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Sai Devotee Srinivas from Singapore says: Jai Sai Ram, Dear Ms. Patil, Kindly send this my experience to all our Sai Family. I want to share my experience with our holy father Shri Shirdi Sai Baba with our Sai family.

The year 2002, i got transfer in my job to Indore. I was traveling in train from Ramagunda to Bhopal in Second AC. My journey started at night from Ramagundam, morning the train stopped at a station, i dont not know exact name of the station but i know that is in Maharashtra.

I was sitting on my berth and in front of me a gentle man sitting. Suddenly a woman came inside train (normally second AC no one can allow other than passengers, and asked me to take one book (Sai Geeta). I asked her what is the price, she told me that not much only Rs. 20/-. I gave money to her and took the book. I open the book that is “SAI GEETA” (approximately 600 pages) printed in Hindi. The surprising thing is, i cannot read Hindi properly, but by the grace of our loved Baba, when i sat to read Sai Geeta, i could read easily and could simply understand meaning of sentences. I was feeling that Baba is teaching to me. And now i can read anything in Hindi easily. Baba taught me Hindi language.

In train there was one more gentleman sitting in front me who was observing what was going on. After woman left the train, he asked me that why only she asked you to buy and gave you the book, why not me. I simply replied with utter dismay that i don’t know.

After reading Sai Geeta my faith in Baba grew.

My First Experience

After two years of our marriage, my wife was pregnant (year 1997) and after two months there was a miscarriage. She got pregnant the second time (year 2000) but doctor told that your wife womb is very small so it is difficult to carry child in womb. We believe Baba, by the grace of Baba, my wife could bear our child upto 7 months and delivered baby girl but her weight was only 1 kg, very small in size just like a doll. The doctor adviced us to put her in the glass for 21 days. Then she recovered



My daughter was not able to stand or walk up to 3 1/2 years. But i am having faith in my Baba and today my daughter runs like anything. This is just because of our Shri Shirdi Sai Baba.

Second Experience

When my family went to Shirdi (year 2005 this was my 3rd visit) to bow to Sai Baba’s Holy Feet, we visited Dwarakamai, i sat in front of stone on which Baba used to do meditation with my family and others. After some time when i was in meditation one cat came and sat on me. The cat sat on my lap until I finished meditation. The cat was sleeping on my hand. I wanted to go for darshan, i was thinking how i say cat to go, immediately the cat went to a guy sitting in corner who was dressed like Baba. He looked at me and I smiled, I too smiled back.

Then we went for Baba Samadhi Darshan, we bowed to Baba’s feet in Samadhi Mandir and came out. When we came out from Samadhi Mandir, the same man who had smiled to me in Dwarakamai, came and asked me, “Can you give me money for tea?”, i gave him Rs. 20/- and left that place to collect Baba Udi. After that we got telephone from Indonesia that i got increment in my salary i.e. Rs. 20,000/- Twenty Thousand. I realized Baba’s miracle.

Today i am working in Singapore (i never thought that i will work in Singapore) in multinational company getting very good salary which I had not dreamt of. I can say this is just because of our Shirdi Sai Baba. For us Baba is everything.

Jai Sai Ram.

Thanks and Regards,



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  1. Sai Mahima!! He takes care of his bakta's just like a mom takes care of the child , whether it is hunger or thirst, hot weather or cold, he provides us with the things we need at the right time.

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