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This is another incident of Shirdi Sai Baba which His devotee wants to share……

Last year I had the fortune to go to Shirdi during Rama Navami. Its my practice to read the Sundara Khandam during the 9 days of Ram Navami and on a Thursday evening during Ram Navami , my friend Pushpa called and asked me to go with her to Shirdi the next day and said we will leave early morning and return the same evening. We live in Mumbai. My immediate 3:00 am and finish my pooja , so I immediately accepted and we left the next morning after I finished reading the Sundara Khandam and had excellent darshan at the temple. Since we keep the cell phones off inside the Sanctum Sanctorum, I came out and phoned my husband in Mumbai and conveyed to him that we had excellent darshan and very fulfilling. Within about 10 minutes after that I got a call on my cell and the name came was that of my friend Rekha from Bangalore, who is a staunch Baba devotee, blessed by Baba many times and she had just visited me in Mumbai about 10 days prior to that and I was surprised to receive her call.

So my first sentence to her was what a timing Rekha….. cause I thought she must have called Mumbai and having known I am in Shirdi, had called me. But to my surprise she said that she did not call Mumbai but was just sitting and reading the newspaper when she heard Baba telling her in Marathi “Thila Phone kar “meaning “You phone her. She asked “Khonala Phone karun” meaning whom should I phone . Then she heard Baba saying “Tujhi Maitrin aahe na Mumbai madhe thila phone kar” meaning “Your friend is there in Mumbai , you phone her” and she said so I am calling you. I just could not believe and tears started rolling from my eyes. I was really blessed by Baba and my friends also were very surprised and happy and that Baba has blessed all of us. Even now I remember that event and thank Baba for this. My Pranams to Baba.

Mrs. R.N. Kumar

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