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Yesterday we all heard the news of serial bomb blasts in Ahmedabad. I was terrified to see the scenes on the news channels. You all must be thinking why I am writing about the © Shirdi Sai Baba Life Teachings and Storiesbomb blasts on this Sai Baba blog. That’s because this write up has some connection, though indirect with these bomb blasts. Actually I went through two miracles of Baba in context to these blasts. Two of my close ones who are emotionally attached to me were in the same city but what will happen to the children of Sai Baba. One of them is my friend and the other one is my cousin. Their experiences with Shirdi Sai Baba are already available on this blog and this one is an addition to it.

First miracle is regarding my friend Bhupendra Rawat. He had been to Ahmedabad day before yesterday (July 24, 2008) to attend an official meeting. The meeting was for two days but as he had some urgent work in Baroda he was to return the very next day (July 25, 2008). He put forward his request to his seniors but it was rejected. So Bhupendra, his colleagues and seniors were returning to Baroda after conclusion of meeting yesterday (July 26, 2008) at about 6:00 PM. At the same time news of blasts came. I was not aware but he had heard someone talking and so he called me up to check whether the news was true or just a rumor. I quickly started my television and got to know that at first there were four serial blasts. I then tried calling him but the telephone and mobile services were terminated due to security reasons. I sent him an SMS regarding this. But it also did not reach the destination. I kept on trying for 15-20 minutes but no response. News came of another two blasts. I was tensed. I just prayed Baba to keep him safe. After few minutes I tried again and yeah I heard the ring. He picked up the call and said that they were on the highway. The bus driver very cleverly took their bus off the route and they could reach the highway safely though it took much time. Ahmedabad is two hours journey from Baroda. They all reached Baroda at about 9:00 PM. If there was a slightest change in timings they would have not reached Baroda safely. I think that Baba did not allow Bhupendra to return to Baroda just to increase his faith in Him.

Reference has been given of my cousin, Deepak Kale doing MCA in Ahmedabad. He lives in a flat there with his class mates. Luckily during the blasts he was at his room only and was unaware of any such happening. My mother was simultaneously trying to call him while I was busy trying my friend. He calls us every three four days, so casually he called up yesterday. Actually he was trying his father who lives in a village near Jamnagar (Saurashtra Region, Gujarat) but could not get connected. So he called up just to convey a message to his father through us to call him in return as he tried much but could not succeed. My mother asked him where he was and informed him about the bomb blasts. He said he was at his room and no need to worry. He even assured that he would not go outside. After some time the news came that there were thirteen serial bomb blasts. My uncle saw the news and was trying to call him but in vain. They all were tensed and he called my mother to try to call him. At the same time my mother thought of calling them and informing them. My mother informed him regarding his son’s safety and he felt releaved. Isn’t all this arranged by Baba to save His children. I firmly believe this and I think you all will also have no doubt regarding this.

I thank Baba to take care of my close ones in these critical moments !!!

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  1. Om Sai Ram ,Om sai Ram,Om sai Ram,Om Sai Ram,Om Sai Ram..

    Baba,my brother is leaving today delhi for pune for his new job.plz guide him and save him to survive over there.Take care of him.Bless us baba..apki jai ho.requesting everyone to join me .Jai Baba sai ram ki …..jaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

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