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I, Sunil Walvekar reside in Borivali Mumbai. I have a shop of watch repairing since 1993, which runs with Sai Kripa. I started this business on a small bench. My wife, my brother, and I all work hard in unison, remember Sai Baba every minute and thus by Sai Baba’s grace we can earn money which is sufficient to run the expenses of our family.

There are approximately 25-30 pictures of Sai Baba in my shop. My daily routine consists of light incense sticks and Dhoop, offer garland and flowers and do Aarti at 12:00 in noon and at 6:15 in the evening. Approximately 70-100 customers visit my shop everyday from 9:00 in the morning till night. Many people come only to bow to Sai Baba. One devotee sometimes comes to give coconut for Sai Baba. One Sai devotee comes daily to offer some prasad before the noon arti.

Before few days, a lady came for repairing a watch at my shop. I was offering a garland to Sai Baba pictures after lighting the incense sticks. She stood there silently for much time. After finishing my daily worship to Sai Baba I took the watch to be repaired and asked her to come the next day. The watch was repaired and the lady came the next day to take its delivery. I gave him the repaired watch and she paid the charge of it. After this she suddenly asked me a question that what does the flowers and garland, which you offer to Sai Baba, cost you for a day? The question was unexpected for me. I answered saying that it costs me approximately Rs. 90 per day and in this way we give back to Sai Baba what He gives us and so we are not worried of this cost.

Listening to me she immediately gave me Rs. 90 and requested me to offer the garland and flowers to Sai Baba on her behalf for that day. When I expressed my desire to ask her the reason for her offering she answered me in a low voice. She started by introducing herself as Christian by caste. Till today I have never got a chance to go to another temple leaving my church nor there was any occasion of same sort. Yesterday when I came to your shop for repairing my watch you were busy in your worship. I was in very difficulty and confused in my personal matters. I put this matter before Sai Baba and today when I have come to you, all my problems are solved with the grace of Sai Baba. So I want to express my gratitude towards Him by offering Him this gift of flowers. I hope that you will surely fulfill my wish. I was overwhelmed with joy by hearing the words of that lady and I bow from the deep of my heart of the God of all Caste Our Beloved Sai Nath Maharaj.

Source : Translated from a Gujarati Magazine

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