Sai Baba Ensures Peaceful Death – Experience of Pushpa

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Today, while going through previous editions of Sai Leela Magazine, I had a glance of an article which was named as ‘Sai Sahcharya’. At first I presumed it as an article regarding spiritual teachings of Shirdi Sai Baba linked with some act of His. But on further reading I realised that it was an experience of Sai Devotee Dr. Pushpa residing in Ambala Cantt. I was so touched to read it that I was almost in tears and decided to translate it.

Below is the article:

This universe is created by Shirdi Sai Baba. Sai Baba listens to us every moment. He stands besides us in life’s most critical moment and makes us feel His presence. The same thing was experienced by us on June 15, 2006. It was Thursday. Our beloved Biji (grandma – here devotee’s mother-in-law) health was deteriorating day by day. She was very weak physically, but was fit mentally. Suddenly on Saturday June 10, 2006, her health was at worst stage and she had to hospitalised. My daughter Astha has immense devotion Shirdi Sai Baba. She had bought some small pictures from Shirdi. I placed one of them near to my mother-in-law’s chest and the other was placed on the wall near to her bed where she placed her head. Since then her health started improving. On Wednesday, June 14, 2006 she asked for Sai Baba’s Prasad (offering). We told her that the next day was Thursday, so we will give her Prasad the next day. But when we reached hospital the next day, we found that Biji was put on ventilation. She was having difficulty in breathing. I placed Vibhuti near Sai Baba’s Photo and then placed it in Biji’s mouth. After sometime Biji’s breath started declining. All of us started looking each other and tried to hide our tears with each other. Our hearts were full of fear. The very scene of death made us speechless. There was dangerous silence in Biji’s room. After one-two hours her health become worst. The most dreadful moment was that when she tried to speak something by pulling all her breath with full energy, but was not able to utter a single word. Biji called each one us, moved her lips, tried to speak with full energy from within, but no voice would come out. We were very helpless in this pathetic situation. Again and again, only this thing was coming up in our hearts that what is that wish of Biji which we are not able to fulfill. We all took our ears close of Biji’s lips one by one, but every time the words were unclear and the results was nill with ‘no word’.

After some time it was felt that she was calling Apurva – Astha. So, we called them up and they reached within one hour from Chandigarh. Astha started crying taking her grandma’s hand in her hand. Few elders said now God has taken away her voice and now her last moment has come. But, Astha replied back saying why do you say so? Sai Baba will surely cure her. After that, she sat aside Biji’s head and started crying and was doing Sai Naam Jap simultaneously. Tears will falling from her eyes continously and in very breath ‘Jai Sai Ram’……’Jai Mata Di’ was heard. Biji kissed her faced and became speechless. That sight of love touched our hearts from deep within, but we were helpless. We felt as if a big mountain has collasped on our hearts.

Suddenly in the evening Biji called “Pushpa” and asked me to bring milk till 8 o’clock. After some time Biji started speaking. The sight was worth seeing where grandmother-grand-daughter expressed their happiness with tears. Hats Off to this miracle of Shirdi Sai Baba!!! All the persons who were familiar with Biji were surprised to see her speaking. Shirdi Sai Baba gifted her divine speech. Before one night, Biji wished to eat Makke Ki Roti and Sag (Chapati/Roti made from corn flour and vegetable, a special Punjabi Dish) and this wish of hers was fulfilled by our friend Dr. Bansal.

After this every day Biji and Astha talked to their heart’s content and played pranks like kids. After taking rest for some time the same sequence of talks started and in between words like ‘Om Sai Ram’ and ‘Ram Ram’ were heard. Astha also missed bank training in Chandigarh. She passed very short time at home and went running to hospital. When I asked her, she said I am dying to talk to Biji, Baba has given me the opportunity. Biji was in deep pain, but when she used to talk to Astha, her pain would vanish. No one knew what talks were those which gave both of their minds happiness of Brahma Lok. We were indebted towards Sai Baba after seeing this miracle. This sequence of talks continued for four long days. The ventilation was removed. All the reports also turned out to be normal. We all took a breath of relief. On Sunday Astha and Apurva were busy with Biji with their playfull pranks till 11 P.M. When Biji was sleepy, they left hospital with their father.

Since few months, we were watching Sai Baba Serial telecasted on Star Plus, but from past one month it was not telecasted. So we were not able to view it. But when we started television at 9:10 P.M. it was being telecasted. Tatya Patil’s father’s death was being telecasted. Tatya Patil’s father was on his death bed, in the end his soul gets merged with Shirdi Sai Baba and He says ‘I cannot give him life any more. We have to adhere to the law of nature. Death is certain.’ After this the serial ends. My heart again started trembling with fear of death. In this way Sai Baba stamped whole situation with His grace and also gave an indication of future happening.

Whole night the scene of death was roaming in front of my eyes and at last I prayed to Sai to take me with Him in the same way and make me one with Him. O Sai, shower your grace on me till my last moment.

In the morning, routine started. My daugther left for Chandigardh and I was getting ready for hospital and the news of Biji’s death came to my ears. Our hearts were full of sadness but the whole incident was blessed by Sai Baba was thus proved. Biji’s getting back her voice with the grace of Sai Baba, last scene of the serial, my fear of death, the reason behind everything was now clear and in front of my eyes.

Our Biji became one with Sai Baba after complete recovery from her illness. All desires of her heart were fulfilled in these four days. She could meet every near and far relative before leaving this world. Biji met with everybody consciously.

Astha and Apurva were not able to control themselves seeing the dead body Biji. It was very difficult to make them calm. They were saying continuously that Biji had recovered. Sai Baba took her out from illness and then why did He do so? Suddenly Astha saw Biji in white sari with Sai Baba. After this she became calm and told me her experience. She even consoled her father. It was felt as if the death ceremonies of Biji was taken care by Sai Baba. The next day photograph of Biji was framed, she looked same as it was seen by Astha. Biji’s face seemed as the face of loving and caring mother. It was hanged near calendar of Sai Baba on the wall. Such an arrangement was made that it appeared as if the photo-frame of Biji was a part of the calendar. When Astha saw it, she said that she had seen the same Biji….!!!

The whole incident became memorable to us. Each incident was a mirror effect of miracles with grace of Sai Baba. We will always remember this divine lovable form of Sai Baba.

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  1. Jai Sai Ram,

    I was really touched to read the experience and it has reminded me of my days when I was in Ambala Cantt. It is not necessary that we have to take Shirdi Sai Baba’s name for the whole of our life, remembering Him just once is enough and He is sure to take us on the other side of Bhavsagar. The same has been proved in the above case. He just wants to see our Bhav (feelings) and then He is with us always….

    I pray to Sai Baba that He showers such grace on us forever in the same manner as He is doing.

  2. I am speechless when I read this experience. Yes for sure if you seek help or refuge from him , he would for sure be with you showing in one way or other with message.

  3. Om sai ram
    Plz baba help me… plz take out me from my this critical condition. As u kno I m right on my place. Plz baba help me

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