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I has already given hint in last post, that I will be sharing one more experience of Sai Brother Satish, but now that experience will be posted later. Yesterday (July 31, 2008, Thursday) Satish had a very heart touching experience (or say Darshan) of Shirdi Sai Baba after he finished Sai Vrat and left home for work. He mailed me his experience yesterday only which I am forwarding to you all as it is the most recent one.

Hi Hetal,

Please see the miracle which happened today after I did Sai Vratha Today being Thursday, I started my first week of Sai Vratha. I worshipped Sai and did Pooja. After performing Pooja I was going to bank as I had some work. While I was going to bank, on the way an old person who was looking like baba asked me for lift. First I was hesitant and after going a bit further decided to give that old person lift and stopped. Baba came to me running and told me “God bless you son, you will be happy always, God will surely listen to you, you will get a house, property everything and he said God will always bless me” I was so happy that Baba came to me in this way and I am thankful that I could see Baba. He was wearing pyjama like Baba and was very old. His dress was not that clean and he resembled Baba. He spoke very good English with me. I was shocked because he looked a poor old man but could speak fluent English. I dropped him where he told me to drop, after getting down he again blessed me. I was so happy and decided to write this experience in this blog. Please publish this in your blog.

Your brother,


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