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Sai Baba’s way of pulling His devotees near Him is quite different. At first He makes His devotees suffer the bad consequences of their bad karma and then makes His devotees come closer to Him. I like His way because unless we suffer for something, we are not able to realise the real worth of God and in case of Sai Devotees the real worth of Sai Baba. The true Sai devotees, in my opinion, must have suffered much and finally resorted to Sai Baba. Sai Baba, who is the real devotee of His devotees help them again in His unique ways. He makes such a bonding with His devotees that they are not ready to forget Him or leave Him even for one minute also. In some way or the other they are reminded of Sai Baba and feel His presence. Though this is my personal experience, I refer it common for all Sai Devotees whether living in Shirdi, whether in any part of India and whether in any corner of the world. I came in contact with many devotees from India and abroad after I started this blog and was able to know about their experiences and feelings for Sai. Most of them were same as mine. Even many have became so close to me that I am fond of them to such an extent that I consider them as my family members, rather Sai Family members will be more appropriate here and am eager to meet them as early as possible. I must stop here now and come to the main point of this post.

Shirdi Sai Baba Devotee Jane from USA says: Om Sai Ram, I would like to share an experience. I do not know whether to call this a miracle. As everyone knows that the economy across the board is very bad. My business is also affected very much. Because of less money coming into the company and the debts increased to maintain the company. These has affected me very much and my relationship with my husband has strained alot. There will be days where we do not talk to each. I cry alot and was unable to sleep thinking how to make payments such as salary for staff, rental of the office, electricity and telephone bills etc etc.

Last week, I suppose to make a payment to a travel company which we owe about a month. He was calling continously and each time I say that I will give later or the next day. Each day I was not be able to pay. As we know this travel agent a long time, he has a habit to carry tales to others. I would not be able to tell him that business is bad and I would not be able to pay him. The travel agent called me on Monday last again. I told him that I will pay him on Tuesday as I am not in the office. On Tuesday morning at 10.00 am he called but I didnt not answer his call as I have no money to pay and dont know what to say as i have given excuses too many times. While the phone was ringing I was praying to Baba telling him I dont know what to do. During that time my staff came and give the cash saying that there was an existing client who re-enage our service. I was so happy that I thank Baba and quickly pay the bill to the travel agent.

Another two incidents. I have pawn some jewellries. The pawn shop lady called to remind me that the due date for redeemation is on Monday 14/7/08. Its about $ 7000. I dont have the money. I can pay the interest and extend for another 6 mths. The interest is about $950. I dont have the money, I dont want to lose the jewelries. I was praying to Baba. And there came Baba’s help. Again a client came to engage our service and I will be paying the interest to extend another 6 mths. Another incident happened on Saturday 12/7/08. I was at home. I dont work on saturday I was crying and told Baba that i don have anyone except for him to help me as I have no friends and i am having difficult time with my husband and I cant talk about money and we will quarrel again. I told Baba that I need $6,000 I have issued a post dated to be cleared on 15/7/08 cheque for $5,080 its already saturday but I dont have the money in the bank. Miracle happen. MY husband came back from office, i told him that a cheque need to be cleared on Tuesday. What a surprise my husband told me that a client has engaged our services for $7,000. I was so happy. I know Baba is with me.

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  1. The rare photos of Saibaba is really thrilling. All the while i was thinking that only few photos were taken when Baba was alive. But in most of the posts, i find rare photographs of Saibaba. Thanks for sharing the photos.sairam232003

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