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The question “Is Sai Baba with us today also” arises again and again whenever I come across any experience of any devotee. Every time the answer is positive. The love, which Sai Baba bears for His devotees, is incomparable and infinite. As the water of all the seas and oceans of the earth’s surface cannot be measured, the love of Sai Baba is immeasurable. One may be able to measure the waters of the oceans and seas, but Sai Baba’s love cant be measured by ignorant humans like us. He is today with us in the form His Leelas, which many devotees have experienced. As Sai Baba had said in Sai Satcharitra that the desire of His devotees (who did not get chance to see Him in bodily form) to see Him would be satisfied by His infinite Leelas after He had left the mortal body. Yesterday I heard the following incidents that throw light on this particular point indirectly. I am sure after reading both the incidents the hair all over your body will stand to their ends (I am sure because I experienced the same thing when it came to my ears).

A maharashtrian family lives nearby my house. They have deep faith in Sai Baba. The head of the family experienced a strange Leela of Sai Baba before one and half year ago which is as follows. It was his practice to keep a small photograph of Sai Baba in his wallet. One fine day an unusual thing happened. He took out Rs. 600 from his wallet and left for his work leaving the wallet and photograph of Sai Baba at home. While returning home on a two-wheeler he got struck into traffic jam near a circle. Only vehicles were seen from all sides. Suddenly a Fakir wearing a long kafni and a cloth tied to his head came to him and asked for money. The devotee replied that he had no money. But the Fakir said that he knew that there were Rs. 600 with him. The money, which he had, was reserved by the devotee to be distributed to some workers, and so he denied to give. But as the Fakir demanded again, he gave the money. For a middle class man Rs. 600 of course means a lot, but with the inspiration of Sai Baba only he gave away the money and reached almost near to his home (which was almost 2 kms) unknowingly. He was not at all conscious after giving the money. When he regained his senses, he started thinking how did he reach there. Moreover he failed to guess whether the traffic jam cleared up or not. Suddenly he got a glance of his neighbour. He called him and narrated what had happened few minutes ago (or about few seconds ago??). They both went to the same spot again and tried to find out that fakir. All their efforts in finding Him were in vain and they returned home. He did not mind that he lost Rs. 600 as he had a good darshan of Sai Baba (unknowingly).

Now dear Sai Bandhus do you think that Fakir was Sai Baba in disguise? The devotee firmly believes in affirmative and me too. I leave to you all, to decide.

After this incident, he was transferred to another city where he desired with a high post and needless to say his salary also increased which he had never thought of.

Second incident is of his wife. Yesterday it was Thursday (June 19, 2008). She woke up at 6 in the morning and went to a shop nearby to purchase milk. She bought the milk and slept again. She saw Sai Baba in her dream and started shouting Baba Baba. Her sons shook her and asked her the reason of such a condition of hers. She was unable to answer.

Before one and half month she bought Sai Satcharitra from a staunch devotee of Sai Baba but could not complete it in time as some or other things cropped up in between. That staunch devotee was doing parayan of Sai Satcharitra by borrowing it from some other devotee. Her sons understood and told their mother that Sai Baba may be angry as she had not completed Sai Satcharitra and delayed in returning it to the owner. She readily agreed and finished it off the same day and returned. Is it not the Leela of Sai Baba to order to return Sai Satcharitra to His other loving devotee?? Another thing that I would like to point here is that it is only of Leela of Sai Baba that there was delay in reading Sai Satcharitra and then He gave darshan in dream (though in angry mood). Sai Baba’s method is quite unique to bring His devotees near to Him.

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