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Devotee Experience - Satish (Part 1)

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Yesterday, I received a mail from Sai brother Satish, who shared with me three of his experiences regarding Sai Baba. He requested me to publish them on my blog. I have selected two of them and reserving the third one for the next post as it is a lengthy one but very touching.

Om Sai Ram,
First of all let Sai Baba bless all of us. I am a strong believer of Sai Baba, I started believing in him only from past 8 months. I will also tell the reason why I started believing in him. My mom had a horrible back problem and doctors advised her for operation. She believed in Sai and now to everyone’s surprise she is fine now. Baba listened to her prayers. From that moment I started to believe in him. Even I had allergic problems which I was suffering from childhood, every week I had to go to hospital for check up, I believed in Sai and now its like 3 months since I have visited hospital, I am 100% fit and healthy now. This is my request to all the devotees, believe in Him, He will be there for you, always. I bet if u start believing from true heart, u will find miracles happening in your life. Yesterday I met with a pure devotee of Sai who told me that when ever he wanted to see Sai, Sai would come in front of me, I was so jealous of this guy because he was able to see Sai and I was not. Today in the morning on the way to office I was praying Baba, "Please I want to see you today, u will not believe as soon as I got down from my cab I saw Baba's photo in front of me......I am really thrilled and will always be indebted to him for whatever he has given to me. He was always there for me when I was in difficulty.

On the account of GURU POORNIMA I went to Sai temple by 05:00 AM in the morning. On this auspicious day Sai made me know the importance of guru in everyone’s life. I used to go for tuitions in my degree, today whatever I am, it’s because of my tuition sir. He taught me everything and helped me get good percentage in my degree. It has been 2 years since I completed my degree and after passing out I did not even call my sir neither I met him. Yesterday in the morning in Sai temple I was shocked to see my tuition sir beside me, I was feeling ashamed to speak with him as I did not even call him for past 2 years. With lot of courage I spoke with him, he was very disappointed. I could make out from my face. I was feeling ashamed of myself, I was feeling guilty. Sai made me realize the importance of guru and I did not give respect to my guru. Thanks Sai for making me realize, going forward I will never forget the people who have helped me get where I am now.....I have decided I will change myself....from this moment I am going to breathe a new lease of life, I am going to quit all my negative thoughts and will live life in a good way...thanks Sai once again...

Om Sai Ram
-- Thanks & Regards,

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