My Experience of Sai Baba in Dwarka (Land of Lord Krishna)

I used to think that I am not lucky, as I haven’t taken birth when Sai Baba was in physical form and am not able to see Him. It is a well known fact that Sai Baba asked His devotees to first worship their deities, follow them honestly and not to leave the worship for Him. Many such incidents have been read in Sai Satcharitra and other books on Sai Baba. But in my case this is completely opposite and would like to share with you how Sai Baba was with me when I was in Dwarka. Though I carried Him in my heart, I could feel His presence there.

Three days ago I went to Dwarka with my mother, grandmother, maternal aunty and my cousin. Two days before departure I told my mother that I am not feeling that excitement from inside like I feel when we go to Shirdi. Why I was feeling in such a way, I was unable to understand, though I used to visit Dwarka from my childhood and was always very excited whenever we visited Dwarka.

My grandmother is old now and cant walk to far off distances. We had to go to Dwarka in the train from a village near Jamnagar where my maternal uncle lives. Being a small village the railway platform is not very long. Apart from that there is only one platform and if train came on the second track, it would be very difficult for my grandmother to step in the train. It was quite sure that the train would come on the second track, as it was the time for another train to come on the first track. So we were quite tensed and thought that either we will have to go to Dwarka without grandma or cancel our trip. But Sai Baba wanted us to go to Dwarka and was waiting for us there. The train did come but little late from its usual time. So the other train came and passed away from the first track. The train in which we were to go to Dwarka now came on the first track and we could get the seats comfortably.

Dwarka is only two hours from our village by train. We reached Dwarka at about 4:30 P.M. We hired a rickshaw from railway station to the temple. As soon as I alighted off from the rickshaw my aunty showed me a board of Sai Dham Temple at a considerable distance. I looked at the board to trace the address of the temple and how to reach there. I was so busy in reading the board that I did not notice a cow coming from the front side. Everyone else was also busy in alighting off the rickshaw, so they could also not notice the cow from the other side of the rickshaw. The cow dashed me but with the grace of Sai Baba I was not hurt anywhere, but was frightened and screamed O Baba. This is the first instance in Dwarka that Sai Baba proved that He was with me in Dwarka also.

The temple is open for darshan from 5 P.M. onwards. The temple premises did not have lockers for luggage and shoes, so it was decided that my cousin and I should remain outside while others go in for darshan. After half an hour they all came and now it was our turn to go. But as soon as we stepped the curtain of the main shrine were closed. When asking to the Pujari there we were told that Lord Krishna was to be decorated by flowers and so the temple would be closed till 7:00 PM. So now we decided to go to beach and from there only we were to go to Sai Dham temple. We asked a local vendor for the way to the temple and he showed us the flag on the top of the temple and also the way to reach there. We had already walked 1.5 km. The temple was at a considerable distance of about 1 km. Now we were in a fix because my grandmother was tired and the temple was far off. Moreover rickshaw or any other means of conveyance cannot go there. So one has to reach the temple by walking only.

By the time we reached the temple, we all were completely exhausted. It was very strange temple and I havent seen such a temple earlier. The Shivlinga of Mahadev was in the basement of the temple and the idol of Sai Baba was on the first floor slightly above the ground level. We climbed the steps and as we went near to the idol of Sai Baba we all experienced as our tiredness has vanished and so we regained the energy to move further. The silence of the temple impressed us and I felt as if I have been cut from the world outside. There was a small silver idol of Sai Baba. It was so beautiful and eye catching that I wished that I could take it home with me. The bigger idol was also very beautiful touching. At the backside of the temple, seashore was visible. What a scene it was! On one side it was Sai Baba’s temple and on the other side it was seashore. While talking in casual way, I expressed my desire of taking the small idol of Sai Baba home; my cousin also said that she too had the same feeling. One will consider it a coincidence that I had the darshan of Sai Baba first in Dwarka, as the temple of Lord Krishna was closed for darshan. But I knew this was the presence of Sai Baba in Dwarka and I was thus reminded of my words, which I said to my mother before departing. This is the second instance where I could feel the presence of my beloved Sai Baba in Dwarka.

After being pleased by Sai Baba’s darshan and recharged ourselves we proceeded to Lord Krishna temple and could have the darshan this time. We had to return to our village by 10:45 P.M. train and so we reached railway station at 10:00 P.M. We had an idea that the train would be crowded so we reached the station a bit earlier. When we reached the station, it was already crowded with passengers. We could not even find an empty bench to make my grandma sit. We had no hope of the crowd being distributed to some other train as that was the last train of the day. Besides the frequency of trains in Dwarka is also not much. Seeing the crowd, again we were in a fix that how could we step in the train? The question of getting seats was left far behind. All of us wanted that atleast we must get one seat for grandma.

When the train came, before going near to the train to find the place I just said Sainath Maharaj Ki and others accompanied me by saying Jai. We easily stepped in the train leaving behind the crowd and could get two seats as if Sai Baba had kept those seats reserved for us only. My grandma did have respect for Sai Baba, but she did not serve Him in anyways. As soon as we were seated, she said if Sai Baba wont be there for us we wont have got the seats. What a miracle. Another fact, which is more surprising, was that the boogie in which we were was not at all crowded. We safely reached home at about 12:30 A.M. Thus because of Sai Baba only we and especially my grandma had such a safe and comfortable journey to Dwarka.

Hetal Patil
Hetal Patil
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