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Devotee Experience - Shyam

Following is an experience of Sai Devotee which was received by me through some yahoogroup.

I cannot but share with this group my sincere gratitude to Baba for his abundance grace he has been showering on me and my family for various issues for which I have had absolutely no answer.

© Shirdi Sai Baba Life Teachings and StoriesIn Dubai I was reeling with so much of difficulties for an accommodation, to my relentless prayers Baba first blessed me with a suitable allowance, but still for some unknown reason I could not get an independent dwelling. The all merciful Lord, the Master Planner was knowing why I should not get an independent apartment then. My son who was till then very bright in his studies broke down the previous day of the model / quality assessment exams of the 12th (Plus 2) saying he is not writing the Board Exams as he has not studied anything. I took him to so many Counseling Centres, Psychologists, and even to many other doctors and he was also undergoing medication for sometime. In spite of my new job I had to take short leaves and travel to India 3 times in two months. My wife and myself were so worried and except praying we have had no recourse.

By the grace of God at last with parents, teachers and well wishers insistence that he writes the Board exams as he would definitely pass the exams even without opening the books as he was so bright, he finally agreed.

Since my daughter was also appearing for the 10th (Board) exams which were falling on the same day, my wife could not have managed them alone as she has to take my son to a school 65 Kms away for his morning exam and by the time she comes back my daughter has to leave for her afternoon exam. I was not knowing what to do as I had not completed 1 year with my present job by which time I had done my 3 trips to India. However, without knowing anything I approached my boss for a 20 days annual leave and he instantly approved it without any hesitation, despite of the fact that there was yet another new person to join for my work coverage.

So I could reach home the previous day of my childrens exams and stay there till next day of the last exams. All these exams days, after sending my wife and son to school I used to light the lamp and do my regular prayers and till they come back I also used to play and listen the Sai Amrita Vani CD Maneeshji gave me in Dubai and used to silently talk to Baba of all my fears. Some days, I used to feel as if Baba reassuring me that everything will be alright.

Even though the exams were over we were all tensed and worried if my son could get at least the pass mark.

When the results came my daughter passed with a 90% plus marks and my son 82% plus. By Sainath's grace, my son is normal now and is in the process of enrolling for an Engineering course. My daughter joined for a very good school for her Higher Secondary studies and also joined for the famous Prof PC Thomas classes with a hostelling facility and thus paving a way for my wife to join me. In the meantime I could also get a reasonably good independent accommodation in Dubai itself.

My Sainath, my beloved Baba, I have no word how to thank you for your immense mercy and do not know how to express our sincere gratitude for all your grace and blessings.

Please accept me and my family at thy lotus feet and let us pray to thee to show us the way and lead us ahead in the days to come in life ahead.

Once again with koti koti pranam at thy lotus feet my beloved Baba.

Jai Sainath.


© Shirdi Sai Baba Life Teachings and Stories

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