram to Sai.

May the Benign, Generous Sai bestow His blessings to all.

Source : Sai Leela Magazine July-August 2008 Edition (Gurupoornima Special Issue)

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  1. what a nice experience. yes, baba always with us. no doubt. it fully depends on our faith. baba never leaves his devotee hand in any situation, he is always with his devotees like a parents with children. baba keep ur blessings always on us.

    jai sai ram!

  2. Truly wonderful experience.. Strong faith on Baba is what we should be holding on to no matter what direction the situation is turning. Om Sai Ram…

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