These days I am coming across many devotees of Shirdi Sai Baba who share their experiences with me. Some call me, some mail me, some experiences are heard face to face and some through chatting. Here is an experience which was shared with me while chatting with Mr. Vinod Vashi (his experience has been shared earlier, it can read from here). I am copy pasting the conversation directly in the form of chat (only personal conversation has been deleted) as the sequence of happenings are not in detail, so cannot be drafted perfectly.

The conversation started with greeting of “Jai Sai Nath” and it followed like this….

vinodvashi47: I will tell you other experience that happened with my brother in law….

vinodvashi47: He was tore tiered after 6 months and was worried for his future….

hetal_patil: Ok….

vinodvashi47: Long before he bought a land for rupees 65 thousand, devoloped a farm house on that land, but the income was not upto requirement….

hetal_patil: Ok….

vinodvashi47: So he was praying Baba every day. There was a temple of Laxmi Narayan in that village. The villagers and he decided to install Sai Idol and they built nice temple there….

hetal_patil: Ok….

vinodvashi47: Shri Narnadanandji of Uchhali Ashram, guruji after pujya Rangavdhootji came for Pranpratistha and with goldenwire Narmadanandji put jyoti in Baba’s eyes….

hetal_patil: Ok….

vinodvashi47: My brother in law and my sister daily go to that temple and attend all Artis. They pray there daily to Baba….

hetal_patil: Ok….

vinodvashi47: One day he gave donation of rupees 5000 in that mandir for havan. Then during puja there was some requirement of puja articles so my brother in law again gave 80 rupees for that….

hetal_patil: Ok….

vinodvashi47: After few months Baba heard his prayers and that farm house was sold in an unexpected price i.e thousand times more….

hetal_patil: Then….

vinodvashi47: i.e. exactly 50 Lacs 80 Thousand….

hetal_patil: Ok….

vinodvashi47: So what ever you give to Baba my Baba returns it thousand times more….

vinodvashi47: My sister’s name is Jyoti and my brother in law’s name is Bharatbhai G. Desai….

vinodvashi47: They lived in kharsad village of Navsari district….

vinodvashi47: Second one….

vinodvashi47: They were worried for the marrige of their second daughter, one day Baba told in the ear of my sister. Specifically she heard voice of Baba that in August her daughter will get married….

vinodvashi47: and she got married in August….

vinodvashi47: These are two experience of my sister and brother in law….

vinodvashi47: o.k?got it?….

hetal_patil: Yes Uncle….

vinodvashi47: How do you find it….

hetal_patil: Interesing n Surprising!!!….

vinodvashi47: You draft it as you like and you can send it….

vinodvashi47: Now the pension he gets is utilized in donation and for help to needy children vinodvashi47: He never keeps any money for him from that pension….

hetal_patil: Hmmm…….

vinodvashi47: Ok….

vinodvashi47: Bye for now, i will not disturb you anymore. If you require any clarification you are always welcome. Jai sairam….

hetal_patil: Ok Uncle bye….

hetal_patil: JAI SAINATH!!!….

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