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Sai Satcharitra has proved gem to Sai devotees. From my point of view, it consists of Ramayan, Gita and Mahabharat. Sai Baba is ever living with us in the form of Sai Satcharitra. Hemadpant had started writing the book when Sai Baba dwelled in His mortal body after getting His permission. Even Sai Baba had said that He will Himself write His own biography. What is then more auspicious and more divine than sai Satcharitra? It is very familiar that Sai devotees do Parayan (continuous reading and finishing the book in a week) of Sai Satcharitra in order to fulfill their wishes or to solve any problem. Here is such an incident of my family. But first I would request to go through introduction of this write up as it is continuation of an earlier post.

My cousin is doing MCA in Ahmedabad while living in hostel. Though he was good in computer applications, due to commerce background, he found it hard to cope. So he got ATKT (Allowed To Keep Term) in second semester in two subjects. He was really nervous, as now to go through the subjects again was tough. Besides he had to prepare very perfectly for the third semester as the exams were in the month of December and the result of second semester was declared just a month ago. Moreover the re-examination of second semester was scheduled in the January. Due to this my maternal uncle and aunty were very worried. But they all had firm faith in Sai Baba. They knew that Sai Baba will help them in any way and this happened.

My mother talked about my cousin to one of our family friends and a staunch devotee of Sai Baba. She also thought for two days and on the third day, she called me and said that she would start doing Sai Satcharitra Parayan and also asked me to check when my cousin’s third semester exam were. Actually it is her practice that whenever she or any other member from her family is in difficulty, the only remedy was to do Parayan of Sai Satcharitra. When I rang my cousin, he told that the exam started on the same day and that day was Thursday. So my family friend started reading the sacred book and prayed Sai Baba for success of my cousin in his third semester. With Sai Baba’s grace, though one or two subject’s exams were tough, he could pass it well. Now only two subjects of second semester were remaining.

My mother too believes that by ready Sai Satcharitra our wishes are fulfilled. So she started Parayan of Sai Satcharitra to help my cousin to pass through second semester subjects. She used to read sai Satcharitra and went to the Sai Temple which is 4-5 kms from our house on feet and returned back in the same manner for continuous seven days. She wanted to give shawl which was on Sai Baba’s idol in the temple to my cousin. But for first six days something happened that she could not get it. On the seventh day, the poojari (we call him Baba only as he dresses like Sai Baba) was present. He is very old now and hence can not attend to the duties of the temple regularly. There are many other volunteers in the temple who now look after it. The poojari is very kind to every one. Somebody had put a shawl on Sai Baba’s idol and went away. It was of orange colour. It was very beautiful and this fascinated my mother. She asked the poojari to give her the shawl and he readily gave. This shawl was like Sai Baba blessings to my mother and of course my cousin.

Soon after some days in the last week of January he gave second semester exams. He was surprised to note that while writing the exams he knew everything. He went on writing and writing and there was no end to it. He was very confident that he would pass in the exam this time. Thus his faith in Sai Baba increased two fold.

Third semester results were declared in the last week of March. Everybody was confident that he would pass and yes he could clear all the subjects in one stroke. Only second semester uncleared subjects’ result was pending. We eagerly waited for the ATKT result to be declared. Sai Baba was really testing our Shraddha and Saburi. We daily used to pray to Him for the results. But for many days the results were not declared. The university authorities told that those students who have not cleared the second semester exams would not be allowed to fill up the form of fourth semester exams to be held in June. This made situation more tensed. Now we had only one hope and that was Sai Baba.

Yesterday in the evening, my aunty called up my mother and gave the good news that the results were declared and my cousin cleared both the subjects. Like this Sai Baba helped my family. He cares for each and every need of my family. He has proved that He is with us always and whenever we need. I had promised Sai Baba that whenever the results are declared, I will share this experience to my fellow Sai devotees the very next day and here it is. Thanks Baba for being with us whenever we need You.

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  1. I am a believer of sai baba.i have many small experiences to share with you all.we all in our family watch saibaba's serial on star utsav.when we watch sai baba's serial we experince as if sai baba is talking to us ,we can relate to the june 2010 when we were going to hyderbad the train stopped at one station,there one old man came asking for food at our window and coincedently we all were having food my mother gave food 2 that man and he went away and soon we realized that the old man had dressed like sai baba dresses,my mother and my sister were happy that sai baba gave us darshan.also we frequently visit the site
    through this site we come to know answers for our the beginning u wont understand those answers but when right time comes we understand what that answer meant.In december 2009 sai baba said in that site to me that i would recover from diesease,but i used to say in mind i m well where i m ill but soon in february 2010 i was admitted due to kidney stone and then due to severe backpaini had 2 take bedrest of 23 hrs a day frm march 2 july2010 due to this severe spinal cord related dieses due to sai baba only i could give my final year computer engg exams held in may-june 2010 and i passed it with distinction.see what baba had predicted in that site that i would fall ill and recover frm dieses came true this incident of my life clearly shows this site only baba had predicted that my brother would get a job frm south direction and he told my brother to visit shirdi .my brother visited shirdi and after 1-2 weeks of visiting shirdi my brother got job in banglore,its all saibaba's grace,my mother also was really unwell one day and after taking saibaba's udi she started feeling well
    Now me and my sister are searching for a job ,we have faith in sai baba ,His blessings are always with us.

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