Got Visa for USA with Shirdi Sai Baba’s Grace

Sai Satcharitra has proved to be Kalpataru (wish fulfilling tree) for Sai Devotees all over the world. Many devotees are doing Parayan of Sai Satcharitra and many others are regularly reading it daily. Everyday we come across miracles or wishes which are fulfilled due to Parayan of Sai Satcharitra. Today I will also like to add one of mine.

My friend Paresh was trying for US Visa since last two years. He had a dream of settling abroad and thats why he started the procedure as soon as he completed his graduation. At first due to financial problems he could not proceed and decided to wait till his elder brother Bhupendra and he could save the money from their own earnings. By the time one year passed. Now he re-started the procedure.

I thought that I should give him Sai Satcharitra, so that it may help him. He is a devotee of Lord Hanumanji. Due to Sai Babas grace he started reading Sai Satcharitra daily one chapter. In this way he completed it almost 7 times in a span of two years.

Due to the continuous reading of Sai Satcharitra a desire arose in his mind to go to Shirdi. He visited Shirdi for the first time in the month of January 2008. He took a vow there and then only that if his Visa for USA is approved then he would go to Shirdi. My mother started Parayan for him from Thursday by lighting lamp in front of Sai Baba idol kept in shrine of our home. The day she started the Parayan, she felt ill. She was not able to sit erectly without support as she had turned weaker due to illness. The place where she had to sit and read had no support and so she had to sit there without anybodys support. But she had determined firmly to finish Parayan. My family members were tensed about her condition but knew Sai Baba was there to take care of His devotees. First three days were she had great difficulty in reading, but from the fourth day she began to improve. On the seventh and last day of Parayan, she had recovered much. This was due to Sai Babas grace only.

In the month of April 2008 my friend gave first interview for Visa and he was rejected. He had planned to go to Shirdi directly if he got the visa but had to return to his home town. He again tried the second time and the result was the same. My mother was also disappointed but was confident on the other hand that Sai Baba would do the best. His friends advised him to change his plan and select another country, but his desire was to go to USA only.

He then started Parayan of Sai Satcharitra and applied for interview the third time to try his luck again. His mother also started observing fast for 9 consecutive Thursdays. After completing one Parayan he again started reading Sai Satcharitra regularly as earlier. His elder brother also started Parayan and finished it last week.

Yesterday he went to Bombay for third interview. Luckily he got the Visa granted and thus Sai Baba tested his Shraddha and Saburi and gave him whatever he desired. His mother’s vow of observing fast for 9 Thursdays has not been completed and before that only she got the result of her devotion.

Thus Sai Baba proved that if anyone calls Him with love and devotion, He is there with them.

Hetal Patil
Hetal Patil
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