Sai Baba Experience – Saved Two Kids

Last week I happened to visit my maternal uncles place, a village near Jamnagar (Saurashtra region in Gujarat State). People of village are simple, ignorant and devout people. With the efforts of my maternal aunty and my cousin many people there read Sai Satcharitra and very greatly benefited by it. I had a chance to meet many such persons and was very touched. Earlier there was no Sai temple in that village. With the grace of Baba now one temple is constructed on the outskirts of the village. Coincidently I happened to reach there on Thursday. Our house is situated on the main road. The traffic of the road is clearly visible from the windows of the house. I saw many people going on the road that day. I was surprised why so many people were seen on the road. On inquiry to my aunty, she said that they all are going to Sai Mandir. She added that many people go there bare footed on Thursdays and offer coconut and flowers to Sai Baba. We also went for Darshan of Sai Baba in that temple. When we reached there, I felt as if there was fair in the village and all the residents of the village gathered in the temple. In the temple compound there was no space for a person to stand erectly because of the crowd. Somehow with push and pulls of other devotees I got darshan of Sai Baba. I was not all bothered about the troubles, but was happy to see that Sai Baba had pulled many devotees towards Him.

My aunty told me an experience of a small kid of one year named Aditya living in front of their house. He was having very high temperature after Diwali. At that time he was only seven months old. The doctors advised his parents to admit him as soon as possible. My cousins are very fond of playing with him and Aditya is also fond of them. So they brought him to our house to play. Incidentally my cousin asked Aditya to speak Baba and said that he would be well soon. He was not able to speak at that time. But surprisingly, he spoke Baba. From the moment he spoke Baba his health started improving and doctors also said that now it was not necessary to admit him. With the grace of Sai Baba in few days he recovered completely. I was wonderstruck to hear that Sai Baba was so close to a kid who is just one year old whereas many of adult persons have not heard anything about Sai Baba.

In another instance, I happened to meet a lady who was worshipper of Mataji and her family. The daughter-in-law of that lady was eight months pregnant after eight years of marriage. When she went for regular check up, doctor said that the baby was coming downwards from its position and that would be dangerous for the life of both the child and the mother. The family members were much tensed and did not know what to do. That lady consulted my maternal aunty in this matter. My aunty gave Sai Satcharitra and asked her to give it to her daughter-in-law to do Parayan. She did Parayan and completed the book in seven days. After few days during regular check up the doctor said that the baby has restored its position and now the danger has been vanished. The other family members also started believing in Sai Baba due to this incident and did Parayan for 4-5 weeks one after another. Now the grandson of the lady is of two months. They say that he is Prasad of Sai Baba. Had He not there, he wont be with them. The child is very healthy. Though he is two months old, it seems as if he is five to six months old. There is a calendar of Sai Baba hung near the wall, where the cradle of the child is kept. Whenever he wakes up, he looks at the calendar and says Hu Hu Hu. The lady said me that he looks at the calendar as if Sai Baba is saying something to him and he is replying. Whatever may be the Leela of Sai Baba, the child is really blessed to get the company of Sai Baba in his tender age!!

Jai Sai Nath

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