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Shirdi Sai Baba Devotee from India says: OM SAI RAM. Dear Hetal, Its one of my personal experiences with SHIRDI SAI BABA, though it’s lengthy if you have patience you can go through.

It’s back in April 17th 1993. Initally I was close to Sai baba in my house, later my dad was one who started doing Arti at night 10:00 PM in our house. At that time I & my dad were Shirdi Sai Baba devotees. That day my father happened to go to Shirdi Sai Baba Temple in Masab Tank Hyderabad. Rest all were at home self, mom, sister in Old Mallepally, Hyderabad. My dad normally attends Sai Arti in temple, comes back to home by 8:00 or 9:00 PM. My mom was stitching that evening, she was looking healthy and hale. Around 7:00 PM or so while she was stitching, suddenly she got stomach ache, was not able to tolerate that pain. She never goes to hospital but she herself rushed to a near by clinic to seek doctor’s advice. Doctor happened to give her injection (pain killer) and told that she should be alright. The pain was uncontrollable throughout the night. She happened to go to bathroom several times & urinated. Throughout the night she didn’t even eat or drink anything. Next day, Sunday around 6:00 AM early hours in the morning my father rushed her to admit in a hospital instead of waiting on medication any more. She was admitted in hospital (a reputed one) that is close by, as we were having board exams couldn’t go and see her and my parents don’t want us to get distracted in studies, my father told she is keeping well, doctor is taking care of her. Days passed by but there was no improvement in her condition. Three days passed our exams were over and we thought of going to see mom in hospital, I was shocked to see her with a swollen stomach, lying on a bed which was tilted/crossed in shape to make her comfortable in that position.

We sisters happened to tell my father to change the hospital as they are not providing better services. The doctor comes on rounds, sees her & leaves, give some injections, medication etc. It was on April 22nd 1993 Thursday, We sisters at home dont know about anything that Doctor called for operation and we had no clue whether it was going on. Myself and my sister were praying in front of Shirdi Sai Baba’s photo (The picture where Sai Baba is sitting on the stone).I like that photo very much that was the only big photo we had in our house at that time. Me and my sister literally saw bright light in that photo though it was hung to wall I could climb on bed and hold it with hands. It’s fresh in my mind. BABA gave message to both of us that he is taking care of my mother. Baba in the photo was so bright for few minutes. We were speechless. We were anxiously waiting for my dad to come home to pick dinner for mother and also he had to take dinner and go back to hospital again. We were worried why my dad didn’t turn up, it was around 9:00 PM 0r 10:00 PM at night. We were waiting for him.

Now see BABA’s miracle. The moment my dad came we told this incident and he told us that there was new doctor who was experienced enough, who came on rounds that day, the moment he saw my mom’s stomach he called for X-ray. He didn’t literally wait for a moment after he saw the X-ray, called for an operation immediately. Within few minutes they arranged for an operation. The day when operation was done was Thursday. Doctor was not pretty much sure whether my mom’s life would be saved with that operation. If it doesn’t work he thought he should go for another operation. He himself had his fingers crossed and was waiting for updates from nurses on my mom’s condition. Doctor was nervous whether it would be successful or not. Doctor was waiting if she can excrete without any problem as lot of gas was accumulated & also small intestine got twisted in her stomach. (The parts that were removed from her stomach were kept for display, I didn’t dare to see them) My mom excreted (the gas from stomach was released and the operation was successful), doctor after knowing that he said “Thank God”.

We were very happy to know that the time she was operated it was the same time baba showed us the message that he has taken care of my mom’s life. We dont know that operation was going on during that time in evening 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM.

BABA knows who would be real true devotees to him & pulls them towards him, they get drawn to him no matter they prayed or not. My mom prays to God, she was devotional but she never ever prayed to Shirdi Sai Baba though me & dad prayed to Shirdi Sai Baba. .

This event in my mom’s life changed her worship completely towards Shirdi Sai Baba. Since then my mother started praying SAI BABA & regularly goes to Sai baba temple every Thursday. She does 3 Arathis at home, offers food to BABA in afternoon. She became more devotional towards Baba. Since couple of years she does annanadanam on Thursday (prepares food on herself). Our family is indebted to Shirdi Sai baba for saving my mother’s life.

Second Experience

This was 2nd instance when BABA saved my mother’s life.It was around 10 years back incident. My mom had been to her home town for performing some vratam pooja, ritual on occasion of “Attla Taddi” a Telugu festival. As per the pooja rituals all ladies go to lake, light lamps and leave them in pond.

In those days people used to buy fish (small ones), leave them in lake, used feed them. This is a business in some towns. My mom and couple of other ladies were fasting that day and in the evening all went to a lake to complete the pooja by lighting lamps and leaving them in the lake so that they can break their fasting.

There were few steps on the bank of the lake and one by one was going to last step and leaving the lamps, it was my mother’s turn and she got to the last step, left the lamps in lake, just before coming back she swept her leg in the water she was not aware that in a fraction of second she was carried by the currents of water and dragged into the lake.

She does not know swimming. She got drowned except her head was tilted. It was dark at night. No men were coming forward to rescue her, when my mother’s sister asked one of the men for help there he said he had money as he was returning from his work. So he couldn’t dare to jump in the lake and save her as his money would get wet. My aunt was shouting loudly for help. None of the ladies knew swimming and were literally shocked to see my mom reaching from end of bank of lake to other end of bank of lake. Literally she does not know swimming none of them helped her. Everyone who was watching this was startled and was dumb wondering how come she crossed the lake.

It was literally BABA who helped her without swallowing little bit of water, he took her from one end to other end. She did not drink water. There was Baba’s temple nearby and without any hesitation she went and attended the Arti not even feeling shy in wet clothes.


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